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Dunning-Kruger Revolution

As is the case of most things, in politics the herd runs in one direction because that is what the buzz is about. Everyone is talking about these things. Some go in the opposite way so they can pose at being hard, iconoclastic, defiant, and I-told-you so levels of “correct.” In the middle people follow whatever seems to be winning.

Very few in the West recognize that there is only one political issue, namely the health of our civilization, and that it is in fact quite easy to have a healthy civilization. To thrive, you stop doing what impedes thriving, and do more of what enhances joy in life and therefore inspires people to do sensible things at a high level of quality.

Almost all political debate goes out the window as soon as someone assumes either that our civilization is doing great and needs a few tweaks, or that the whole thing is bad and we must burn it down thoroughly immediately so we can live some Spartan, Constantinian, and Hitlerian fantasy which is thinly disguised revenge pathology.

Such people pose at being Right-wingers to an extreme because they are hiding the fact that they are Left-wingers. They want revenge on the naturally talented and to force everyone to obey an ideological — religion, too, can become an ideology, especially if some fool writes it down — fanaticism that is uniformly enforced.

The former group are simply acting out the bourgeois fantasy created by the French Revolution. They came from humble origins, and they want to believe that because they have a certain amount of money, they now run the show.

This reveals to us exactly what went wrong in the West, namely that we abolished social hierarchy for individualism, allowing the people who should be sweeping the floors to become our leaders, celebrities, billionaires, and “intellectuals” (this word is ickier than the stuff on the floor at a taco restaurant bathroom).

Starting with the Peasant Revolts, moving on to trade unions and eventually The Enlightenment,™ our society has focused on abolishing hierarchy and with it, the necessary correlate that some people are good and some are bad. Bad is equal to good now, so you get lots of bad.

The idiot Right will rave on about how Satan has taken over the world, the Jews run humanity through a shadowy conspiracy that somehow allows itself to be discovered, or that a lack of patriotism is ruining us. They want simple solutions because they are simple people.

Your average Right-winger — obsessed with abortion, Africans, transgenders, Jews, and corporations too much — ignores the giant backdoor we created in Western civilization: we stopped requiring people to be good, and instead implemented a “meritocracy” where the bad can get good enough at school and making money to fake it.

Democracy — the end of social hierarchy — eats civilizations alive. It creates a revolt by those who are on the left side of the Bell Curve, subject to the Dunning-Kruger Effect, who know enough to manipulate a system but lack the brainpower to make positive results.

The workers tend to self-destruct through devices like unions. Not understanding business or money, they shake down their bosses, who then automate, move the labor offshore, or hire contractors. The workers find themselves stumped by this every time, just when things were going so well!

The voters are following trends so they believe in things like Civil Rights, world wars, diversity, and free stuff from government simply because it is popular. They are out of their depth; they may be minimally functional, but they are not good, and so they choose bad but popular things.

Our problem in the West is White people, specifically that most of them are not good, and therefore they go along with the means of their suicide like DIEDS (democracy, inclusion, equality, diversity, and socialism/entitlements). They “think” this is good because it is popular.

We will get nowhere until we admit that caste is important, and social hierarchy based on intelligence and goodness can alone produce good leaders. Until then, we are going to keep promoting the bad, then trying to control them, while they steal from us and dispossess us by selling our civilization to foreigners and criminals.

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