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News (September 3, 2022)


The Left and Right have reached the point of the dance where they contemplate each other across the room and realize that they are completely incompatible. In the next round, they may realize how much they have become dependent on each other to the point that neither really exists in a pure state but as a mix of itself and the other.

The Left, for example, shows aspects of being good capitalists; the Right treats religion as its own form of Communism to which it remains pathologically addicted. In the bigger picture, both of these political branches arise from the failure to maintain aristocracy and social hierarchy.

As we see from the photos brought back from Burning Man, if you let the proles run everything, you get a mixture of snuffling conformity and edgy iconoclasm. They want to show you they are different, but at the end of the day, they are careerists like everyone else.

  • The Left are simply careerists who made themselves rich and famous by preaching anti-careerism.
  • The Right are realists who cannot face that fact so hide behind religious fundamentalism and work culture.

Here you find something else: an embrace of realism that enhances the quality of the experience of life. We are believers in life as the basis of individuality, not group-defined individuality (individualism) as the type of social careerism that brings us forward.

The Right-wing on Amerika, the “Furthest Right” of our banner slogan, does not aim for intermediate proxies or to manipulate you into seeing what we are doing as right. We wish to get past all of that drama and red tape and instead cut to the core of the issue.

This is the one thing that is feared in public, therefore the only growth industry left as everything that is public collapses from the weight of its own lies, parasitism, and marginal costs.

My heart is the one
That will tend to your flames
And make them mine
We share this spirit —
My heart is yours…


  • Biden Called for Ending ‘Uncivil War.’ Now Calls MAGA GOP ‘Threat to Democracy’

    “Donald Trump and the MAGA Republicans represent an extremism that threatens the very foundations of our Republic,” Biden proclaimed. And while the president attempted to clarify that not all of his political opponents were extremists, he insisted that extremism was at the heart of the modern GOP. “There’s no question the Republican Party today is dominated, driven and intimidated by Trump and MAGA Republicans,” he continued. “And that’s a threat to this country.”

    Beyond that, the White House has struggled to parse the distinction between “semi-fascism” and “extremism.”

    The White House press secretary told RealClearPolitics earlier in the day that “when we talk about semi-fascism and you talk about the attack on our democracy, that’s what we’re talking about. Right? An attack on our democracy.” The so-called “Ultra Maga” agenda, Karine Jean-Pierre continued, is about “taking away people’s rights” and “taking away people’s freedoms.”

    The Right and Left have realized that they are incompatible: the Left wants to reject reality for an order based on peer pressure, while the Right wants to reject peer pressure for an order based on maximizing realism. Therefore the Left will call anything but Leftism “fascism,” much as their Jacobin and Soviet predecessors did, and the Right will have no idea what to call Leftism because it is intellectual gibberish. The West rose under the kings and fell under DIEDS (democracy, inclusion, equality, diversity, and socialism/entitlements). With the kings, we preserved realism and transcendental excellence without becoming micromanagers, but now micromanagement is all that the Left has left.

    The Left insists we are equal; the Right wants hierarchy because without. The Left produces a society based on peer pressure which is both self-referential and co-dependent; the Right produces a minimal society which simply rewards those who independently adapt to reality, re-learning each generation in the natural way. In a Left-wing society, your individuality is given political and social recognition but everything you have you owe to the collective and its consensus narrative; in a Right-wing society, your individuality is regarded as unimportant until backed by productive, creative, or constructive activity. Biden decided that he could not wait for Civil War 2.0 to kick off and now wants to rally the Hart-Celler Activist Diversity (HCAD) and Soy-Infused Urban Boxwine Singles (SIUBS) to legitimize government persecution of Right-wingers, much as was done with the Jan 6th riot defendants but now on a national scale. History will show that some things are fatal to civilization as the Romans and Americans found out, even one tiny drop:

    • Diversity/Globalism
    • Inclusion/Unions
    • Equality/Standardization
    • Democracy/Centralization
    • Socialism/Entitlements

    What works is what nature arrived at by the nature of mathematics: natural selection, which requires hierarchy and creates constant upward pressure in people quality. Equality cannot exist in nature because it is heat-death; hierarchy exists in nature because it is a sorting process which continually improves quality, where the Left denies quality in order to control the methods used in order to manipulate the population into a certain mental state, believing that dogma, education, propaganda, doctrine, and written procedures can supplant innate understanding and intuitive pursuit of The Good; this approach, known as rationalism, holds that there can be a universal, absolute truth represented in symbolic format and all other human activity should rationalize itself following that precedent. Written religions make the same mistake, and therefore tend to be binary, with some things designated universally and absolutely “good” or “evil” in order to manipulate people toward the former and away from the latter, guaranteeing that this apparatus of control will be taken over and exploited by criminal elements.

  • Regular Use of Ivermectin as Prophylaxis for COVID-19 Led Up to a 92% Reduction in COVID-19 Mortality Rate

    COVID-19 infection rate was 49% lower for regular users (3.40%) than non-users (6.64%) (risk rate (RR): 0.51; 95% CI: 0.45-0.58; p < 0.0001), and 25% lower than irregular users (4.54%) (RR: 0.75; 95% CI: 0.66-0.85; p < 0.0001). The infection rate was 32% lower for irregular users than non-users (RR: 0.68; 95% CI: 0.64-0.73; p < 0.0001).

    Another conspiracy theory becomes reality: for those still panicked about COVID-19, it turns out that the Ivermectin treatment works better than the more expensive Big Pharma options.

  • British Broadcaster and Former Brexit Party Leader Nigel Farage Joins GETTR

    Today, Farage has over 3.2 million followers across all platforms and has become a TikTok sensation in recent months. He joins frequently censored CEO of the Babylon Bee Seth Dillon, student activist and political commentator Charlie Kirk, radio host and political commentator Maajid Nawaz, retired football player Matthew Le Tissier, plus many more on the platform.

    “GETTR is one year old and in this short time has become the fastest growing social media platform in the world. It believes in free speech, it believes in open debate, and it promises not to shadowban you. I’ve signed up, and I hope you do too!” Nigel Farage said.

    The exodus from both mainstream media and the failing Truth Social continues. For more options, check out Free Speech Extremist, SPC, and Nice Crew.

  • NZ’s inaction on turtle bycatch in fisheries risks reputational damage

    A 2021 report for the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) extrapolated data from vessels with observers across the rest of the fishing fleet and estimated that the average number of turtles caught across the New Zealand fleet each year ranges between 23 to 127.

    To put these bycatch numbers in perspective, the estimated population of western Pacific leatherback turtles is as low as 1,000 nesting females per year.

    In order to feed everyone, humanity needs to use industrial methods, which when applied to nature create indiscriminate destruction. When you are killing a tenth of a species every year in bycatch, or wildlife that you kill and discard because it is not the one species out of tens of thousands that you are helping to harvest, your methods are not just unsustainable but ecocidal.

  • The Economist Who Knows the Miracle Is Over

    In time, he decided that the era that had begun in 1870 ended in 2010, shortly after productivity growth and GDP growth had collapsed, as inequality was strangling economic vibrancy around the world and revanchist political populism was on the rise.

    All of our logic works backward in modernity. Let us state this one in the correct order: diversity, entitlements, and high marginal costs from government, unions, and political instability ended the economic boom, an event which coincided with a total lack of new technologies or ideas. We have hit a plateau in our knowledge at the same time that we have disabled all that worked for us in the past with egalitarian thinking. If you want to restore the economy, try self-sufficiency: end legal protection for unions, civil rights, entitlements, burdensome regulations, and diversity. Let people sue in the place of “things” (lakes, ecosystems, communities, cultures) and allow the courts to discipline big business and errant neurotics alike.

  • Dead fish are piling up on San Francisco Bay Area shores

    While many algae blooms are beneficial to ocean life, a “red tide” is a harmful algal bloom—which can produce powerful, fatal toxins and/or cause a water’s oxygen to fall past levels needed for survival, the National Ocean Service notes.

    When a group is given too much nutrient stimulation, it tends to reproduce recklessly and create a bloom, at which point it chokes out all other life. This is similar to what happened when the middle classes ejected the kings and replaced them with democracy. Having taken away all restrictions but individual fear and desire, our societies bloomed from the bottom up, eventually replacing our smartest with idiots. At this point, the idiot soviet rules with an iron hand to avoid too many of the people in the middle noticing that everything is comically bad and no one is particularly competent.

  • NYC sues Starbucks for coffee chain’s firing of union organizer

    Austin Locke, a longtime barista and union organizer, was fired less than a month after he and his coworkers voted to unionize a Starbucks in Queens, according to the lawsuit.

    Your first clue that you live in a neo-Communist regime might be the legal protection for unions, which like socialism are a collective reward scheme that extracts wealth from the productive to transfer to the less productive. Businesses need useful workers and are generally willing to reward them, which means that the others get removed, which benefits consumers by cutting costs and increasing quality. Government wants the opposite, which is universal subsidy, so it supports the collective reward of all workers, good and bad alike. Like all egalitarian notions, this one denies the need to sort humanity by promoting the good and demoting the bad, and we end up with higher costs and lower quality.

  • Sugar disrupts microbiome, eliminates protection against obesity and diabetes

    After four weeks on the diet, the animals showed characteristics of metabolic syndrome, such as weight gain, insulin resistance, and glucose intolerance. And their microbiomes had changed dramatically, with the amount of segmented filamentous bacteria—common in the gut microbiota of rodents, fish, and chickens—falling sharply and other bacteria increasing in abundance.

    Metabolic syndrome arising from the modern diet, modern sedentary lifestyle, and modern diversity “community” where most people eschew going outside will turn out to be the biggest killer that we face. It is the elephant in the room that our wars against smoking, red meat, eggs, butter, and alcohol camouflaged, since it is easier to crack down on the behavior of a minority than it is to admit that what the majority are doing is killing them. The wealthiest tend to avoid most of this junk and so likely will be the only healthy and fertile people remaining in the future, but we have chosen our wealthiest for their ideological obedience instead of competence, which means further genetic decay of our population in the future.

  • A post-dollar world is coming

    When a current account deficit runs persistently above 5 per cent of gross domestic product, it is a reliable signal of financial trouble to come. That is most true in developed countries, where these episodes are rare, and concentrated in crisis-prone nations such as Spain, Portugal and Ireland. The US current account deficit is now close to that 5 per cent threshold, which it has broken only once since 1960. That was during the dollar’s downswing after 2001.

    Nations see their currencies weaken when the rest of the world no longer trusts that they can pay their bills. The US currently owes the world a net $18tn, or 73 per cent of US GDP, far beyond the 50 per cent threshold that has often foretold past currency crises.

    We spent it all on anti-poverty and anti-racism programs. Get ready for a default; your leaders are printing and handing out money because they know it will soon be near worthless, which is why they have transferred most of their holdings into European and Chinese stocks. Democracy only lasts until voters discover that they can use progressive taxes to transfer wealth from the productive to the unproductive, then borrow more and pass the burden on to those who have money because they are productive. This will be the swan song for democracy, in addition to White Genocide and World Ecocide.

  • Study reveals flaws in popular genetic method

    Elhaik discovered that the unknown sample could be made to lie close to virtually any reference population just by changing the numbers and types of the reference samples, generating practically endless historical versions, all mathematically “correct,” but only one may be biologically correct.

    In other words, GIGO applies here too; if you have bad reference samples, you will generate erratic results. For years, inconsistent measuring has been used to argue that the Irish or White or that Jews did not come from ancient Israel, experiencing admixture and bottleneck events after that time.

  • Harvard’s Affirmative Action Rationale Is Bogus

    “Absolute neutrality has never been a universal constitutional principle,” Harvard argues in its new brief, writing with apparent intention to impress the originalists on the Court with an argument that the crafters of the Fourteenth Amendment saw race-conscious measures as necessary to ensure blacks’ “equal participation in society.”

    In its attempt to construct an originalist argument, Harvard wheels out historic examples such as the Freedman’s Bureau, a temporary agency intended to help emancipated slaves begin their life as free citizens. Harvard uses this and two other examples entwined with the Freedman’s Bureau to contend that the Fourteenth Amendment empowered the government to propose “race-conscious measures” in issues like college admissions for the sake of “equal participation.”

    This article is complete goo because that is exactly how 14A issues have always been decided. People seem to be unable to realize that the Civil Rights Act of 1866 became the 14A in order to extend the control that Lincoln had enjoyed to future iterations of the federal government. Harvard points out the obvious: the 14A was always about forcing the integration of minorities — Irish, Africans, Indians, and later many other groups — into White society so that White society was always controlled by the federal government and could be subjugated at any time. Their “solution” to the Civil War was to find a way to destroy White people. We will get nowhere until we repeal the 14A.

  • Black-owned restaurants disproportionately impacted during pandemic

    Overall, the researchers found there were statistically significant differences between Black-owned and “ownership-unreported” restaurants throughout the 20 cities, primarily measured by relative declines in visits. New Orleans and Detroit showed the greatest disparities, while New York showed the least. Looking at just the first few months after the labeling began, cities such as Baltimore, Denver, and Charlotte, North Carolina, were among those that showed higher spikes in visits to Black-owned restaurants than those whose ownership was unreported.

    Due to the number of cities involved, and the fluctuations in the number of visitors at various stages of the pandemic, broader explanations are harder to draw. Early in the pandemic, visits to Black-owned businesses outpaced those to ownership-unreported businesses, peaking in June and July, but eventually declines led to larger disparities between businesses with and without the label.

    Translated for normies (and others): the longer the riots went on, the more normal people avoided Black-owned businesses. This was the same time that it became acceptable to no longer begin every speech with “diversity is our strength.”



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