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Leftists Just Inherited The Next Terror Attack In America

The brilliant strategy of Donald J. Trump: he issues a relatively mild immigration order, and the Left goes wild and impedes it however they can.

As a result, they have inherited the next terrorist attack on this land, which otherwise Trump would have owned by virtue of being the new President.

Instead, he has transferred the blame by offering a “light” version of what must be done, allowing himself to be crucified, and now letting the natural flow of events take its course.

Since terrorist events are a regular occurrence, it is inevitable that one will happen, and instead of blaming Trump, the voters will blame the Leftists who stopped him from sealing up the borders and cracking down on domestic terror.

Not that Leftists will admit this, because Leftists are pathological and always lie, but the average person in what is left of Western Civilization is not quite a Leftist.

And thus, the cultural wave against liberal democracy gains additional momentum…

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