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Our Autoimmune Disease in the West

Ages in the human world are moved by ideas. This seems improbable but it is true because ideas narrow the focus of our thinking and reduce it to a few tokens, and we then move those around to try to manipulate to get the result we want.

This process, called rationalization, is how societies die. We rationalize from the big idea of the age, using it as an aegis under which to demand what we want.

For example, in an egalitarian age, you can get anything funded by claiming it helps end inequality, for example by subsidizing the poor, feeding the sick, or hiring minorities. Egalitarianism sees those who are not doing well as victims of those who are doing well, and therefore transfers wealth, power, and fame from the thriving to the flailing.

The problem with pacifism, pluralism, equality, and individualism is that they make your society attack itself. Instead of doing what you need to do, you are constantly fighting over whether you are tolerating everyone down to the last exception.

This resembles an autoimmune disease which causes your body to attack its own tissues using the system meant for defense against disease. When you subvert the police force of the body by forcing it to tolerate the pathogen, like a democracy it consumes itself.

Our self-destruction comes about because equality is both a method and a goal, thus has no stop point and must constantly expand. It replaces the question of a goal, such as doing good, with a simple equation: equality = the only good.

Since equality cannot work in nature because when all things are equal you get a condition known as “heat-death” where no motion can occur and all energy dissipates, we are never equal, thus the egalitarians always have a crusade.

This quest destroys the civilization.

As part of that destruction, it must attack the body by making scapegoats for why equality has not come to pass. A society dedicated to equality consumes its best people, traditions, and standards in order to be permissive and directionless so that everyone feels equal and there is no natural hierarchy of talent.

Egalitarians will blame anything other than equality for the failure of equality, including the constant warfare brought on by diversity and the quest for worldwide democracy. They will even blame God:

Perhaps now, as missiles rain down and the dead are discovered in mass graves, is a good time to stop emulating this hateful God. Perhaps we can stop extolling his brutality. Perhaps now is a good time to teach our children to pass over God — to be as unlike him as possible.

This year, at the end of the Seder, let’s indeed throw our doors open — to strangers. To people who aren’t our own. To the terrifying them, to the evil others, those people who seem so different from us, those we think are our enemies or who think us theirs, but who, if they sat down around the table with us, we’d no doubt find despise the pharaohs of this world as much as we do, and who dream of the same damned thing as us all:


The quest for peace really means the desire to enforce on others a rule that no one attacks the weaker, even though by attacking weak ideas, incompetents, liars, and the insane we become more competent and good.

Peace is another word for “equality” in this usage. To have peace, you have a method where no one attacks anyone else, and this replaces the goal of getting to an answer which is better than the options, including (especially) the “new” ideas that fascinate the trend-driven Crowd.

We must blame something always for our discontent, not looking within to our lack of mental organization and the decay that has afflicted our society.

The problem cannot be us and our lack of goal and therefore inability to make decisions, but that God (or the Kings, the Rich, the Jews, the Whites, etc.) have done this to us.

This shows a lack of agency and belief in efficacy on our part. As equal people, we are told that we do not need to adapt to reality in order to be rewarded. This makes us inert and unable to make decisions.

Even worse, we succumb to the Crowd which by demanding equality and peace, creates such anarchy that we will have a leadership class that rules by enforcing conformity.

In the meantime, the psychology spreads within us: you can do nothing on your own, so if someone has something better, you must take it, and you can justify it by finding a reason that you are not equal enough.

Since anarchic societies require authority to restrain the worst aspects of humanity, strongman leaders arrive who “do favors” in return for personal benefit. These also become increasingly tyrannical.

They encourage the constant quest for equality and incessant scapegoating of the more competent people because this eliminates the competition for leadership. Eventually the tyrants come out on top.

The society then consumes itself, much as an autoimmune disease wastes away the body. Ordinary people put up with it, accept it as normal, and rationalize that as “maturity” despite being infuriated and bitter within.

A pattern of revenge and retaliation quickly becomes established as groups steal from each other and attack each other.

While we put up with the disease, fighting both the internal infection and ourselves, we become exhausted until eventually the whole society gives up and slides into third world levels of mediocrity and subsistence poverty.

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