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Osiris Akkebala on Assimilation versus Separation

Segregation, Integration, Assimilation, Separation: the four are in a common and uncommon relationship with each other, being opposite…with a presence that corresponds with each other but with independence identified only with two of the four.

Assimilation is an enemy to integration and separation but to integration and separation the two respect each other independence.

Segregation and assimilation are antagonizers to integration and separation, because the two preserve their only separate independent identity, even when in an association relationship with each other, not so with segregation and assimilation.

The physical world is of an integrated but separate design.

Integration survives by maintaining its separate identity even when in action with other physical things, the same with separation, which is based on freedom of choice and not by enforced law, such as the identity and meaning and purpose of segregation, which by law prevents the freedom of choice and movement and assimilation takes away your natural integrated separate identity.

Segregation and assimilation are confrontational striving to change the natural order of things, not so with integration and separation, beloved.

With integration you can maintain your natural identity, the same with separation; the both are guided by freedom of choice, but not so with segregation and assimilation. So the goal and objective should be of Black Afrikans to maintain our integrated separate identity, which is the way nature designed all things to be in relationship with each other without losing your natural identity.

So, the evil and deceiving culprits here are segregation, forbidding freedom of movement by choice, and assimilation by changing the character of your natural identity.

If you follow his math, separation allows you both identity and freedom; integration, assimilation, and segregation do not and cluster together as the idea that there must be a shared culture for different groups despite their different natures.

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