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Outliers (#4)


(Linkpost + Open Thread.)

False scares. Equality, weaponized, accelerates entropy. Diversity rebirths Identity. Pathos vs Logos. Failed universalism. Explicit whiteness. Libertarian obsolescence. Leftism = Treason. Brave New Fail. Pipe & Tweed. Round-up: here and here.

Immigration chain reaction. Rapewave continues (etymology). Media elites conceal, Cathedralize. Diversity flops. Humanitarian hubris. Demotyranny. The Crack-up. Trump’ed Alt-Right. Non-fascism. Priest problems.

Marxism creates an elite from “the oppressed” (and defensive personalities). Human sacrifice strengthens hierarchy. Re-Enlightenment. Posi-Censorship. Broken wisdom. Euroleft collapse. Individualistic insects. Capitalist class preference. White disenfranchisement. Trump commonsensibilty & revolution. Establishment pushback. Gender wars. Diversity = Genocide.

Antiwork. Brainspam. Feedback loops. Smarter = Honest. Out of time. Human extinction (deep space Darwinism). Grainers vs. Tubers. Celebrate victory not defeat. Glory days. Eduflop. Normies. Poetry collapse. Smart women do not want STEMbots.

Consequentialism versus Egoism:

“Once I get into the state of anticipation around a reward, the consequential thinking part of me just switches off. It’s exactly the same sequence of a drug addict or alcoholic who has two beers and goes on to drink for three days. You introduce the substance or trigger for arousal, it switches off your control.”

How to signal correctly:

He defined the overall potential for information in a system as its “entropy,” which in thermodynamics denotes the randomness—or “shuffledness,” as one physicist has put it—of a system…A so-called error-correction code then adds just enough redundancy to ensure that the stripped-down message is not obscured by noise. For example, an error-correction code processing a stream of numbers might add a polynomial equation on whose graph the numbers all fall. The decoder on the receiving end knows that any numbers diverging from the graph have been altered in transmission.

And why our minds are primed for illusion:

The mathematical physicist Chetan Prakash proved a theorem that I devised that says: According to evolution by natural selection, an organism that sees reality as it is will never be more fit than an organism of equal complexity that sees none of reality but is just tuned to fitness. Never.

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