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What makes us believe that our leaders have legitimate authority over us? Centuries ago, the answer was the divine right of kings. This theory said that some were more gifted, or closer to the gods, than others, and therefore they had the right to rule because they would do it best.

In The Odssey, we are told that some men are closer to the gods than others, and this both benefits them and plagues them. In an analog to the Garden of Eden story, god-like Odysseys has to overcome his own cleverness to start thinking of how to make the order of things right instead of merely benefitting himself.

This might be the clearest warning from the ancients about how societies decay. Humans, caught between god and dog, often pretend that their halfway state makes them gods, when in fact like dogs they are simply creatures of habit and opportunity. Recognizing this avoids the fiction of humanism.

Looking over history, the social hierarchy created by the divine right of kings did the same. It essentially pointed out that most humans were not ready for leadership, therefore needed to spend some generations working their way up the chain before attempting to seize power. People had rank based on not just ability but quality as people.

To the proles and middle classes, this proved to be mystifying. To them, everyone had the same capacity to buy and sell, therefore should be able to do whatever he wanted, without a bunch of nosy annoying people who knew better holding him back. It was oppression!

From that came our revolutions and from the revolutions came our new definition of the right to rule. Those who championed equality were the unquestioned leaders of the herd, and therefore those who failed to support equality were bad and could be removed.

Nowhere along here did anyone stop to think about the symbol = and what it meant in the human mind. At first, they wanted equality before the law so that the powerful could not simply brush aside the concerns of the masses. Then they wanted political power shared equally, then wealth, and finally, attention.

What could we say about the recent outbreak of Black Lives Matter and transsexual activism? These are people demanding money, power, and attention since they feel entirely insignificant since they are non-contributors to the commonwealth of function, quality, excellence, and goodness.

When your society succeeds, it becomes like a harbor protected from the storms and predators of the open ocean. All those creatures which find the wild environment too difficult come to your society and gradually, they drown in not just their lack of ability, but their lack of ability to take initiative.

Passive creatures result who will go to jobs, pay taxes, and buy stuff, but not stop to pick up garbage on the street, or adjust a crooked sign. To them, in the bourgeois mentality, they paid their taxes and retail prices, so anything other than their personal enjoyment is Not My Job.

Egalitarianism gives them the right to do this, and makes a divine right of proles for those who champion this lifestyle. Once society is created, the producers get whacked out of place by the consumers, who then take over and — as you would guess from their name — consume everything, leaving third world ruins.

Along the way they implement clever tool-using strategies. They buy votes with socialism, eventually unintentionally stumbling into Communism. They import foreigners to vote against the majority, unintentionally genociding the majority. When it is all done and ruined, they murmur “Not My Job” and move on to some other place.

This is the human disease. Our species creates relatively few producers, who have the initiative to pro-actively assert order, and lots of consumers. When the producers make stability, the consumers grow in number and out-vote, out-purchase, and out-attention-grab the producers. The society consumes itself.

Right now humanity is divided not by race, class, ethnicity, and intelligence — those are innate divisions — but by the perceived need by every individual to stand out and come up with some theory of the world that justifies his inaction. This brought about the age of victimhood.

To be a victim, you invent some oppressor who is subjugating you, stylize all of your failings as his evil work, and then make your demand on the commonwealth for your fair share. Whether this commonwealth is money, attention, product sales, or popularity at the pub does not matter.

Currently any sane voice gets pushed aside because the attention-getters are out there splashing out their talking monkey drama in order to get ahead of others, and when this achieves nothing but making them rich, they will shout Not My Job on their way to a Swiss chalet with a suitcase of cash.

That characterization applies not just to the Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden style grifters of the world, but to the people on the far-Right constantly flogging conspiracy theories that distract from the real source of our decline: the “Big Lie,” equality itself.

No one wants to point out that every time you raise taxes, prices go up to match; free stuff from government is in fact not only not free but very expensive and low quality. No one wants to point out that diversity itself, not some scapegoat population like Jews or Negroes, is the cause of loss of culture.

Even more, no one wants to face the fact that we thrived under social hierarchy, when our best people by quality ruled us instead of procession of faceless bureaucrats making narrow-minded decisions based on artificial meritocratic checklists. We thrived under the kings, fell under democracy.

All of this comes back to the real crisis of civilization, which is loss of goal. The Human Disease kicks in when we are no longer united toward a goal, but instead by shared dependence on civilization, at which point unity is bought with gifts from the commonweal and people become “equal” in order to keep them from vandalizing everything.

Revolutions, if understood properly, are simply a large-scale type of vandalism. Despite all the lofty words and pious symbols of humanism, they represent a mob deciding to vandalize its own society because its members have no purpose and simply want to grift today and let someone else pay tomorrow.

Unions, insurance, entitlements, diversity, feminism, homosexualism, religious fundamentalism, and every other modern ill come from this root, bourgeois individualism, and its philosophy of taking from society to subsidize the individual while passing on costs.

We do not need a complex roadmap to see what went wrong with the world. All of the complaints about Illuminati, Jews, politicians, multinational corporations, capitalism, even Christianity, miss the point: we have fallen into the way all human groups decay by mistaking ourselves for the goal.

What is the goal? Quality, excellence. We want to make a great civilization and we benefit from that because a stable and rising civilization always beats a time of decay like our current era. There is no free stuff; there is no revenge. There is only success or the failure to achieve it.

Your leaders seem to be pursuing an insane agenda from mental derangement, but in reality, they are simply implementing the latest level of egalitarianism. They are trying to avoid revolutions and keep their governments running. They know nothing else except spending more money to buy votes.

Many of them are criminals. To act as the Left does, one must have a criminal mindset, but most likely this comes from fatalism. They see a dying society and feel a sense of victimhood from that, which in their minds justifies (argues backward) toward stealing everything they can while fooling the idiot voters who deserve a good reaming.

Is there a “right to rule” anymore? We threw out the idea of any purpose to our society, so there can be no right, only what is popular, and when you assemble all of the purposeless people, they can only agree on the lowest common denominator of equality, which a few iterations down the line leads to the present insanity.

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