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A New Decentralized World Order

Humans move slowly because it takes us time to organize our internal assumptions, like someone packing a house for a move, before we can see the big picture. But the end of the liberal democratic world order is upon us, and we will be moving from a centralized ideology to a patchwork of many different civilizations:

Their sick ideology and false theology requires that we be enslaved or exterminated – we can’t be tolerated, and we certainly can’t be allowed to hold the reins of power.

…So the only outcome is that one side wins and the other loses. There’s no truce to be had, no possibility of a tie. And the frightening thing is that the Left is so foolish, so stuck in its bubble that it has no understanding that it can only push so far before the people with all the guns and all the training push back. That’s the problem with kids who were raised on participation trophies and who never got into a fistfight — they don’t consider the possibility that they will lose, and lose hard.

We must ensure they do. Understand your enemy. Understand that the Left will exploit your principles and morals to make you disarm yourself — figuratively and literally. Don’t play their game; don’t fall for their manufactured outrages.

In the old order, it was assumed that many different types of people — races/ethnes, religions, castes/classes, political beliefs — could coexist in the same society, so long as it was controlled by a centralized ideology and economic system. Now, we realize that we are all heading in different directions; the center could not hold. This means the demise of liberal democracy.

Taking its place will be what Samuel Huntington described in The Clash Of Civilizations And The Remaking Of World Order, a world defined by many different civilizations, each based on whatever it is holds them together. Some, for example, might be theocracies; others will be nationalist entities. The point is that they are not united by ideology, but by some identity that makes the group seem innate to its members.

This leads us to an important need, which is to decide what our civilizations will be:

And behind those immigration policies lies a profound question facing Americans: what kind of country do they want their country to be?

For most of our history, we have been largely a country of Europeans, a country of the West, with Western sensibilities and a shared devotion to the Western heritage. Now we are in the process of becoming something else — a mixed country without a coherent, guiding heritage of any civilization and certainly not of the West.

…The American left and most of the country’s elites considered it a natural and beneficial development, a testament to the value of diversity and a shared aversion to discriminatory practice or even discriminatory thinking. Any suggestion that this sweeping change in the makeup of the American population could be ultimately detrimental was considered an assault on the country’s core values and hence our foundations. That tended to stifle dissent. And, if wary critics got too uppity, there was always the allegation of racism to shut them up.

The old order was a binary between diversity and racists. In the new order, everyone is racist, and classist, and sexist, and elitist, probably hompohobic or transphobic, and so on. We cannot all get along, so we are all going our own ways. And through this, we will preserve the diversity of the human species and allow its internal parts to compete for which methods and principles work best.

This decentralized new order replaces the centralized New World Order of the last thirty years. Instead we have independence of association, which means that people will gravitate toward those like them. The centralized order was a fantasy by those who desired power. The new order is for those who can survive without being part of the Crowd.

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