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  • Christchurch’s Troy Dubovskiy supported the actions of accused mosque gunman, say police

    This guy sent an email an ended up dead for it in our “free” and “open” society:

    Today, police confirmed that Dubovskiy first landed on the police radar after “some concerning emails” that he sent and included reference to the Christchurch terror attacks.

    Since he sent that email, and supported the Christchurch terror attacks, the police hounded him until they found something to potentially charge him with, then essentially badgered him until they could destroy him.

    Plato is right. The “free” society is a ruse that leads to tyranny, every time.

  • They Don’t Understand Us

    Under Leftist control, our societies are treating Right-wing thought as a form of criminality. This means that we are being ruled by morons. They think that if they can squash a few instances of ideas, they can squash those ideas, but in fact what they are doing is proving that those ideas are legitimate and therefore feared, a state which comes directly before the collapse of our moron clown world.

  • To understand the far right, look to their bookshelves

    You can get two of these easily:

    This article reveals the major shift occurring in media right now:

    When we think of white supremacists, we often think of uneducated, unemployed young men who spend entire days behind computer screens, individuals so disconnected and atomised they search desperately for a sense of safety and security in the dark labyrinths of the internet. We think of Charlottesville, of angry men marching with flaming torches in their hands. But these images are limited, and they fail to capture the extent of the cultural shift we are undergoing today. To understand that, we need to focus on the seismic changes in the publishing industry. There is a new radical-right intelligentsia and they provide the missing link between the world of art and the margins…

    If that writer had any brains, he would realize that the rising of this intelligentsia came from the Alt-Right deposing the old “organization-based” white nationalist and white power movements, mainly because people out there started seeing that what guys like myself, Jared Taylor, Peter Brimelow, Lawrence Auster, Guillaume Faye, Billy Roper, Ron Unz, Steve Sailer, John Derbyshire, Alex Linder, Bill White, Bruce Charlton, Ted Kaczynski, and Pentti Linkola have been telling us all along: modern society is Leftism, and modern society has failed, so we need to get away from these Communist-style egalitarian policies and back toward nationalism, natural selection, and rewarding the good. Where I go further than any is in pointing out how basic human psychology, not basic human tools, is at fault here, and how we can correct it with a philosophy like parallelism (see also the 1990s version here).

  • Experts say we need to let kids get dirty and get hurt as part of growing up

    In an insane time, you must adapt to the insane behavior of others, so you must make yourself insane. Momentary glimpses of sanity and commonsense practical thinking become taboo, but occasionally filter through the madness, with people cheering them on despite the condemnation of the vast majority of people who are afraid of them. In this case, people point out that without experiencing life, kids will not know life. That is well and good, but if you look outside in America and Europe, you see a place where you do not want your kids wandering around. Diversity has its high cost; you just pay it over decades and not tax seasons.

  • Trump is getting the credit he deserves for fixing Obama’s economy

    As it turns out, Trump called the economic situation correctly. Clinton and Obama were content to pursue a tax-and-spend economy that made doing anything here impossible, so it all went overseas to China, who most likely funded the Clintons in the first place. Trump focused on reducing costs, increasing flexibility, and making us self-sufficient; in order words, instead of pursuing ideological goals like making everyone on Earth equal, we pursued realistic ones, like making life work for us and ignoring the rest of humanity. It turns out that the Trump methods work, where the Clinton-Obama methods are destructive.

  • Germany: Police conduct major anti-terrorism operation

    This one fell into the memory hole because all of the useless neurotics were fanning themselves over the NZ FPS mosque massacre shooter attack (seriously, look at the video; it is like someone playing Doom on a boring mod, and about the same resolution). Germany found a group of six Islamists planning a coordinated terror attack. How do our governments catch such people? There is a reason that people stopped complaining so much about NSA spying. Without it, diversity would collapse overnight as the terror attacks from different diverse groups — including against each other — would tear societies apart.

  • Race and Menarche

    No one wants to admit that the races have different traits. If you do that, you admit that they are consistently biologically different, which means genetically different, which means that we are trying to make a society without a blueprint. Of course that will fail. In reality, the races are different biologically, and this means that our medical data based on averages taken between races is creating statistical artifacts which do not reflect reality.

  • It’s the Staining Mark of a Beast of Some Kind, That’s for Certain

    Religion has us looking for symbolism when we should be looking for patterns. As a result, we do not realize that the Tower of Babel civilization in which we live is falling fast. We also look toward equality, forgetting that the Parable of the Talents tells us that this is blasphemous and idiotic (these two are roughly equivalent: if God made the world, then its workings are holy, and the sane are those who understand these workings well enough). Do not expect evil to announce itself; expect it to sell itself and ingratiate itself, and then when you finally wake up some day to realize that the symbol has become real, realize that symbolism is the tactic of evil and not good. Symbolic religious understanding is anathema to sanity.

  • A Red Pill (Not Red Pill) Moment

    When you filter through the drama of religion, you find out that people either believe in order or they believe only in themselves. The latter care about nothing; they concern themselves with their self-image, popularity, comfort, desires, fears, judgments, and feelings. They do not care about civilization, morality, or natural selection; in fact, they fear these things. Our civilization has lost its center because it stopped paying attention to the need for an order larger than the individual, a degeneracy which started with the rise of the church, then the stirring of the middle class, and finally, the intellectual “awakening” of the Renaissance and Enlightenment,™ which taught that the form of the human individual was the order of humanity. The human species needs to get over its self-worship, open a window, and look out on the world with new eyes.

  • New Silk Road critics are ‘prejudiced’, China’s top diplomat says

    China wants to take over the world. They have told us as much. They have a clever plan, as usual, and part of it involves fragmenting the West, so they are offering special business relationships to some countries in order to get together a little group of allies dependent on Chinese money. Since the United States broke free from Chinese control in 2016, this means that China is attempting to seduce other nations, and they are now attempting to calm those of us who point out that collaborating with China is a really stupid idea. Then again, you can apply the “rule of 180 degrees” to anything that I think is a really stupid idea, because in the short term it will be a best-seller.

  • Anti-gay activist ordered to pay $55,000 to B.C. trans candidate in fight over hateful flyer

    Whatcott printed 1,500 of the flyers and distributed them in the Vancouver-False Creek riding that Oger was contesting as an NDP candidate. The flyer had a photo of Oger, described her as a “biological male” and claimed she was promoting “homosexuality and transvestism.” It went on to state transsexuals were prone to sexually transmitted diseases and at risk of domestic violence, alcohol abuse and suicide.

    The flyer concluded, “Thankfully Jesus Christ paid the price for your sin. You can turn to the merciful Christ and ask for forgiveness and when the NDP come knocking at your door you can tell them, you wont vote for them because you believe in God’s definition of gender and marriage.”

    The West is as conquered by Leftism as the Soviets were. We have now reached peak brat, in that people are unable to accept that there are dissenting opinions to the idea that the crowd is good and everyone is equal.

  • Twitter and the Diapering of America

    We have become a trivial society that censors information if someone who receives it “feels” offended, instead of looking at the information itself, and it has trivialized the discourse to the point where no one will say what they actually think. That means that everyone has secret motives and is trying to manipulate everyone else, in secret, to get what they want at the expense of everyone else. Leftism introduces disunity wherever it is applied.

  • ‘White power’ symbol found after fire destroys social justice center that hosted Rosa Parks, MLK Jr.

    Next level untrustworthy law enforcement:

    The symbol, which officials did not describe but said was connected to the white power movement, was discovered after the main office was completely destroyed in a fire last week, the Highlander Research and Education Center said in a news release Tuesday. It was spray-painted on the parking lot connected to the main office.

    As far as we know, someone drew an X in the parking lot before the employees of this education center burned it down for the insurance money, as statistically is the most likely outcome here. However, all the dummy herd remembers is the headline: white power burns down innocent minority center.

  • “Black” People and Getting Offended.

    Getting offended is a shortcut around fixing the evident problems that actually hold you back. It is a form of scapegoating, and we all know that it is easier to blame someone else than to actually do something.

  • Australia senator shamed for blaming victims of New Zealand shooting

    “Sen. Anning’s comments were ugly and divisive. They were dangerous and unacceptable from anyone, let alone a member of this place,” Government Senate Leader Mathias Cormann told the Senate.

    Anning dismissed the censure motion as an attack on free speech. “It is also an exercise in left-wing virtue signaling of the worst kind,” he told the Senate before the vote.

    Anytime you hear “we all agree that…” from humans, watch out! You are hearing the voice of the crowd, or the ad hoc cult formed by humans in response to individual fears. Like prey animals, we form a big circular motion and try to make it hard for predators to pick us off. Unfortunately, that works poorly when you are trying to chart your course through history instead of simply keeping the wolves at bay.

  • The Conceit of Multiculturalism

    Diversity works against human cultural flourishing, but individual humans like it because it creates a human order which beats back nature. That makes us feel as if we are “in control,” but we forget that the patterns of nature are within the response to all things that we do, and so we do not get the Judeo-Christian symbolism of the hand of God (H.O.G.) smashing us from the sky; instead, our policies simply fail in prolonged, ugly, fetid, and lugubrious ways.

  • Virginia officer told black middle schoolers that when they turn 18, ‘then you’re mine’

    The eighth-grader said she heard someone say “f— the police,” but she said it was not her or her friends. Cameron said the officer told the group to “man up,” and she did not understand why. He then said: “Wait until your asses turn 18, then you’re mine,” before driving off.

    The West is dying of morons. This journalist is a moron, the voters are morons, and the people panicked about this story are morons. This is a cop pointing out that you can get away with lots of behavior when you are young and surrounded by people who are paid to clean up after you. In that cold, cold world out there, people want to remove threats and reward utility, so you are doomed if you go in with that bratty attitude.

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