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  • Over 42% of Koreans in their 30s unmarried

    Modern society is suicide. It creates false symbolic goals instead of real-life ones like having families. Then the society dies out and is replaced by a third-world ruin. We must escape the first-world suicide trap.

  • Teen who ran over 6 cyclists outside Houston walks free

    People have had it up to their eyebrows with cyclists going 15 MPH on 30+ MPH streets. I was pro-cyclist until I saw the routine behavior of cyclists in Houston and Austin.

  • Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo introduces resolution denouncing 2020 Texas election audit

    “The audit here was announced after President Trump asked for an audit as if he were running the state. Its intention is to undermine faith in the election processes, which we in Harris County are very proud of,” said Hidalgo, who was backed by Commissioner Rodney Ellis.

    1. If your election is so solid, you have nothing to fear;
    2. Audits restore faith in the election process if anything;
    3. Leftists do not care if the election was legitimate;
    4. Their “there are no anomalies” line is projection; they know there were, and fear what happens when America turns on the Left for stealing elections.

  • Court says city can ban Confederate flag in veterans parade

    Richard Leake and Michael Dean sued Alpharetta, an Atlanta suburb, in August 2019 after city officials said the Sons of Confederate Veterans could participate in the annual Old Soldiers Day Parade but could not display the battle flag. The federal civil rights lawsuit accused the city of violating the group’s right to free speech under the First and Fourteenth Amendments.

    The 14A is never going to work in your favor, White people, but all conservatives support it. That’s why public conservatism will never solve your problems. Repeal the 14A.

  • New generation of dancers seeks to redefine ballet

    With Broadway reopening and in-person performances returning, a group of ballerinas are sharing their plans for transforming the classical ballet image into a body-positive, diverse, and inclusive artform.

    Notice: none of this has anything to do with quality. The West rose by rewarding good performance, removing parasites, and ignoring mediocrities. These new dancers want to invert that formula for success, meaning that they desire failure.

  • Germany’s far-right populist AfD: No gains, small losses

    But, overall, the election saw the AfD lose roughly two percentage points from its 2017 result, now winning just over 11% of the nationwide vote — putting the party in fifth place. In 2017, the AfD was the No. 3 vote-getter and the largest opposition party in parliament.

    Far-Right parties offer too much ideology and not enough practicality. People want you to cut government back to handling the military, roads, police, fire, and courts, and not much else. They do not want a Far-Right tinted version of the status quo.

  • Panic buying leaves up to 90 percent of fuel pumps dry in major British cities

    The whole COVID-19 event was a panic, sort of like the tulip mania, Satanic Panic, dancing sickness, and the run on the banks preceding the Great Depression. We need to get control of human herd behavior because it is destructive; democracy cannot do this.

  • Milley, Army chief displayed ‘pattern of behavior’ defying authority

    Consider The Irish Question:

    According to many sources the name Milley is Gaelic and originatedin County Offaly, Ireland and from there spread around the world as part of the Irish diaspora.

  • Google dominance in Australian online advertising harms businesses and consumers, says regulator

    Glad someone finally woke up. The Google scam is to pretend that a small audience who are fanatical about using the internet but have no money or influence somehow represent the audience at large, when in reality, the internet has been taken over by bluehairs, soyjaks, boxwines, and autists because everyone else is out living life instead of sitting in front of their screens. Google = dominance by losers. Google’s ads have been falling in cost because industry has increasingly recognized that they are worthless.

  • Far-right cryptocurrency follows ideology across borders

    Anglin is just one very public example of how radical right provocateurs are raising significant amounts of money from around the world through cryptocurrencies.

    How dare people give money to those who seem to be saying the truth in a time of lies. I neither endorse nor reject The Daily Stormer, but at this point it is mostly because I can’t find it on the censorship-heavy internet.

  • Far right gains in Canada’s election

    People end up on the Far-Right because they recognize that democracy, equality, diversity, and socialism not only will solve zero problems but create many more, so the only solution is to get off that treadmill entirely.

  • 8-year-old boy shot dead while playing on front porch in Chicago suburb

    Welcome to the Ferguson Effect, fools. Cops are arresting the George Floyds and Trayvon Martins of this world in order to protect ordinary diversity and regular people from the chaos of criminality. You crucify them with murder trials and defund them? Let the bodies hit the floor, I say.


  • DuckDuckGo said no. But when I reapplied as a black lesbian who can’t speak English, they wanted me.

    I’ve been working as a mobile developer for 12 years. I’m a straight white male who knows what I am doing in my occupation. But lately I’m struggling to find another place to work.

    I applied for a job at DuckDuckGo, and got told to go [expletive deleted] myself right away. So I reapplied as a black lesbian 5 years of experience who can’t program or spell. They are moving me to the 2nd round of interviews.

    This is what President Kennedy’s affirmative action looks like after a couple generations.

  • Largest trial of antibiotic amoxicillin for treating chest infections in children finds little effect

    People in visibility-based instead of accountability-based societies — those were public opinion about something matters more than actual results — tend to be lowercase-c conservative and prescribe whatever is the miracle treatment of the hour because if they did not, they would be seen as having caused bad outcomes. We have inverted truth in the hands of the Crowd.

  • F–k Joe Biden (Chant)

    It took Wikipedia just a few hours to delete a page on one of the most interesting developments of this sham presidency based on a stolen election. At what point do we admit that the internet audience are mostly losers, and they lean Left because losers scapegoat the biologically gifted for the failure of losers? Face it: the wealthy are more capable than the poor, and the poor more criminal than the wealthy. Accept Darwin in your life.

  • North Carolina hospital system fires 175 employees who have not gotten vaccinated

    People get rewarded for following trends and herd “wisdom.” But in the process, they are setting the stage for decades of litigation. Even if government tells you that COVID-19 is a problem, you have no legal protection if you unjustly fire people — defaming them in the process — for refusing your dodgy vaccine. If that vaccine turns out to be actually dangerous? Then you used your authority as an employer to attempt to harm them. Trillions of dollars are going to change hands for COVID-19 panic regret lawsuits.

  • Reparations draw UN scrutiny, but those who’d pay say little

    No one sane will pay reparations unless they are accompanied by a quitclaim, or a document saying “now the matter is settled, so no more reparations or claims can exist.” We have learned from Germany which is still paying off WWI “debt” based on spurious claims but is afraid to stop doing so unless the world mobilizes against them again.

  • US government will run out of money by October 18, Treasury secretary says

    Democracy is broke again. It wants more taxes, higher costs, and lower reward for the good while rewarding the bad instead (this is the nature of “equality”: good = bad and bad = good, so they are “equal”). Consider that the places with the most opulent social benefits systems end up raising house prices to the point where people live in debt for their entire lives. Free stuff from government is debt slavery.

  • Berliners back seizing housing from so-called mega landlords

    Benefits from government raise the cost to everyone because taxes are passed on from raw materials producer to manufacturer to wholesaler to retailer to the consumer. They snowball, in other words. Soon apartments will cost less in Berlin, and everything else will cost more. Then what? More free stuff. More high costs. The snowball treadmill cycle never ends. It is a circular Ponzi scheme.

  • Fort Worth police arrested a man they say killed and dismembered three people

    Thornburg told police that he had an “in-depth knowledge of the Bible and believed that he was being called to commit sacrifices,” according to the affidavit.

    During his interview with police, Thornburg also admitted to killing two other people, which he also viewed as “sacrifices,” according to the affidavit.

    It is a mental health massacre out there. “Thornburg” looks like a Hispanic James Spader.

  • US says ivory-billed woodpecker, 22 other species extinct

    Every human requires a couple hundred acres for agriculture, roads, schools, hospitals, stores, restaurants, bars, housing, factories, and government. The more humans we have, the less nature we have, and now we are noticing that we are actively killing it off. Wake up now, or later when the problem is worse?

  • YouTube blocks all anti-vaccine content

    Democracy sleepwalks into tyranny again. They have now banned all criticism of any vaccine.

  • Daintree: World Heritage rainforest handed back to Aboriginal owners

    In handing formal ownership back to the Eastern Kuku Yalanji people on Wednesday, the Queensland government recognised “one of the world’s oldest living cultures”.

    Notice how they will do anything but question “what works best?” since if we use that measurement, it makes sense for the West to possess the New World and to return the aboriginals and other Asians and Africans to their respective continent (aborigines, or Dravidians, originate in India).

  • Macron says Europe must assert independence from US

    If Europe becomes independent, it will realize that it cannot afford the generous entitlements states that are not only bankrupt but drawing in Camp of the Saints levels of immigration.


  • Microsoft’s LinkedIn censors US journalist over China content

    China crushes any business which does not do what the Party wants, so now all American corporations work for China. Since the Clinton years, Americans have considered it “wise” to accept that the future is the large audience of consumers in the third world, forgetting that this group buys only inexpensive objects.

  • A family says their neighbor plays recordings of racial slurs and monkey noises. Police say that’s ‘not criminally actionable’

    Leftists spent decades approving public obscenity:

    He reasoned that Cohen’s display of profanity could not be classified as obscenity, because it was not “erotic.” He also determined that the language could not be considered fighting words — another unprotected form of expression — because it was not directed at a particular recipient.

    “No individual actually or likely to be present could reasonably have regarded the words on appellant’s jacket as a direct personal insult,” he wrote.

    This means that public statements against certain racial, ethnic, religious, and social groups are protected. The Left will try to walk this one back ASAP.

  • WHO sex abuse allegations: Agency staff members carried out rapes during Democratic Republic of the Congo Ebola response

    Who watches the watchers? Apparently no one, since the watchers are Leftist globalists.

  • Fishing rights row: French anger as UK rejects most permits

    Brexit came about because Europe was plundering UK waters for fish. Perhaps history will record it as the first salvo in the Food Wars as human population became unsustainable.

  • Vitamin A treatment trial for Covid loss of smell

    Most likely, the obese — the only group really struggling with COVAIDS-19 — have Vitamin A (and B and D) deficiencies, mainly because obesity results from malnutrition arising from a diet of mostly carbohydrates and seed oils. Blorp!

  • China draws up plan to bring algorithms under state control in sign of tightened censorship

    Twenty-first century censorship will be conducted by private entities, orchestrated by government, and involve eliminating badthinkers so that goodthinkers can keep recklessly consuming and working to pay all of those taxes.

  • Robust gene networks from the depths of our evolutionary history

    Zuniga compares the system that she and her team are investigating with a room’s lighting system that is controlled by a series of switches. The light enables one to read the instructions to build correctly formed extremities.

    Humans with wings might be a fun option.

  • France to close six mosques and disband associations suspected of radicalism

    The bureaucrats think they can control the population, but diversity itself makes everyone into a radical fighting for his own tribe, after a point.

  • Food myths busted: dairy, salt and steak may be good for you after all

    How embarrassing, then, for government dietetic gurus, that a major study of 4,150 Swedes, followed over 16 years, has last week reported that a diet rich in dairy fat may lower, not raise your risk of cardiovascular disease.

    While fruit and vegetables do bring valuable micronutrients to the table, overall they compare poorly in nutrient-density terms with foods such as dairy, meat, fish and eggs.

    The health case against meat is predicated on cherry-picked evidence from low-quality, unreliable, observational studies that fail to draw a distinction between meat in its unprocessed form and multi-ingredient, chemically altered, ultra-processed meat products, such as hotdogs.

    All of the modern narratives are unraveling. The dietary requirements we knew existed to endorse a high-carbohydrate, seed oil laden diet because it was cheap to make and therefore, very democratic.

  • Are Your Republican Neighbors Planning On Killing You?

    According to Leftists, Republicans are hoisting black American flags in order to signal that they want to kill Leftists. In reality, we are recognizing that egalitarianism is incompatible with Darwinism, and we want a Darwinist society where the good are rewarded and the bad exiled to Venezuela.

  • FBI mole in crowd on Jan. 6, files show

    It turns out that the riot was unplanned and FBI operatives were glowing as they fanned the flames. This is death of a narrative, since it even occurred in the American Tass, The New York Times, which is most famous for hiding Stalin’s genocide and praising Communism.

  • Greyhound settles lawsuit over immigration sweeps on buses

    Greyhound contended it was legally required to allow Border Patrol agents to board its buses. But a memo last year from then-U.S. Border Patrol Chief Carla Provost confirmed Ferguson’s contention that agents can only perform warrantless immigration sweeps aboard buses with the consent of the company’s owner or employees.

    Leftists will do anything and say anything in order to replace heritage Americans.




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