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Democracy Is the Psyop

If you have been paying attention, you know now that humanity finds itself in a precarious state. Globalized, we all go down together and lapse into permanent third world or even hominid status if we do not beat The Civilization Disease, or the process by which each civilization slowly but systematically self-destructs.

Very few are interested in The Civilization Disease; they are more obsessed with deciding which flavor of a declining civilization they would like. Conservatives want to stop the bleeding while the Left wishes to rush headlong into command economies and absolute ideologies to control the decline, furthering it in the process.

In the end, most find themselves in a labyrinth of dead ends. Any choice under the existing system of democracy leads to more Leftism, which in turn leads to diversity and socialism, at which point organic culture will be totally replaced and a Communist-like society — rule for its own perpetuation, with votes bought — takes over.

The whole thing resembles a psychological operation (or “psyop”) designed to introduce neurosis, break down resistance, and induce compliance:

That definition states that Psychological Operations are “planned political, economic, military, and ideological activities directed toward foreign countries, organizations, and individuals in order to create emotions, attitudes, understandings, beliefs, or behavior favorable to the achievement of U.S. political and military objectives.”

In the present political-military meaning of the term, PSYOP is a multi-stage process that uses a combination of non-coercive devices to gain influence over the actions and attitudes of a targeted group without resorting to the use of force.

The political objectives of a democracy are always to spread democracy because like all ideologies, equality which is the root of democracy is symbolic, and therefore fears the rise of realists who could show another way of achieving a successful civilization, therefore proving democracy irrelevant, unnecessary, and thus, unwise.

It spreads like a virus. Given a chance, democracy will take over the world and then, having eliminated its competition, will continue advancing down the process of egalitarian thought. This leads to its final form, which is enforced and subsidized equality run by cynical leaders who know the whole thing is a sham, like Communism.

We might view democracy — arising from the “Big Lie” of human equality — as merely the takeover of a dark organization (or tyrannical, self-interested clique within an organization) which has criminal intent. It demands equality to hide the acts of its members which harm the society.

In this way, egalitarianism is pure individualism. It promises the individual the ability to do whatever he wants and the assurance that society will clean up the mess (“socialize” the costs). It removes social mores, standards, values, and structure so that the individual alone can be sovereign.

To most modern people, that sounds like a good idea. They fear authorities over them, and tend to blame whoever is in authority for whatever is going wrong. They rebel against authority because it has replaced nature as the mediator of the success of their actions.

This is how societies die:

  1. Techniques: some methods, processes, and procedures succeed in the early days of civilization, so they become required, and authority is created to make sure that everyone is using them instead of reverting to primitive methods.
  2. Authority: humans become the mediating factor between other humans and nature, so authority becomes more important than things actually working in reality. As long as your boss or commander is happy, you have done all that you need to do. Culture keeps this functional for a couple generations through goodwill.
  3. Jobs: as complexity — not size — of the civilization expands through learning all the exceptions and footnotes to those methods, people are assigned jobs by method instead of goal, and they quickly learn how to go through the steps without caring about the outcome except for pleasing the bosses.
  4. Social: at this point, society has become nonsense, since people are just passing the buck to each other, so social methods become more important than practical ability because everyone is just doing jobs anyway and very few directly achieve anything.
  5. Ironism: those who see that jobs are nonsense exploit them and create a philosophy that justifies doing so, mainly the idea that reality is not as it seems and instead everyone should be able to do whatever they want without losing social rank or the goodwill of others.
  6. Individualism: since ironism is rewarded by the social group, which wants to hear all of its members are equal and someone else will bear the cost of their terrible decisions, people become dedicated to themselves alone.
  7. Equality: in order to keep the illusion of individualism alive, it must be made into a kind of symbolic religion called an ideology which transforms it from a transgressive behavior to the only desired behavior, justified because it is shared equally.
  8. Moralism: thoughts about how the group feels about how fair things are, versus thinking about how to achieve the best results, must replace all other thinking in order to keep the illusion of equality alive, resulting in binary “good”/”evil” thinking.
  9. Bureaucracy: in order to treat people equally, you need meritocracy and procedure that are followed regardless of who is in front of them, which creates bureaucrats or those more interested in procedure, rules, and regulations than achieving good results in reality.
  10. Anti-Realism: at this point, any affirmation of reality makes people feel bad, so the society aggressively campaigns to replace the real with the socially popular, using peer pressure to batter those who fail to agree into conformity so that the dying society can maintain some unity.

In this way, democracy is the psyop. It promises one thing, but really was all along designed to deliver another, which is a system of control in which by encouraging people to believe they are free and empowered, they are shuttled into smaller domains of influence and interaction in order to neutralize them.

Very few psyops are this successful. Democracy promises us equality, representation, and freedom but what is really meant is equal insignificance, manipulation through binary symbolism, and an ability to choose from the options presented by those in authority who control the substitutes for what is real.

Ironists feel they have broken out of the system because they rebel against anything except the non-controversial, which is invariably the idea that reality is not real, and the human ego — in both individual desires and group “knowing” of what is moral — is more real than anything else.

Like most dark organizations, this applies to trends as well as jobs and government. The group moves in a certain way because some ideas are popular, and it applies them everywhere, resulting in culture being replaced by a moral ideology of egalitarianism which is applied through popular tastes.

Further extensions of egalitarianism, like socialism and diversity, simply further camouflage the decisions of individuals by making society more chaotic, at which point the little sins and excesses desired by individuals fade into the background noise of chaos, corruption, criminality, and filth.

In the end calculus, this psyop functions through memory. We start with the memory of what has worked in the past, and instead of being like nature which re-invents every generation, we become enslaved to it, then to rebellion to it, and finally to maintaining the fragile balance which avoids further rebellion.

We cannot vote or shoot our way out of this. We can only defeat these ideas in our minds and then act independently of them, at which point mass belief falls apart, and with it the perceived singular legitimacy of democracy as the best of all systems. At that point, growth can renew and restart our civilizations and species.

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