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  • Hundreds of dead turtles wash ashore in Sri Lanka weeks after cargo ship sinks off coast

    Industrial chemicals kill wildlife. They also kill us. Were humanity thinking, we would have intelligent aristocrats with absolute power who could limit such things to where they could be safely used, transported, and eventually destroyed, even if this meant higher costs to business and consumers. Instead, we got the lowest common denominator, and nature suffers.

  • ‘Zebra’ killings convict Jessie Lee Cooks dies at prison hospital

    Diversity never works. It starts with pity, expands to civil rights, and ultimately becomes a South Africa style takeover followed by lugubrious Yugoslavia-style balkanization and ultimately Rwanda/Ethiopia-style genocide. The “Zebra Killings” comprised part of the last big outbreak of racial consciousness, and should have showed us that diversity must end by any means necessary.

  • The long arm of the Chekists

    “Freedom” leads to clashes, which since freedom is an egalitarian notion that rewards the weakest party at the expense of the strongest, means that anything “offensive” will be removed from circulation. This includes vital information about other countries whose representatives will sue for defamation and, by the cost of the lawsuit alone, suppress the information.

  • Emmanuel Macron warns France is becoming ‘increasingly racialised’ in outburst against woke culture (archive)

    Diversity forces people to fall back on their identities because groups compete. If you do not have a gang, you will get sodomized, just like in prison, so everyone joins up with their team. Macron and others fear the ultimate stage of this, where the majority discovers its ethnic self-interest and ends diversity, therefore ending the chances of Leftist dominance forever.

  • Boy Scouts of America: $850m deal agreed over sexual abuse claims

    Back in the 1970s, the herd saw it as immoral and sexist that the Boy Scouts and other organizations refused to allow homosexuals to be scoutmasters. They “fixed” that problem, and a half-century later, we see that it unleashed a wave of sodomy — men sexually assaulting boys are exclusively homosexuals — that has bankrupted and destroyed the Boy Scouts. For equality!

  • Conditions are ripe for repeat of 1970s stagflation and 2008 debt crisis

    Leftists like economies that cement their power. They raise costs through taxes, hand out money to increase dependency, and then sabotage the economy with endless rules so that it is dependent on foreign forces; all of these make the Leftist leaders powerful because the citizens now cling to them for fear of what else may happen. It also creates a moribund economy.

  • 2021 on track to be America’s deadliest year of gun violence in two decades

    Like COVID-19, here we see a panic built on paper. The rise in murders coincides with the police backing off after the George Floyd debacle and the consequent increase in urban gang activity, almost all of which involves Third-world Hosted Emigrant Minorities (THEM). The Left wants to blame guns in order to disarm us so that they can rule us in perpetuity.

  • Pride Season

    Egalitarianism confuses signaling with reality. In an egalitarian society, you get ahead by welcoming all and approving of them equally, but this leads to a marketplace for more radical statements of inclusion. At some point, we reach the Clown World stage where the signaling rings hollow but no one cares because they expect nothing functional anyway.

  • Texas soldier who shot BLM protester indicted on murder charge

    A Texas soldier working for a ride-share company dropped off his ride, honked at a crowd to get through, and when they attacked, shot a man carrying an AK-47. This case will hinge on whether he had a duty to retreat before pulling through the crowd, but if he had a right to be on the road while this unlicensed protest was occuring, Texas castle doctrine will apply.

  • Afro swim cap Olympic rejection ‘heartbreaking’ for black swimmers

    More attempts to claim virtual territory — in this case, rights to wear odd headgear — by a minority group result in a rejection. Back in reality, swimmers with big hair of any type tend to cut it short so they can achieve the goal of the swim cap, which is a low drag coefficient. This is just more stunting for power.

  • Prosecutors drop Troubles murder cases against ex-British soldiers

    The sensible rule holds that if a police officer or soldier is acting in line with their orders, and those orders are not immoral, the officer is protected from criminal charges; the solution there is to sue the State and force the voters to change the rules. The Derek Chauvin case overturned this, and now police and soldiers everywhere are refusing orders or quitting.

  • Drivers will face the highest July 4th gasoline prices in 7 years and they are heading higher

    Trump set America on a course for energy independence, but with the “Green New Deal,” the fake and dumb incoming administration has created an artificial scarcity in supply, raising prices so that citizens are dependent on government. If nothing else, this will prompt the normies to panic and allow the shadow government to take over.



  • Why private foreign security companies are booming in Africa

    In the third world, public institutions take the form of sinecures for the well-connected, who then use the office to collect bribes (some also buy their way in using loans, in the expectation of future mordida or bakshish). The police do nothing useful, so you have private security in addition to private medicine, schooling, and utilities.

  • ​Forced Marriage, ‘Corrective Rape’ Keep Gay Conversion Therapy Alive in India

    Eugenics makes more sense than religious (universal, focused on the individual) morality. If someone is born gay, nature has made it clear that this person should not pass on those genes through reproduction. Idiots interfere with this so their gods will be happy, and then wonder why everyone starts having health problems in the next generation.

  • Sat photos reveal ‘incredible’ ICBM silo expansion in China

    Like the (former) Soviet Union, China relies on nuclear weapons to prevent foreign powers from interfering with its insane plans, and repression at home to keep its citizens obeying the rules needed to maintain control. Watch the USA take the same path, because peer pressure always leads to totalitarianism by pursuing the human lowest common denominator.

  • High schoolers wore “White Lives Matter” shirts on their last day of school

    Despite endless propaganda, some realize that once the barrier of racial self-interest is broken, every group is going to act in racial self-interest, including the different White groups. That means that we go from “diversity is our strength” to “my group first before everyone else” very quickly, and the pluralism experiment collapses.

  • One in custody after rabbi stabbed near Jewish day school in Boston

    For those who imagine a world-controlling Jewish conspiracy, watch how quickly this one goes into the memory hole because the attacker was named “Khaled Awad.” When the diversity attacks other diversity, whoever is poorer, browner, dumber, and a more recent immigrant wins out because that is the population the Leftist hope to use as a vote cow for perpetual reign.

  • California homicides jump 31% in 2020, most in 13 years

    Almost 84% of these homicide victims were non-White. “Defund the police” seems good on paper, but history will show that increased American law enforcement was designed to keep diversity from failing. Now we see it in its raw form, which is ethnic groups battling each other and themselves in street-by-street gang violence.

  • The ACLU on fighting critical race theory bans: ‘It’s about our country reckoning with racism’

    Societies based on social pressures like equality quickly divide into text and subtext. The text consists of the official symbols we move around to manipulate people; the subtext comprises actual motivations including hopes and fears. Our subtextual recognition consists of White people seeing that diversity is paradoxical and cannot work, and that “racism” is a non-issue.

  • Lithuanian border guards call for national emergency after stopping record number of migrants

    Diversity works nowhere. Lithuanians come from the Baltic population, while these migrants are Slavs, and Lithuania wants to avoid having its majority be genocided by entitlements parasitism, racial violence, swing vote manipulation, and eventual retaliation and outbreeding. They face the same situation as Americans/Mexicans, Israelis/Palestinians, and Scots/Irish.

  • 2 statues of queens toppled at Manitoba Legislature

    Finally the egalitarian revolutions come full circle, hoping to remove any mention of the kings of old and the populations that produced them, so that the much vaster number of people who want to live in nice places can take over and destroy formerly decent ones. Somehow, no police got involved, as if ordered out of the way, just like in the USA.

  • ExxonMobil lobbyist reveals company’s involvement with ‘forever chemicals’

    Determined to avoid the real issue, the herd searches for a scapegoat, but the facts of the situation suggest that many of our most useful chemicals are toxic and have been for generations. Even more, the horse is out of the barn: these are already present in our environment in large amounts and will not break down for many years.

  • Citi, Goldman, Other Banks Accused of CDS Antitrust Scheme

    Slowly the world awakens to the realization that no amount of regulation will close every hole, and that financial services have taken over our economies after unions forced outshoring of labor and high taxes caused market concentration into a few large monopoly corporations in each industry. The problem is democracy, as usual.

  • Virginity testing on women and girls at levels ‘never seen before’

    We import diversity so we can learn from their cultures, which we imply and intuit are anchored in genetics and therefore can be transported to a new land intact. It turns out that in addition to the ethnic food (RIP Mollie Tibbets), foreign DNA brings in its foreign behaviors that we do not like so much.



  • Lisbon Court Rules That Only 0.9% of ‘Verified Cases’ Died of Covid-19

    Slowly, the narrative collapse enters like a winged shadow in the silent hours of the night, intruding from dream into reality. Gradually we see that as it becomes clear that this was a political operation, the number of people willing to speak out grows, and soon we will see that COVID-19 was not the disaster most people thought it was, except on a political level.

  • Amsterdam mayor apologises for city’s role in slave trade

    White people find themselves caught in a competition to demonstrate the greatest fealty to an ideology, namely that of equality, by endless apologizing and self-flagellation over colonialism and slavery. In reality, colonialism was payback for the invasions of Europe by Asia, Africa, and the middle east, and slaves were treated better by us than any other group.

  • John Kerry says green economy will be bigger than the Industrial Revolution

    Like a tiger with its stripes, the human dream never changes its form. It unites our social impulses with our individual fears and would have us create a world dedicated to the expression of human desires. We want to remove anything which can tell us that we are wrong, starting with the Kings and moving on to intelligent people as a group and eventually, reality itself.

  • Homeless Encampments Proliferate, Property Owners Express Frustration

    Where do all of these homeless people come from? As society becomes more unlivable and bad breeding produces more insane people, a huge army of alcoholics and schizoids invades the nicer places since they feel safer there. Hands tied by civil rights law, democracy will not remove them, so the cost is passed on to ordinary citizens through higher taxes and higher crime.

  • Residents criticize Pella City Council following incident at aquatic center

    Teenage girl decides to troll everyone, so declares herself transgender and goes around topless wearing a male bathing suit, using the men’s toilets, and changing in the men’s locker room. Panic results when people figure out that not only is she underage, but any cameras on the premises are now recording child porn. Priceless satire of failed transsexual law results.

  • Condo board bickering at collapsed Florida building delayed repairs by 3 years

    My feeling on this one is that the condo realized it was going to have to demand half the value of each unit from each owner because the drainage system has been directing water below the complex, causing subsidence. Instead of bankrupting people, the board decided to hold out until something fell off and it could make an insurance claim. Now it’s one heck of an insurance claim.

  • US woman charged with hate crime after wrongly accusing black teenager

    Again we see that like the 14A, “hate crimes” and “hate speech” laws simply work around all of your rights and declare, in effect, that if a person is poorer, browner, or dumber than you, they can take all your money if you act against them. In the old America, this kid would have brushed himself off and gone on his way without drama.

  • Behind Biden’s 2020 Victory

    They based this survey on validated voters, not the dead and mail-in ones. It turns out that the Hart-Celler Act of 1965 changed the American demographic such that it will go permanently Leftist from now on. Donald Trump was the last chance for heritage America to recapture its future from the mistakes of democracy.

  • The War on Reality

    The panicked, manipulative, controlling, and paranoid reaction to COVID-19 turns out to have been way worse than the virus itself. This shows us typical Late Stage Democracy: unable to address real issues, it contents itself with putting out fires as if each was the only fire, simply because it has no plan and realizes it does not operate in reality.

  • Supreme Court upholds Arizona voter fraud protections

    The Supreme Court holds, sensibly, that nothing in the civil rights agenda precludes the implicit Constitutional duty to a fair and functional government. If they reinterpret the amendments this way, they might be able to backdoor in a return to natural rights, at least until the Left takes over the courts again.

  • Sweden stunned by rare shooting of police officer as gang violence worries grow

    Swedes find themselves shocked and amazed to discover that if you imitate American policy, like diversity, you get the same results that America did. They now find themselves at 1960s Detroit level antagonism, and are about to see exactly why the few sane Americans tried to warn them off of diversity, even if Swedes were determined to win that virtue-banner contest.

  • Sacramento Mulls a New Homeless Strategy: Legally Mandating Housing

    Before the 14A, “rights” meant abilities that you had in nature which government was prohibited from obstructing; afterwards, rights mean things enforced by government upon all of us for the purpose of achieving Abe Lincoln’s egalitarian Utopia. This is a backdoor entitlement.





  • EU’s Roma feel betrayed by silence on Czech killing

    Europeans, even Leftist ones, seem to be more honest about race and differences between racial groups than Americans. Gypsies (Roma, Sinti) have had centuries to develop habits other than grift, welfare fraud, pick-pocketing, and being carnies. In the absence of that change, Europe wants them gone; not surprisingly, few care when the police snuff one for acting out.

  • At Communist Party centenary, Xi says China won’t be bullied

    Passive-aggression serves as the default state of humanity. China cries out as it strikes you (this proverb was originally about the Poles) because otherwise, it would have to admit that it is acting out of station and therefore, about to cause major problems for everyone. They are still Communists who inherited the behaviors of the empire of Genghis Khan.

  • High-profile women want action to stop online abuse

    Maybe humanity should just grow up instead. Every person that you encounter will have at least one opinion that will shock you; it makes more sense, as the Buddhists do, to try to figure out why they think that and what it means, instead of making more democratic empty moral gestures. Grow up, ladies, and put on your big girl pants. Also: Emma Watson looks like a dude.

  • The defamation laws have just changed in most of Australia

    We are going to see defamation laws change worldwide in response to the abusive media and the worldwide disaster that is the internet. In my view, these laws go too far by forcing a relevance requirement; a better standard would be that anything untrue which should have been known to be untrue can form the basis for a suit, eliminating the real “fake news.”

  • Fox News to pay $1 million for sexual harassment and job retaliation violations

    Fox News took on a new CEO, Suzanne Scott, in 2018 in response to the perceived abuses of the “old boys network” as reported by such unreliable sources as Megyn Kelly. In the long view, mixed-sex offices are probably a bad idea, since people flirt and if you grant one sex the ability for their accusations to be taken as proof, this becomes constant grift.

  • Dozens of deaths blamed on extreme heat as U.S. coasts bake

    Heat islands occur when dumb humans, instead of existing within nature, make flat plates of concrete called “cities” where they concentrate internal combustion engines. This produces a heat plume which displaces jet streams, the airflows that cool the land by carrying the heat out to sea. Instead of admitting that cities are death, we blame “climate change.”

  • UNC board grants tenure to Nikole Hannah-Jones amid outcry from Black faculty and students

    As usual, an unqualified minority candidate demands a position, the student body cries out in a desperate bid for relevance, and she gets appointed the position with luxurious benefits, despite no benefit being conferred to anyone. Egalitarianism always favors the underdog, especially when unqualified.

  • Miss Nevada USA becomes first transgender woman to win the pageant

    Here we see pity culture in full flower. Not only are almost all of the candidates non-White, but the egalitarians in charge had to stunt and select a transsexual in order to show how committed to equality they were. The point of these events is to show exceptional examples of each type of person, not to blur those distinctions and force equality.

  • ‘Jaw-dropping’ fall in life expectancy in poor areas of England, report finds

    Poor people died more from COVID-19 because they are generally unhealthier. Those of good genetic health tend to be in the upper half of the middle class. Those obsessed with wealth generally have personality problems, and those who can accumulate no wealth tend to be inconsistent, probably the result of high mutation load.

  • Asian coal plant drive threatens climate goals

    In pursuit of ultimate equality, the West has sabotaged its industry by choosing immature “green” methods that are entirely subsidized by government. As these fail, Asian economies will zoom ahead, preparing us for the ultimate long-term triumph of Genghis Khan.

  • Facebook message leads to warrant in years-old rape claim

    In saner times, authorities did not prosecute rape claims made while the victim was intoxicated because issues of consent them came down to the word of one drunk person against another. You cannot prosecute a case like that without doing injustice to one party, but refusing to do so is unjust to the other. The solution might involve less wanton drunkenness and casual sex.

  • Texas Supreme Court rules Facebook can be sued for sex trafficking

    Perhaps Facebook will see the light and realize that common carrier status, as it might have as a utility, would require it to stop censoring for the DNC but would indemnify it against claims for abuse occurring on its platform. The long arm of Prodigy apparently influences cases to this day.



  • Airlines pull dozens of Boeing 737 MAX jets out of service

    Diversity planes show their problems. Under assault by unions, Boeing outsourced to cheap Indian labor and got, not surprisingly, bad results. If we end legal protection for unions, this will not be a problem in the future.

  • Indigenous leaders in Cranbrook area say human remains may not be linked to residential school

    Humanity operates through fads as each member of the herd tries to get close to the center of the action so they are far from what we all fear, irrelevance, and might cash in on being relevant. We are going to find that this was a nothingburger; these are too few graves for genocide, but just enough for deaths by disease buried over the decades.

  • Europe migrant crisis: Boat sinks off Tunisia drowning 43

    Only one way exists to prevent migrant drownings: let zero migrants in. If you reject all immigrants alike, whether they have a claim or not, they will stop coming. Until Europe does this, like America it seals its doom on the path to South Africa, while guaranteeing that more will die in the process (we have not yet found the many dead migrating from Mexico, in my view).

  • Bezos endorsed higher corporate tax rates. But it won’t cost him much

    This article buries the lede. High corporate tax rates will hit the little guy, but bigger firms will generate deductions by continuing to grow and acquire other companies. In other words: the higher the taxes, the bigger the corporations, and the less small business can compete. No wonder our lizard-brain (“reptilian”) elites love this form of centralization.

  • Masculine traits including competitiveness and adventurousness are linked to stronger parenting skills

    For a man to be competent at being a man, he must behave like a man. This alone provides the role that only a man can as part of the parent team; it is a modern social construct that families can be made from something other than a man and a woman. Those who try for the center, or man-woman hybrids to centralize roles, create unstable homes.

  • Elementary school teacher who showed class ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ suspended

    Diversity eventually reaches the stage where it cannot even discuss its fundamental issues because someone will object in order to further seize power. At that point, only official dogma remains, which guarantees that everyone will reject it for being manipulative distraction.

  • Unvaccinated people are ‘variant factories,’ infectious diseases expert says

    As is the way of the Left, the latest talking point designed to justify forcing us all to take this untested and dubious therapy emerges. In reality, just about everyone has either figured out that COVID-19 is not what it has been said to be, or is so invested in goodthinking that they do not care if it is or not, but want to signal obedience with masks, lockdowns, and vaccines.

  • Former head of Germany’s spy agency slams Angela Merkel’s immigration policies as ‘fatal’

    Merkel gambled that she could make a new workforce out of third world labor and tax the resulting economic gains in order to pay for the benefits due to retiring Boomers. Her gamble failed, and now we see that immigration into Germany has cost much more than it has brought in, just as Merkel conveniently retires to make lots of money giving speeches.

  • Dozens of aristocrats claim under UK furlough scheme

    The UK adopted property taxes in order to boot aristocrats from their ancestral homes, mainly because egalitarianism always starts in resentment of the higher by the grubby mercantile middle classes. Now they are having a small revenge. Good for them.

  • Companies back moratorium on deep sea mining

    In a rare show of concern, companies allegedly back off deep-sea mining in order to protect the ecosystems there. More likely, they found out that the cost to retrive these minerals would dwarf any benefits that could be obtained. Better would be to do research to find local equivalents for any materials that must be imported.

  • Interfaith marriage: Pew survey says most Indians oppose it

    Despite seeing themselves as religiously tolerant, most Indians from all faiths said that stopping interfaith marriage was a “high priority” for them. People who have seen diversity in action realize how destructive it is, and want to avoid it for the future, especially in India where Muslims group with ancient Arab invaders.

  • All recent US population growth comes from people of color, new census estimates show

    Taxed to pay for the diversity, excluded from opportunity, persecuted for political agendas, and miserable in a life of jail-like jobs and schools, White people are dying out across the first world, and are being replaced by the voters that the bureaucrats want to use in order to guarantee they remain in power perpetually.



  • UN human rights chief calls for reparations over racism

    These people make good money by manipulating the gullible herd with emotions and fears, leading to greater power for the bureaucracy, at which point each of these bureaucrats gets to be important and have a big job title. Beyond that, they have no awareness, even as they commit acts that destroy civilization. The credulous taxpayers will foot the bill.

  • Supreme Court says no right to hearing for some immigrants

    If people were thinking in a sane frame of mind, they would see that we owe immigrants nothing more than to deposit them back on the other side of the border. As soon as we grant them rights, they see us as a weak dying empire which can be conquered even by third world hordes, and they come en masse to dominate us.

  • After suit, New Jersey to house inmates based on gender ID

    Amendments have consequences. With the 14A on the books, any person who feels unequally treated will have a case, and society will have to accommodate at its own expense. Expect further insanity until people have had enough and finally wrap their heads around rejecting the idea of equality, which like all disasters sounds good in theory but works out badly in reality.

  • Portland Protesters Tore Down Statues of Presidents. New Rules May Keep Them Mothballed.

    In a multicultural society, you can only have statues of multicultural heroes, which means that anyone from the previous society has to be thrown down and destroyed. Egalitarianism always goes the way of South Africa: the many weak unite against the strong, overthrow them, and then make a weak society which is eventually conquered by whatever Vandals come its way.

  • Basal Testosterone Renders Individuals More Receptive to Minority Positions

    High testosterone individuals are more willing to accept unpopular viewpoints if they believe them to be true, while soy-eaters end up accepting whatever the herd thrusts upon them, making them perfect tools of a regime of bureaucrats. In other news, society has been destroying its strongest men for generations in order to enforce centralized conformity and obedience.

  • As pandemic eases, workers quit in record numbers

    Like democracy, jobs crush your soul by both demanding obedience and encouraging rebellion, producing people who are very good at evading reality in order to fufill demands to the letter but not in spirit. We have made ourselves into zombies using the idea of control, which demands conformity to method but never to goal.

  • The obesity wars and the education of a researcher

    One scientist wrote a study which found a correlation between obesity and some types of health disorders. This prompted an attack by the cancel culture squad, who quickly employed dubious tactics to try to destroy this researcher and her work. We have reached the end of civilization, when mob public perception matters more than reality.

  • Fewer than 1% of GCSE students in England study a book by a writer of colour

    Novels like other European artforms tend to favor European authors, since we think in the way required to write books like this. Very few minorities have written anything great; other than Invisible Man and Things Fall Apart, few come to mind, which means that we are stuck with mediocre affirmative action pap like Toni Morrison and Maya Angelou instead.

  • Just enough information will motivate young children to learn, drive curiosity

    Teaching things imperfectly gives children a sense of satisfaction when they of their own initiative figure out the rest. This supports the idea of classical education, where students read the great books and reconstruct all learning to date from those.

  • Why we need a global framework to regulate harm online

    You can either have natural selection or rely on control. With the former, you boost the good people and kick out the bad, ignoring those in the middle. With the latter, you use everyone as equal tools for the will of the centralized authority, making them obey and behave according to the same methods instead of thinking independently toward reaching the same goals.

  • French food is ‘expression of white privilege’

    As has been said in these pages many times before, diversity means replacing a majority culture with a generic host culture so that the society can be everything to everyone, just like the middle class businesses it emulates. This means that your heritage cultures are racist and must be abolished to make way for the newcomers.

  • Why some of the world’s biggest companies are increasingly worried about water scarcity

    We depended on many things for our industries and agriculture that only nature could provide, but with human domination of the world, these are going away. Prices will go up; the many who cannot afford such things will live in perpetual toxicity. This means that our current model of civilization has failed and will be replaced.



  • US ‘white supremacist’ shoots two black bystanders

    You can tell that this data is cherry-picked by how vague it is. Most likely, this fellow had a mental break and wrote down lots of things, most of which contradicted White Supremacy, and may have not even been serious in his endorsement of it. Government wants more power, however, so they deliberate spin the incident to a tiny fraction of what is real.

  • Walmart unveils low-price insulin

    When government bungles, private industry sees an opportunity. In order to expand its free healthcare to illegals so that it could induce them to come here and vote Democrat, the Biden administration forced the healthcare system to ration its care, so insulin prices went up. Walmart found a way to fill the gap and will profit through economies of scale.

  • Biden’s infrastructure plan calls for cities to limit single-family zoning and instead build affordable housing

    Aldous Huxley and C.S. Lewis warned us of the “progressive” vision, which is to have lots of people living atomized lives in apartments. They want to abolish culture, religion, race, class, ethnicity, and sex in order to make people equal so that they are fungible and can be commanded as a group, since our leaders want the ultimate power trip of “scientific government.”

  • Bill C-10 was just the tip of the iceberg

    As democracy implodes, denialism — resistance to acceptance of the problems of democracy, so that people do not have to undergo internal change in adaptation to something else — accelerates. Canada got ahead of the curve and effectively implemented total speech control on the internet so that its pro-diversity propaganda can be the only public narrative.

  • California bans state travel to Florida, 4 other states

    Balkanization comes to America, probably in the form of the diverse coastal states becoming one country and the middle of America, which is finally ready to reject diversity, another. California just took a brave first step in severing its economy from these states, which separates them from being manipulated by California.

  • Classified Ministry of Defence documents found at bus stop

    This reeks of a classic Russian intelligence operation. In order to attempt to discredit the UK, they have their agents steal or forge documents and leave them out for the public to find, usually with the aid of a phone call to a friendly Left-leaning journalist.

  • Mexican Supreme Court rules government should legalise recreational marijuana

    We may see more of this in the future as the high regulatory environment of the US and EU shows how toxic it is. Whatever state first sets up a government that decriminalizes just about everything, regulates little, taxes little, and focuses on cracking down on crime will become the new ruler of the world. This is a competition between systems more than nations in the NWO.

  • Brazil redeploying troops to Amazon rainforest, bans fires

    Despite the pleasant images conjured up by democracies, in order to avoid the massive negative consequences of self-interested human behavior culminating in individualism, strong power will be used because we have run out of time to avoid dealing with these recurrent problems.

  • Czech President calls transgender people ‘disgusting’

    This offends the goodthinkers, but outside of the wealth and popularity bubble in the West, most people acknowledge this. To be born normal is a blessing; anything else represents a hard path to a sad end, and along the way, the miserable person will be destructive as all miserable and sick people are, usually through passive-aggressively forcing their behavior on others.

  • Training Methods Linked to Aggressive Behaviour in Cats

    Hitting and screaming at your cats just makes them aggressive. Societies should consider that the same is likely true of humans, so the more we attempt to control our people with force, the more they are going to push back with resistance and ultimately violence.

  • Pivotal moment in city’s crime fight after tragic murder of Safe Streets worker

    So much for sending in social workers to do the jobs of police. It turns out that police have become militarized in response to the increasing diversity violence on our streets, and that this was not an arbitrary decision but a deductively logical one, even if the real solution is to end diversity.

  • Hate symbols graffitied on Martin Luther King Jr. statue in Central Long Beach

    Maybe it will occur to these nitwits that the more they persecute Whites, and remove parts of White history, culture, and social activity, the more pushback they are going to get. White people seem to have figured out the formula: disable cameras, arrive on foot and masked, and do maximum damage in minimal time.



  • Texas students’ standardized test scores dropped dramatically during the pandemic

    Minority students saw the biggest drop. Perhaps spoon-feeding people repetition in order to make them perform well on a test does nothing to assess educational fitness, and instead of building a future generation of high performers, we are throwing money into the void.

  • DNA data and modelling reveal potential spread of invasive species

    We know that invasive species are massively destructive, and tend to wipe out native species before themselves getting clobbered by whatever the native species built up immunity and niche behaviors to survive. Why is it so hard for humans to apply the same rules to immigration and diversity?

  • How to Design an LGBTQ-Inclusive Website

    Our former webhost, who basically blew off an ongoing DDoS attack because their employees were all Leftists, sees great opportunity in cheap advertising — advising you to use pronouns, bright colors, and PC language on your website — instead of the more expensive prospect of improving their service.

  • Damaging ‘fly-shooting’ fishing in Channel sparks concerns

    Human history consists of a few smart people holding back the multitude from doing destructive things, since if you let everyone in on the committee, it will decide on anarchy plus free stuff because most people lack the wiring to understand much less make command decisions. Brexit occurred because of fishing rights, and now the environmental cost is revealing itself.

  • Ketogenic Metabolic Therapy, Without Chemo or Radiation, for the Long-Term Management of IDH1-Mutant Glioblastoma

    Traditional diets seem to restrict certain forms of cancers and provide better outcomes than modern diets. In our zeal to “democratize” food, we have unleashed a realm of horrors which keep our people living in fear of the future.

  • UFO research lab opens in Fukushima, aims to solve mystery of local sightings

    UFOs most likely come here from distant planets, or our own past or future, in order to observe a society in the throes of trying to decide whether to survive or be popular. Luckily the Japanese, with their customary delight in anything mysterious, have begun to study the issue.

  • Justice Clarence Thomas says federal marijuana laws may no longer be needed

    Recognizing the failure of the federal government, empowered by the 14A and ruling through the administrative state, our top jurists have begun to signal a swing back to a States Rights style organization. This proves the Confederates right, and allows for further Balkanization as we prepare for the collapse of democracy.

  • Revealed: neo-Confederate group includes military officers and politicians

    You have “freedom,” but you cannot believe wrongthink. Democracy has a paradox, which is that if you demand pluralism, you will get some views you do not want, and then self-destruct trying to force everyone to believe in pluralism despite its flaws and destiny in failure becoming more visible every day.

  • Judge dismisses gov’t antitrust lawsuits against Facebook

    For antitrust law to address Big Tech, it will have to consider audience size. Network effects (you use a platform because most people that you know also use it) made the Silicon Valley companies big, but conventional antitrust law does not recognize this as a monopoly because it does not follow the usual model of consumers purchasing products, since it is advertising-driven.

  • Woman told hubby on phone she saw pool deck cave in as Florida condo collapsed

    What do you do when a building is badly designed and needs to be replaced? It will cost tens of millions to destroy and rebuild this thing, including relocating residents for a few years while that happens. Insurance did not want to pay it, nor did residents, but the drainage system caused subsidence under the building and ensured it would collapse.

  • France bans glue traps for bird hunting

    In a rare moment of sanity, humanity decides that leaving glue traps to ensare and kill birds might qualify as inhumane and pointlessly wasteful. On the bigger scale, this gives us a starting point to measure all of our activities in the wild, which means that many of our sadistic and destructive impulses will need curbing in the future.

  • Challenges in the Diagnosis of Magnesium Status

    “The average mineral content of calcium, magnesium, and iron in cabbage, lettuce, tomatoes, and spinach has dropped 80–90% between 1914 and 2018.” Our miracle of industrial farming has backfired on us and is killing us with a lack of nutrition while it induces fatal cancers with too much sugar and a dysfunctional gut biome.



  • General Mark Milley’s Passionate Defense of Critical Race Theory Viewed Over 6M Times

    At the end of democracy, herdism ensures that whatever is popular wins, and advertising becomes indistinguishable from public policy and idle chatter. The unaccountable Crowd, pursuing only the popularity of its own individuals by flattering others, denies reality and promotes the idea that we are little gods who can command nature. Careerists then sacrifice function.

  • French Black activist fined for defacing colonial statue

    Diversity makes enemies of all of its constituent groups since each one acts only in its own self-interest alone, which means that it asserts a view of history that makes it seem like the good guys, its culture, and its need for control over all other groups. This leads to inecessant and inevitable clashes.

  • Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron suffer humiliating results in regional vote

    For the far-Right to attract voters, it has to offer practical solutions in addition to nationalism. Like the GOP, the European Right is lazy and risk-averse, so will not offer an actual plan to stop the reckless spending, end immigration, and make civilization functional. Consequently voters have only risk and no reward, and avoid it.

  • Boys, 15 and 16, who were members of far-right Telegram group admit terror offences

    Our careless democratic governments pursue “extremists” in order to distract from the rising agreement with those extremists. These symbolic busts, basically a free speech issue, attempt to knock the sheep back into line, but at this point so little works and so much is so pointlessly arduous, ugly, boring, and perfunctory that widespread dissent grows.

  • Corporate America lacks faith in the Fed to control inflation as prices peak

    Voters do not remember, but corporate America remembers that taxes created the Great Depression and FDR prolonged it, saved only by the war. Now that we enter the Carter years again, business pulls back as it sees the economy-killing tendencies of high costs and easy borrowing lurking just beyond the temporary boost of the stimulus packages.

  • Singapore has chosen to live with COVID-19 like the flu, without quarantine, texts or daily statistics

    Realizing that it can destroy life for everyone and still fail to save a few, or sacrifice the few so that normal life can go on, Singapore decides to treat COVID-19 like the aggressive flu that it is and focus on general health and normal life instead of panic. Investors are taking notice.

  • The Safety of COVID-19 Vaccinations—We Should Rethink the Policy

    Vaccines journal just retracted this study which pointed out that for every three deaths prevented (in theory) by COVID-19 vaccination, we have to accept two casualties. In the end, the great COVID-19 panic was just another fad, in this case perpetrated to steal an election and allow China to get ahead in the world economy.

  • Case files on 1964 civil rights worker killings made public

    These people were Communists. Future generations, having escaped the total destruction of democracy, will view such killings as not just justified but eugenic. People who embrace anti-reality systems like Communism have something wrong with them, are incompatible with first-world society, and physical removal is always required.

  • Chicago’s Lake Shore Drive renamed to honor Black settler

    Politicians pander to audiences in a democracy. When they can get a minority swing vote, every election goes in favor of the minorities, who quickly erase all history, culture, values, and behaviors except their own. Diversity only goes one way, and that is to death.

  • Supermarkets splashed pandemic profits on shareholders, not workers

    Shareholders vote just like in any other democracy, and like in our democracy, they choose immediate gratification over long-term value, especially when they realize that their workers think the same way and will just take the money and run. Democracy leads to bad decisions that sacrifice the future for tokens today.

  • Cornish singer and radio host Graham Hart admits spreading racial hatred

    In the interest of maintaining denial, democracy increasingly arrests people for words and opinions that go against the fictions that democracy needs in order to believe that it is on the right track. For a system claiming to bring us “freedom,” this inversion — caused by egalitarianism itself, which demands desires trump reality — shows cracks in the system.

  • North Korean defector says ‘even North Korea was not this nuts’

    Huntington says that democracies go through periods of “creedal passion” arising from cognitive dissonance; when the system is not working as it says it should at face value, panic and denialism result, which drive increasing fervor. We are seeing the collapse of democracy, not its strengthening, as it is inner paradoxes finally become too obvious to ignore.


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