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A Quick Reminder About Our “Comments Policy”


Since we are getting more comment traffic of late, and with it comes the inevitable compensators, I thought it might be a good time to re-iterate our comments policy:

[A]ny comment which adds value to the discussion is welcome; any comment which does not is unwanted and will not be published.

This policy exists for a simple reason: people come here to read informative and relevant texts, and they are not interested in the usual spam.

If you are contributing to the discussion in such a way that the discussion is enhanced, you will never run afoul of this policy, even if you hate every idea expressed here.

On the other hand, those who come by to express themselves without regard for its impact on the quality of discussion may find their posts fading away.

I tend to give people rope to hang themselves, so that they are provoked into moving beyond their passive-aggressive posture, and into outright nastiness. This means that no one has any doubt or regret when future comments from that person do not appear.

Commenters might also find this summary of the directions of my writing to be useful reading before attempting a critique. It is tempting to read a single post and attempt to infer the whole thought process, but here that breaks down.

If there’s anything else around the grounds that needs maintenance or clarification, please let me know.

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