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  • SJW Shocked Over Ancestry DNA Test

    Wow. I’m sure happy YouTube is stamping out racism on its videos. Oh, wait… Her reaction was comedy gold. Pure comedy gold. Eventually, when we all finish either laughing or regretting the fact that a healthy helping of White DNA was wasted on this individual, we need to sit her down with some Netflix, box wine, and chocolates. That caring and special friend can let her know, in a gentle voice, that #itsoktobewhite.

  • Beto O’Rourke Goes Full Socialist, Says He Will ‘Break Apart’ American Wealth

    It sounds like Chlorox-White Democratic Presidential Candidate, Robert Francis O’Rourke will be giving it all away. It’s the only thing that is fair. From those to whom much is given, much is expected.

    “The unprecedented concentration of wealth, power and privilege in the United States must be broken apart,” O’Rourke tweeted. “Opportunity must be fully shared with all. We must all have the opportunity to succeed. Together. As one country.”

    Yeah. Right. He means those other rich white guys. He thinks he’s entitled to be a spoiled, rich brat forever. When you are financially bankrupt, morally bankrupt, or intellectually bankrupt, you can always call for Socialism instead of reality. Thinking instead might make Nacho Daddy’s brain hurt.

  • Dark News: Should the US Default on its Debts?

    Is the national debt payable? If not, will it lead to a hard crash or a hyper-inflation? If so, should we go to a commodity-backed currency and soft-default on the debt. This will crush wages and immiserate people. This will also serve as a scourge to drive parasite illegal immigrants away from Amerika. Proponents of the move admit that it will lead to approximately five years of suck before the debt is effectively welched and the excess liquidity effectively urinated out of the monetary system. I remember J. Kyle Bass of Hyman Securities suggesting we cure the 2008 Recession by Darwinian Flush. This, perhaps, is what one of those nice, cleansing potions would taste like.

  • Chris Rock roasts Jussie Smollett at NAACP Awards: ‘What the hell was he thinking?’

    Chris Rock decided to take out the garbage. He gave a monologue at The NAACP Image Awards that featured Professional Knee-Grow Victim of Society Jussie Smollett. You could say he went Full-Metal MAGA on Jussie Smollett. Now Mr. Smollett can tell us how really feels to be beaten down in the alley. Rock applies the steel-soled Doc Martens below.

    “They said no Jussie Smollett jokes. I know. What a waste of white skin. You know what I could do with that light skin? That curly hair? My career would be out of here. F–ing running Hollywood,” Rock joked. “What the hell was he thinking?” Rock asked. “From now on, you’re Jessie from now on. You don’t even get the ‘U’ no more. That ‘U’ was respect. You don’t get no respect from me.”

    That’s how you put a stop to fake hate crimes. You treat these slimeballs like slimeballs. Do not ever give them actual respect.

  • Science knowledge varies by race and ethnicity in U.S

    How could Jussie Smollett become a leader of Knee-Grow Amerika? It might be because of this. They literally don’t know any better.

    I would like to bring the reader’s attention to the lower third of the chart starting with “The main components in Antacids are bases”. These kinds of questions reflect the kind of knowledge required to do STEM work. If Blacks make up 13% of the population and only 1/3 (Just grabbing one of the question about hypothesis about a computer slowing down) of that group has basic science understanding, then only 4.3% of the population has enough basic science understanding to even start in a STEM field. Since the average was 9% then you’re talking about 1.17% of the population with what Pew refers to as “high on science knowledge scale”. So hypothetically, out of 37 million black people in America only 432,900 would score “high on science knowledge scale”. That’s less than a million.

    People like to claim it’s an IQ thing and they couldn’t possibly understand. But in addition, they are deliberately and systematically kept stupid by their own. Knowing those answers would be “acting white.” This, of course, is ridiculous if you compare White science aptitude to most Asians. It’s not a racial thing, it’s an incentive and work ethic thing. Math and Science are not too hard to acquire basic competence in. You just have to do it over, and over, and over again. That would be acting Asian or something. It’s better chimping out over Jussie Smollett instead.

  • Holy Guacamole! Avocado Growers Say U.S. Will Run Out Of Avocados In Three WEEKS If Trump Seals Border

    No Guac, Man! No Guac. “The Horror!” Said Kurtz. “The Horror!”

    Steve Barnard, the president of Mission Produce, the single largest grower and distrbutor of avocados in the world, according to its website, told Reuters Monday that Americans who support shutting the border should prepare for tough, avocado-deprived times ahead.

    You can’t make this up. They’re gonna hork all my Guac, Man! Make Bad Orange Man stop. Anyone devoid of nationalism enough to oppose border security over their frikking Guac should be made to go live in a Salvadoran Ghetto. Wouldn’t that just be toadally Hipster?

  • Neither Really Southern Nor Terribly Impoverished

    The $PLC. Bilking old, Yankee, Jewish Cat Ladies since 1971. They’re here to save you from the Na$i$! Like MLK Jr bragging about how he screwed white whores for Jeebus, the whole thing was just a scam and a shakedown.

    To the surprise of no sentient person, however, behind the scenes an employee described the SPLC as perpetuating a “pervasive racist culture” and added for good measure “my boss only hires white people.” Yes, you may have another puff of your cigar and another sip of Pappy. This is that satisfying. The employee goes on to relate that blacks were generally hired for menial positions while whites had the vast majority of top administrative and supervisory jobs. Another employee says the entire group was merely a fundraising mechanism that targeted the wealthy Northern Left in order for SPLC honchos live high on the hog.

  • Colin Flaherty: Black students gang rape white students in Maryland…No big deal

    Oh, this has never happened at a nice place like Damascus High. The varsity squad played no role in the incident. What a relief. We can all just not worry about it. Or maybe we’ll just blame the lead thug’s dozen previous suspensions and the butt-rapes with the broomstick on his ADHD. If I were a sick, inhuman psychopath, I’d want me some of that ADHD too. It’s a get out of stupid free card. Get your children out of any school like Damascus High. And then make sure you do this

  • Charlie Kirk: China Is Our Biggest Enemy

    Oh goody! It’s the Yangtards vs The Cucktards. I shouldn’t even watch this garbage. It’s auto-degradation like watching bum fights on Youtube. Throw in a Progressive Clown Car, and it would be the ultimate NASCAR Race to watch for the wrecks. How has all of this degraded our movement? Nobody with the IQ of a rotten pomegranate should take either the (((Yangsters))) or the (((Banksters))) seriously. They are each like The Hale-Bopp Cult the day after the comet missed.

    None of these people will do our country or our people any good. They chasing illusory political solutions. Not even to empower themselves, but ultimately just to spite people that you don’t like. Both J-Streeters and Accelerationists are rooting for some sort of a disaster or crack-up that they can profit from. The J-Streeters want to use up our nation’s young working class Whites to grind Israel’s enemies into hamburger meat. The Yang-offs want to enact a socialist UBI that will make our current national debt look like a $50 wager on a college basketball pool while jacking inflation through the roof. But hey! We get $1,000 more a month to spend over at the meth trailer or the pain-pill emporium. That’ll fix them thar dang gum Yankees!

  • Theresa May to give MPs vote to revoke Article 50 and cancel Brexit

    Prime Minister Theresa May is set to offer members of Parliament a vote on whether to revoke Article 50 and cancel Brexit.

    Ministers confirmed on Friday that the government would allow a series of “indicative votes” next week on what to do if Parliament again rejects the prime minister’s Brexit deal.

    Theresa May has finished pretending. The mission of her Prime Ministry has been to prevent an effective Brexit. She figures she has successfully chucked enough clay in the gears to frustrate everything and call the whole thing off. This is what democrats really think about democracy. It’s good until the people no longer follow the whims of the elite. Her entire governance has been to control the people rather than enhance or improve their lives.

  • Biden Innocent? White Men are a Threat to the Democratic Party (Lucy Flores)

    So Joe Biden is now getting #MeTooed. His reputation is out there. He’s said to be a hands-on leader whose hands wander the great plains until they reach up and grab the twin peaks. He’s said to have a puppy in his van and you know the rest of the joke about his pedophiliac tendencies. But this comes out as he attempts to run for President. Where was this concern for the prior 8 years? Or for the prior decades in which Creepy Joe infested The US Senate. I don’t seem to remember Creepy Joe’s opinion of The Kavanaugh Confirmation Hearings…. Was he upset to see the poor Judge accused of multiple rapes?

  • Second #MeToo accuser comes forward: ‘Joe Biden can’t keep his hands to himself’

    A second woman has come forward with a #MeToo allegation against former Vice President Joe Biden, saying he touched her inappropriately at a political fundraiser in 2009. Amy Lappos, 43, who was a congressional aide to Rep. Jim Himes, D-Conn., at the time of the alleged incident, told the Washington Examiner that Biden, 76, should not run for president in 2020 and should support a female candidate instead.

    The Left eats its own. The SJW purge is their way of divesting of people that no longer advance the cause. #TimesUp on Creepy Joe. He’s yesterdays revolutionary which makes him thesis instead of antithesis. As The Hegelian Dialectic grinds, the synthesis has moved on from Scranton Joe. He now becomes Enemy of The People. He now gets what he attempted to do to Clarance Thomas.

  • Ilhan Omar Investigated Over Alleged Personal Use of Campaign Funds

    Minnesota’s Campaign Finance Board said Omar’s “out of state travel may not have been to events that would have helped a candidate in the performance of state legislative duties” at the time it ruled probable cause to move to a formal investigation, Drazkowski posted on his website last November. “I’m pleased the Campaign Finance Board is taking Representative Omar’s blatant misuse of taxpayer resources seriously,” Drazkowski said at the time. “Omar doesn’t get to pick and choose the rules she wants to follow, yet it appears that’s exactly what she’s been doing for the past two years.”

    The Diversity will always mock your laws and standards. They are there to constrain the majority, not interfere with the minority. When laws can’t be weaponized, they are ignored. I mean you wouldn’t not want Ilhan Omar to divorce her own brother? What are you, a sick puppy? She’ll skate. Standards and rules are unfair and hamper minority advancement. We used to be judicious and wise enough to hang or shoot detestable perverts.

  • Good Grief. Ben Shapiro Is Not Alt-Right

    I almost don’t need to comment. Ben Shapiro has no more business being lauded as Alt-Right than Tyrion Lannister would have as a lottery pick in next year’s NBA Draft. There would have to be an exorcism for him to go Alt-Right. Or maybe the scales would have to fall from his eyes. Twelve steps would simply not cut it with this cuck. It’s funny to hear them call all that they fear Alt-Right. I breathe in the glorious stench of their hatred like a menthol vapor in a steamy sauna. Ahhh! I feel relaxed and empowered.

  • Albert Einstein, celebrity physicist

    You know the phenomenon. You like a musical group or performer. They do awesome work that inspires you. Then, the music act goes big. They start playing Shea Stadium instead of The Freeloader Club. Everybody loves them and then their sound gets democratized. They now bore you instead of inspiring you. The music says nothing out of fear of giving offense.

    In Einstein’s later years, although his contributions to physics became increasingly marginal and abstract, the press continued to trumpet his far-flung unification schemes as if they were confirmed scientific breakthroughs.

    This apparently works in science as well. The celebrity scientist cares more about fanbois than facts. They no longer discover any more Specific Theories of Relativity. Pursuing popularity leads to the pursuit of mediocrity which leads to the destruction of that which makes the great person special or great. Crowdism dumbs down the brightest genius. Even Albert Einstein.

Aaron Clarey Re: The Unabomber Manifesto. His premises are all based on truth…

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