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How Many Must Wake Up?

Living in the haze of symbolism that ideology and socializing creates, we experience the world as if in a fever or dream, watching the shadows on the wall of Plato’s cave and reacting to them while simultaneously doubting that they are surreal. Postmodernism just unveiled this surreality and pointed out how little we really know.

This is funny mostly because the NSDAP used slogans like Erwache! (wake up) because they saw how democracy, based on the “Big Lie” of equality, shifted us from thinking about reality to thinking purely in symbols. This is what happens when society loses direction and peer pressure takes the place of nature.

Most of us labor in a total lack of hope because we see how few people are awake, and how few can awaken because most are completely oblivious. Give them bread and circuses — a football game, new hipster beer, social media, a fancy job title, a new car — and they space out from any more serious issues, even if “conservative” or “Christian.”

Spiritualist Jean Nolan offered up the following screed on who we must awaken:

One of the questions that we get over and over and over again is “How will we awaken the masses so we can break this control system, this great reset, AI controlled agenda?” And I understand that if you look at the current world population, you look at 7.953 billion people to almost 8 billion people, and then are thinking that you would have to at least awaken half of them, four billion, it’s an almost impossible task, and it leaves you hopeless…Now, my research, my intuition, my observations have shown me over many years that most likely only a tiny fraction of those 8 billion are actually real people. What do I mean by that?

This sounds crazy, but all evidence points to the fact that most people are just NPCs or backdrop people, nonplayer characters. They’re not real people. They don’t have a real human spirit, a real life.They are like extras in a movie. They fill in the space. This sounds crazy, but I’ve readm any books by Dolores Cannon. She goes into the backdrop people. I’ve taken this all to the test multiple times. My own observation shows the same thing. And research into other observers over the decades and centuries show the same thing. The vast majority of people out there seem not to be real people. They are like bio robots. They are not like you and I are. Now, how many people are actually real people? Some people say 5%. Some people say 3%.

My theory is actually lower than that. It’s around 1.6%, which is roughly the golden ratio that we find everywhere in nature, in the human body, in the DNA, in music and art and architecture. So if the real number of real people is the percentage, 1.6 something, it brings us down to about 250,000,000 people, give or take….So how many of those would we actually need to awaken for this charade to be fully over again? I think we should go back to the number five here and I would say 1.6% of five percent of the real human population….That brings us down to a few million people that need to fully awaken to their true potential in order for this game to be game over. But why do I say that? Why don’t I talk about 40% or 50% or 60% of the majority?

Because there is a concept in science and nature that is called the hundredth monkey effect, has been proven over and over again. What it says is that a species learns something new and evolves by a fraction of that species learning it through experience. And the rest then is infused with that new information through an invisible information field that a lot of people call the morphogenetic field. So that’s why real revolutions and changes never require the majority of the people. They just require what people call the critical mass. I believe the critical mass is actually just at 1.68%. So that is only a few million people that need to awaken to their true purpose, to their true being and who they really are. I believe we’re already there, and if not, we’re very close to that point.

You can see his videos here:

Filtering out the religious symbolism and science fiction, we get a good insight into the nature of humanity: only five percent are real people, and of those we need to only awaken a few million. This corresponds roughly to what you have read on this site over the past two decades.

In my experience, a relatively small number of people makes all of the decisions because most people are purely reactive. They consist of desires and fears, a few tendencies that make them identifiable characters, and that is about it. The ones who change direction by making decisions are few.

You find this in every office. There may be hundreds of workers, but whether they have the official title or not, there is someone known as a wizard in each department who remembers how to do things and when others are stuck, figures out how to get past the logjam. Often they have no titles and are not well paid.

They are observed carefully however. When these people make a decision, others take note because they can use this to get ahead; they want to be “current” and on top of trends that have not yet revealed themselves in public, so they pay attention to the people who are usually ahead of the curve.

When these few million people recognize some blunt truths — no one is equal, we need hierarchy, culture is better than government, diversity is suicide, and collective reward systems produce mass incompetence — then they will start to spread those ideas and they will trickle downward.

That in turn will spread those ideas through the rightmost fifth of the Bell Curve, those of the IQ range capable of making independent decisions, and at that point those ideas will infect culture. We are probably not at that point yet but coming close, since awareness of the failure of modernity is crossing party lines already.

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