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  • Eco-fascism: Far right co-opting environmentalism to justify anti-immigration views

    They have noticed that the Right supports localism, Romanticism, rural life, and living in balance with nature. Next they may even notice our admiration for natural order! The Right has always been in favor of these things, but when it went Christian Libertarian in the 1960s in order to dodge the civil rights movement, these things were temporarily forgotten.

  • Atlanta spa attacks shine a light on anti-Asian hate crimes around the world

    They are not a “hate crime despite the fact that the suspect wore a China Flu tshirt, mainly because there is no evidence that he hated Asians, only COVID-19. However, the media needs a new narrative to keep us living in fear, so domestic White terrorism must be it! In the meantime, ethnic conflict is the norm worldwide and our push for “diversity” is simply sad, lonely denial of this abundant reality.

  • US Ambassador to UN Linda Thomas-Greenfield says ‘we need to dismantle White supremacy’ and unite against racism

    “White Supremacy” serves as a handy scapegoat for most of humanity failing to get its act together, and “racism” makes a great blame target so we can avoid noticing how diversity has failed really hard. We keep blaming the kings for having reined us in because they saw reality clearer than we did, and then reality bites us in the posterior because we denied the obvious. Over and over again.

  • Alarm as Republican men say they won’t get Covid vaccine

    The Left keeps trying to normalize vaccination against a virulent flu because they need the world to be in panic so that the Left can remain in control, where otherwise the populist revolution — people who have noticed that diversity, inclusion, and equality (D.I.E.) do not function well — would continue to rise and unseat the Leftist Establishment and its globalist masters.

  • Mexico plans migration crackdown as U.S. struggles with record arrivals

    Mexico demonstrates greater competence than the dying USA. As both Plato and Aristotle noted, tyrants import diversity to vote out the majority so that the tyrant can rule in perpetuity. History repeats itself yet again and we have learned nothing.

  • ‘Jaw-dropping’ global crash in children being born

    No one was happy in modern society even before COVID-19 hit. It was clear that conflict was coming with the rise of populism and the increasing totalitarian tendencies of cancel culture, political correctness, minority movements, and deplatforming. Corporations and governments took over and crowded out life. COVID-19 just made it worse, but humanity is dying out from slow deaths of despair.

  • From insults to property damage to killing: After Atlanta, Asian American fear escalates

    You know what died today? The myth of a model minority. It turns out that Asians want to shake us down just as much as Blacks, Irish, Jews, Hispanics, or Arabs do. Somehow, it is always Whitey’s fault if something goes wrong, despite the high rate of White people suffering at the hands of other races. We need to end diversity and send all the non-Whites back home.

  • Biden cares about borders — as long as they’re Irish

    Speaking of diversity failing, Joe Biden comes from the tribe of part-Semitic Irish and represents them, not America. He hates America, but he loves “his people,” which for him means the Irish. If diversity fails within a race, it has no hope of working between different races and ethnic groups. WASP America worked, and nothing since has been functional. Boats!

  • The pandemic has changed the shape of global happiness

    The old are most satisfied because they no longer have to deal with the insanity of careers, children, and getting along with others. COVID-19 simply made this clear to them, once everyone else was at home too, and their isolation and irrelevance seemed less personal and more like a condition of normal life.

  • Mother: White headmaster made Black son kneel during apology

    Something tells me that there is a lot more to this story than we hear here, namely why these educators were so radically angry at this child. Again we see that “trial by media” works, however: the principal is suspended, and the idiots at the school are about to find out why it was a bad idea to throw him under the bus once they find themselves in civil court.

  • Diversity review under way at Buckingham Palace

    Diversity reviews go only one way, which is to hire a lot of minorities and then hire other people to fill in the gaps when it turns out that the reason these minorities were not hired in the first place is some lack (ability, will, experience) on their part. The great shakedown continues, with the goal of bleeding heritage Europeans dry.

  • 25 families have to leave council house in Lier as they possess real estate abroad

    It turns out that many of the “poor” people who have come to the West own properties back home and rent those out while living free on the backs of the European taxpayer. Somehow they assumed that this behavior would never be detected or punished, and are now trying to figure out some way to style this as “racism” so they get more free stuff.

  • Stephen Colbert on the Atlanta shootings: ‘Our former president bears a particular responsibility’

    In the eyes of the neurotic, calling COVID-19 the “China Flu” caused an outburst of anti-Asian racism, despite most of this “racism” consisting of Black-on-Asian crime which has long been known to be a rising problem and often is not a hate crime, just more diverse big city crime.

  • Chicago suburb’s plan to pay Black residents reparations could be a national model

    Leftists come up with a reparation plan that pays grants to select Black residents, which means that the demands for reparations will come up every year for a new group. You cannot throw enough money into the black hole of diversity to either make it work or make hurt feelings renewed; those who are minorities will always oppose the majority and claim victimhood as a weapon.

  • China ‘deeply concerned’ about anti-Asian violence in US

    During the Vietnam and Korean wars, Chinese propagandists targeted African-American soldiers with the charge of American racism, and encouraged them to act against the majority. These Communists know what they are doing; diversity is a weapon for destroying an adversary, not a strength. They will deport any foreigners they have once the USA is dead enough.



  • Police use water cannon as German lockdown protest turns violent

    People in the West are seeing that democracy, which is terrified of offending anyone, would rather destroy everything we have instead of risking negative headlines. They want the lockdowns ended and for us to tackle this disease as we always have approached new diseases, which is developing immunity through survival, however we have to.

  • Less than half of Britons expected to tick ‘Christian’ in UK census

    It turns out that choosing a foreign religion means that when it goes Leftist, people just drop it and move on. It is not of Us, and therefore we defended it only for its utility. Now that the Crowd has taken over Christianity too, and it has become yet another voice for egalitarian propaganda, most people have moved on, except the very old.

  • B.C. boy permanently brain damaged after eating lettuce contaminated with E. coli

    For some reason, bagged salads spread E. Coli 0157:H7. Since our restaurants use low-IQ labor, they rely extensively on pre-prepared foods, basically ensuring that disasters of this nature occur regularly.

  • Ron DeSantis on the Pandemic Year: Don’t Trust the Elites

    Democracy elects actors and influencers, and these create a bureaucracy which promotes others like them. These people are good at certain types of schooling but out of their depth with real-world questions, and the response of Western democracies to COVID-19 revealed the incompetence, power hunger, and narrow-sighted nature of democracy. Change is coming!

  • Outer fence surrounding Capitol complex to be removed this weekend

    The Capitol riots scared those who have seized control of American government. They know that the incompetence of their leadership has revealed itself at the same time that their totalitarian tendencies became known, and that America — except soy, minorities, thots, gays, and neurotics — wants them gone and has good reason to do so.

  • The Pandemic Stalls Growth in the Global Middle Class, Pushes Poverty Up Sharply

    The Left wants a Genghis Khan styled government, with a few elites ruling over a vast mass of impoverished people dependent on government for their livelihoods. That is the “Mandarin Method,” and all democracies end up there. This is ironic given that the middle class revolt against the aristocratic put Leftism on the map in the first place.

  • Second known person to naturally cure their HIV infection is discovered in Argentina

    One way to cure disease is to see who survives, since when they breed, the population will gradually become immune to the pathogen. If 99.x% of Americans survive COVID-19, perhaps this task is simpler than we thought.

  • Student banned from university union for saying ‘Rule Britannia’ during debate

    The phrase is now considered “discriminatory or racist language” despite being a British patriotic phrase. In the last year, it has become clear to White people that diversity is not about coexistence, but our destruction and replacement.

  • Blinken warns any entity involved in Nord Stream 2 pipeline risks U.S. sanctions

    Trump offered positive deals to people: do what we want, and you will end up enriched and happier, and we will work together. Biden offers bullying, and makes it clear that the Bad Old America has indeed returned. However, they will praise him because they are all Leftists and afraid to buck a trend, being bean-counters who depend on popularity for their power.

  • Three Nottingham men convicted of abusing vulnerable girls

    So glad we are all worrying about possible anti-Asian racism while anti-White racism goes on as a normal facet of life. Diversity, like all egalitarian programs, takes from the thriving to give to the failing, and consequently, creates a failing society, just like socialism.

  • ‘It starts with one child’: white-hot anger in New Zealand as Australia deports 15-year-old

    White-hot anger by a few drunk neurotics does not amount to much, except to the Left. Western societies are slowly realizing that all these United Nations “treaties” and “conventions” that they signed have left them unable to resist the immigrant flow that will overwhelm, take over, and eliminate their heritage populations.

  • Trump’s ‘Chinese virus’ tweet linked to rise of anti-Asian hashtags on Twitter

    It turns out that some of the people using the term “Chinese Flu” also expressed anti-Asian sentiments, but the gap is not as huge as people think. Half of the Chinese Flu people said something that could be broadly interpreted as anti-Asian, while a fifth of the regular people using the “official” term COVID-19 did. Perhaps the sentiment is rage at China.

  • The hormone-altering chemicals threatening human procreation

    According to this theory, sperm counts are set to reach zero in 2045. Probably the bad food and frustrating modern existence of obedience has sapped any ability of men to be men, so we are dying out at our hands. Funny, most human societies go out this way. It is as if something we think is good is in fact very, very bad.

  • Canadian man jailed for calling his biologically female child as ‘daughter’
  • Somehow our societies based “freedom” have become inverted into totalitarian regimes that protect people from the offense caused by the “freedom” of others. Perhaps “freedom” was never a goal, but an anti-goal, since it removes the obligation to act toward an end and replaces it with the individual as sovereign, whether good or bad. Bad wins in this scenario.

  • There’s a five-alarm crisis on the border — and Team Biden imposes a media blackout

    Censorship enabled them to riot all summer, jail the innocent, pardon the guilty, and steal an election. Anyone who thought that they would stop should get a cerebral examination. The Leftist system of mass democracy is failing, but they will go totalitarian before allowing regime change.



  • The Crisis at the Border Has Vindicated Trump

    Trump pointed out that immigration would destroy America unless we sent a strong signal that it was unwanted except through legal channels. Ideally, we would shut it down entirely and reverse diversity instead. Now, since Biden sent pro-illegal signals, they are coming, and our system is overwhelmed, which means that rule of law will quickly evaporate.

  • Bristol protest: Police attacked as ‘Kill the Bill’ demo turns violent

    Worldwide, democracy is turning toward totalitarian methods as citizens notice that despite centuries of Leftist “reforms” and “progress,” the old problems are still there and stronger than before, and we have added lots of new problems, including corruption and government incompetence as well as economy-killing socialism and genocidal diversity.

  • Spain passes law allowing euthanasia

    We are going to see more of this. Individualism kills populations as people opt out of tradition, including families, to focus on themselves; this means that benefits for the 1940s generation, which have already been promised, cannot be paid because there are too few taxpayers. End of life takes up the highest cost, so euthanasia is the “sensible compromise.”

  • Fourth Hindu girl abducted, converted to Islam in Pak’s Sindh in last 36 days

    Everywhere we look, diversity flowers into fully-on ethnic conflict and entrenched cultural struggles. Maybe the pre-Buckley conservatives were correct after all and diversity destroys civilizations and never succeed, only remove whatever good is left in a society. It looks like democracy has decided to commit suicide worldwide.

  • Rite Aid apologizes after undocumented immigrants denied COVID-19 vaccine

    They asked for Social Security cards, and this offended people because not everyone has such a card because not everyone is a citizen. Forget Voter ID being racist, soon asking for ID at all will be considered akin to donning a Klan hood, reading aloud from Mein Kampf, and saluting a portrait of Francis Galton.

  • Liberals want to blame rightwing ‘misinformation’ for our problems. Get real

    Even the Leftists must finally admit that their Saturnalia of censorship occurred because the populist Right is rising in response to the continued failure, incompetence, and corruption of Leftist government. The issue they made their cornerstone, civil rights, increasingly looks like a headstone, and our governments are headed for default as infrastructure rots and reproduction ceases. Democracy has failed; restore the aristocracy!

  • Treasures from mystery civilisation could rewrite history of China

    These artifacts look closer to Polynesian or Mayan than contemporary Chinese. Perhaps China will discover that its population emerged when a civilization fell, and consists of the merger of different Asian, Turkic, and Caucasian populations that had taken over from their natural masters through democracy.

  • Transfer of Stasi records agency closes a chapter of East German history

    Another government dedicated to equality, East Germany promised a paradise for workers and instead produced the most dreary and miserable society known to humanity, perhaps made more bleak by the contrast of the West right across the wall where prosperity and some free expression existed. We are seeing how societies for “the people” turn into dystopic tyrannies.

  • Windsor court ruling puts COVID-19 ‘hoax’ belief at centre of custody fight

    If you disagree with the orthodoxy, everything will be taken from you. Those in power resent those who might want to escape control, since without that control, those in power would not be in power. This means that we are ruled by incompetents who are supported only by those who are invested in the particular lies that they tell.

  • Global warming could cut over 60 countries’ credit ratings by 2030

    The Left has found its new absolute and universal justification for whatever it wants to do in climate change, since it realizes that civil rights has faded in popularity after it became turned into an implement of concentrating power. They will use this as their springboard to implementing Full Socialism.

  • Yes, Capitol Rioters Were Armed. Here Are The Weapons Prosecutors Say They Used

    This stretches credulity. The weapons were “stun guns, pepper spray, baseball bats and flagpoles wielded as clubs” while the meaning of “armed” usually involves firearms, swords, axes, and crossbows. The Left realizes that its narrative is failing, and consequently works to shore it up with new information for the bluecheck soyfaces to spread.

  • Once called crazy, Indonesian eco-warrior turns arid hills green

    As society grows, it clears more land. In Indonesia, they used fire. This killed off the vegetation, but dry earth will blow away unless anchored by plants. This lone hero planted a bunch of trees to save the dirt, and in doing so, inspired others to follow. Imagine what we could do by limiting population/immigration so no land “needed” to be cleared.

  • In breakthrough, Israelis grow hundreds of mouse embryos in artificial wombs

    Artificial wombs loom on the horizon. Perhaps we can reconstruct our populations from DNA of the past, but most likely, those specimens will die out when they see what a dystopia we made of paradise. The Garden of Eden mythos repeats itself again and again since the inherent solipsism of humanity remains unchanged. We need our aristocrats back.

  • School drops legal action after Muslim girl told her skirt was too long

    For equality to exist, standards must be lowered and everyone must conform. This means that those who have higher standards become enemies, and must be torn down to confirm the crowd. This family was saved only by the race card; no White family would have received this kind of consideration.

  • Gaps in NH data on police-race encounters

    Anti-racists want to force the state to keep race-related data for arrests and traffic tickets. This forces the state to start playing the game of looking good, which means that despite more crime coming from poor and minorities, that crime cannot be stopped because then it must be reported. Like defunding the police in Minneapolis, this will have the same bad effect.



  • U.S. tells China it does not seek conflict; but will stand up for principles, friends

    We are watching theater. First the two parties appear to spar, which makes any accord seem unlikely. Then, they each make posturing statements. Finally, they agree on whatever China wants. They stole an election for Joe Biden so that he could do this.

  • ABC15 uncovers shadow investigation into protest cases

    Neo-Communists journalists find room for outrage that an independent investigation is looking into how so many violent protesters got let off the hook by the legal system. This threatens to derail the narrative, and therefore cannot be permitted, even if the rest of us realize already that something irregular has been going on. Where is Eric Clanton these days?

  • Northern California cops placed on paid leave after ‘egregious’ texts leaked

    Officers get busted only for going against the Leftist narrative. While the article focuses mainly on some of the sexual content, Mark Meftah and Sgt. Rodrigo Reyna-Sanchez found themselves under the microscope for the comment, “I’ll beat those f—ing hippies down.” SAT CONG is never a bad thing, but to Leftists, the awakening it presages is.

  • Head of Israel party addresses Arabs: ‘Israel is not your country’

    Somehow it shocks people that after centuries of pogroms and holocausts, the Jewish people want a nation for themselves, which means all Jews and only Jews. Arabs want to take over through the womb, then the ballot, and finally the type of South Africa tactics that we are seeing in the United States and Europe as minorities and their allies enact White Genocide.

  • Marjorie Taylor Greene temporarily locked out of Twitter as Democrats move to expel her from Congress

    When the system is failing, beating down heretics becomes essential for stability of the new normal. Marjorie Taylor Greene keeps provoking Leftists into attacking her, knowing that each time they spread her message and prompt more people to see that it is not unreasonable. As more agree with her, she rises above those who want to smash her down.

  • U.S. charges Proud Boys with conspiracy in Capitol assault that turned deadly

    Someone needs to go down for this event so that it can be safely consigned to the memory hole while the war against “domestic terrorism” ramps up. The Proud Boys, who are not a White Supremacist organization, have been called a White Supremacist organization for months by the media, which means that they are designated scapegoats for the failure of American democracy.

  • Aspirin Use Is Associated With Decreased Treatment and Death of COVID-19 Patients

    It turns out that this aggressive flu causes blood thickening, so small amounts of blood thinner produce much better results. We will find in the coming years that this one can be handled not with exotic vaccines and medication, but common treatments that when combined allow the non-diabetic to throw off the infection easily.

  • From locusts to fires, agriculture faces growing threats: UN

    The occurrence of extreme events has tripled since the 1970s, in correlation with urbanization and land use. Will humanity figure out in time that our overgrowth is killing us, both in terms of overpopulation/immigration and the junk food we now consider normal? Or do we, like ancient societies before us, simply extinguish ourselves globally through starvation and disorder?

  • Finland ranked happiest country in the world – again

    It’s the diversity, stupid. At over 90% native Finns, with its next-largest group being Swedes, Finland is an escape from the insanity of diversity that has blighted the rest of the West.

  • World-first reviews into 5G radio waves

    Two reviews assess prior research, much of which is based on radar waves. However, one scientist notes that dosage was not extensively studied. It is one thing to zap some tissue from one source for a couple of weeks, but another thing to bathe that organism in the overlapping skeins of radio transmission of multiple sources all of the time.

  • Michigan restaurant owner in jail for defying virus orders

    It sure looks like the failure of democracy, caused by diversity and entitlements, prompted government to go crazy with abuse of power. Populism showed that the sheep realized that egalitarian government is a scam, and government had to retaliate in order to stay in power. With this, democracy shows that its future consists of only tyranny if allowed to continue.

  • ‘Practically this has been a genocide’

    Doctors recognize that rape is being used as a weapon of war in Ethiopia and constitutes a prelude to genocide. Will they see the same thing about diverse societies in the West? Probably not, because then we have to admit that all of us making decisions are not doing a good job, and that our society has fragmented beyond the point of no return.

  • Mozilla leads push for FCC to reinstate net neutrality

    Net neutrality rules benefit the monopoly from Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Twitter, and Netflix by preventing ISPs for charging more to the companies that take up most of their bandwidth. It is not, as the votards surmise, anything about freedom, free speech, or lower ISP bills. In fact, it will mean higher costs, with the savings passed on to the big six.

  • Plastic particles pass from mothers into foetuses, rat study shows

    We have known for decades that our modern miracles like junk food, plastics, and automobile exhaust are killing us. However, politically, nothing can be done about them because big businesses purchase lobbyists and citizens will vote for cheap junk instead of safe expensive products. Thus we venture into the endgame.

  • 1 in 2 people of colour have experienced online racism in Canada, survey says

    They unintentionally admit that racial animus is now widespread to the point where it is not a few crazed White Nationalists crouching under bridges and griefing minorities. Ordinary people are tired of the double standards, but even more, the total failure of diversity. As usual, this ends gracefully if we admit the problem, but Leftists will not, so it will end badly.


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