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Nigel Farage On Pipe Tobacco

An institution is dying, or rather, being killed, as if the usual way of the Left. The pipe tobacco named Royal Yacht, which has been in production since 1912, is being killed off by new EU regulations and the decline in pipe smoking caused by the many laws, rules and legal liabilities that limit pipe smoking.

Ironically this drives people to cigarettes. If you can smoke a pipe in the office, maybe with a window open, you load up a bowl and smoke for the next hour, emitting relatively little smoke and inhaling none of it. When you cannot do that, you hustle out to the parking lot and smoke quickly, dumping tar on your lungs and inhaling every bit, provoking health problems.

Royal Yacht is a gem among tobaccos, which says quite a bit because there are so many good ones. Comprised of strong Virginia leaf from the wide British Empire, it is both strong and delicate in taste, resulting in a contemplative smoking experience for the hardy soul who also does not fear the wild beast of Nicotine.

This saga begun when Leonard Wortzel, brand manager for Scandinavian Tobacco Group Lane Ltd., announced that British American Tobacco was discontinuing the classic English blend:

As you may have seen in a separate thread, BAT (owner of the Dunhill brand), has announced that it has decided to ‘cease trading’ with Dunhill pipe tobacco and cigars.

STG Lane is the importer for the pipe tobacco here in the U.S.

Here is what we know: BAT plans to cease trading Dunhill Pipe Tobacco in the U.S. in the next 12 – 18 months. The decision was the result of an internal BAT business review.

That is ALL we know right now. At the point of this writing, anything else you may read or hear regarding the precise business reasons behind the decision, exact timing, etc., should be considered pure speculation.

As we learn more about the fate of this beloved brand, we will of course keep you informed.

Naturally, this is a crisis for all of us who enjoy a good pipe now and again: a classic blend, part of the upbringing of a pipe smoker, is being erased from the market.

Having no other recourse, I wrote to Emperor-In-Waiting Nigel Farage:

Dear Mr. Farage,

Let me underestimate my estimation of you by saying that I appreciate everything you have done and smile each time I see you in my news feed.

I cannot vote for you, and do not have enough money to send you the amount that you deserve, but I wished to bring up a topic of great concern: Lenoard Wortzel, the product manager for STG Lane tobacco group, confirms that the great British tobacco brand ‘Dunhill’ is likely to be no longer produced.

Dunhill is a symbol of Britain, in addition to amazing tobaccos. I know you are a cigar aficionado, and so perhaps you will nod along with me when I say it is one of the finest Virginias I have ever encountered. But even more, Dunhill tobaccos are British culture and excellence exported to the world.

If there is anything you can do… it is too much to hope for, I suppose, but if anyone can do it, you can.


Brett Stevens

Obviously Mr. Farage is a busy man, but in the style of great leaders since the dawn of time, he wrote back:

Dear Brett
Dunhill have been moving away from tobacco for some years now.  Another win for the PC brigade.

Yours sincerely

Nigel Farage

It is gratifying to know that he understands our struggle, not just as people who want the restoration of Western Civilization, but as individuals who are trying to preserve many aspects of a way of life against the neurotic assault of Leftism. Thank you, Mr. Farage, and long may you guide us.

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