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Freedom is the Red Herring of Our Age

Conservatives might make you wince because their solution to the problem of civilization is to break it up into as many warring groups as there are citizens. This is the nature of “freedom.”

Like unions and insurance, “freedom” spreads out the impact of stupidity by making everyone pay a little bit instead of those who are culpable paying the big price. It is a false god.

Sure, we all like liberal values. That is, if someone is not doing something harmful, leave them alone. Let them have their words, thoughts, property, and association. Nature will fix most things.

But that is the state of nature, adapted for civilization. It is a method, not a goal. What is our goal? A civilization that does not self-destruct like every human society known to humankind so far.

The people who oppose this are not crushing “freedom”; they aim to crush any ideas which are better than their own. They want a monopoly, and they hope to gain this by destroying all of their competition. It is an old story.

We cannot fight this tendency through “freedom.” We need to aim toward what is both realistic and excellent. Otherwise, we are responding to their attempt to censor us with merely a resistance to censorship, not an alternate direction to the social decay they bring on us.

Conservatives and Leftists both are addicted to “freedom.” This tells us exactly how less-than-useful it is. Instead of freedom, we must point to good, and that requires we know what is real.

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