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Self-Sufficiency Is The Antidote to Weaponized Shutdown

If people can just see the things directly in front of them, they rapidly learn things the experts and the intelligentsia do not want them figuring out. Ever.
Right now, the stuff you see on the television all but mandates your panic. It’s war against the Wuhan Wipeout, and The Zips are in the wire, Man. We got Zips in the wire! You must give the power structure more power.

Panic is never a particularly smart reaction. You can only wash your hands so many times before you come off as a bad actor in The High School Drama Club’s production of Macbeth. Now before the lady doth protest too much, let’s take advantage of the enforced caesura and think slowly and deeply, like the current out in the channel, rather than the harried rush over the rapids.

Should I panic over it all being closed a few weeks? No. Should I be deeply bummed and at least remonstrate with good people getting tossed from tenuous, hard and mediocre jobs? Certainly. This is humane. What else then, as I sip my coffee and absolutely nothing comes across the telework email?

Perhaps, my ability to ride this out can give me a certain power. The cruel freedom of choice can serve as a high-pass filter. We hear mutterings that it all opens back up in two, maybe three weeks. But do we really want it all to open back up? It will try. The stock market anticipates this rushing effluvium of pent-up demand. As of 0700 7 April, 2020, the DJIA has taken out the first two technical ceilings in futures trading of At-The-Open orders.

OK, President Donald Trump is quietly happy. But is this what we should really want? Some of it should come back. My lovely wife has grown tired of the Soviet Union grocery store experience. There is no Amerikan Exceptionalism. Having physical access to our shopping centers rationed is no better here than it was in the CCCP. But let’s ask The Deplorable Question. Should it all come back?

No. It should not all come back. Our media deliberately misinforms. Our music is atonal cacophony. Our television is atavistic, soul-sucking, phallus-polishing degenerate garbage. Our corporations that sell the masks and pharmaceutical products would gleefully prioritize the survival of other countries over that of people in the United States. When 3M claims that it needs China’s permission to sell Americans their products, they are lying through all of their teeth.

The willingness of the average person to reengage with Modernity plays a role in just how much of it can successfully return. It can determine whether that particular entity is self-sufficient or a zombie kept rummaging for brains on Welfare-State life support. Let the sadists who enjoy and exploit the new “emergency powers” face your condign and glacial indifference to their continued existence.

Distance yourself further and unplug more. Start with simple things like growing/raising some of your own food. Indulge in hobbies that produce things that you would otherwise buy in the store such as beer, wine, simple electronics, or mundane furniture items. When you get a bit frisky and feel more empowered, start arranging to take your house off the electronic grid. Get back-up juice capability at first. Then go whole-hog once you have the engineering and safety worked out. Everything you provide for yourself is one more thing that gets harder to hold over your head as a threat when the bureaucracy seeks to be petty and vindictive towards you for not religiously praying at their cathedral.

Politicians, entertainers, sports leagues or franchises can all be selectively discarded on a longterm or permanent basis if you adjudicate their behavior during this crisis to not be worthy of your own personal standard. Let these Cathedral Numb-fvck Aparatchiks learn what Capitalism should truly entail. You and I, at our own personal need or whim, deciding the fate of these so-called super-genuises one greedy, little transaction at a time.

Those that don’t occur can mean just as much as those that do. When you exercise Freedom of Association and Freedom of Choice, the negative choices with respect to both expenditures and association can exercise a positive power. The wealth you have amassed and your freedom to exercise its disposition are the arrows in the hand of a warrior. Choose your targets wisely. No, it doesn’t all have to come back. You can still control, at least in your own personal space, which parts of it do.

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