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Understanding the Great Replacement and the Browning of America

Since 1965, America has suffered a continuous and now accelerated invasion by migrants from Third World countries.

The vast majority of these individuals have little if any meaningful experience with representative democracy.  Their experience in the political arena has been primarily shaped by military dictatorships, oligarchies, “banana” republics, Islamic monarchies, and recurring revolutions.

These immigrants are for the most part illegal aliens who feel that if they can just get to our borders and cross over, they will have a new and secure life in America.  Over the past decades, millions have made this treacherous journey at considerable cost. Even if deported, many attempt a second or even third crossing (sometimes more) and are successful.  Under today’s lax enforcement regulations, illegal immigration has taken on catastrophic proportions as migrants and unaccompanied children swarm across the southern border in ever increasing numbers

These immigrant aliens are actively recruited and then guided by coyotes or “immigration organizers” who charge inflated fees in the thousands of dollars to take migrants from their villages to the American border.  Many of these illegal immigrants go into servitude with the coyotes once they enter the U.S.  Instead of sending remittances to their families, they must repay the debt they incurred or face dire consequences, both in America and retaliation against their relatives in Mexico or Central America.  In this fashion they become slaves or indentured servants of the drug cartels until their “crossing fees” are paid in full.

These are people who come predominantly from agricultural or small town backgrounds and have little to offer other than menial labor that requires no prior skills or advanced education.  In a word, they bring the desire to work, a strong back and the willingness to accept lower than average wages for their labor.  Mexico and Central American countries depend on the remittances that migrants send back to relatives in their home towns or pueblos.  There would be considerable economic hardship and social unrest without these contributions that constitute a significant portion of each country’s budget.

In an effort to streamline crop harvesting, robotics are now replacing many of the tasks that agricultural laborers once performed and that American-born workers seem to reject. This technological advancement has jeopardized the status of migrant workers. Nonetheless, the caravans continue to go through Mexico, unchallenged, in their quest for a new life hasta el norte.  According to recent polling, some 42 million residents of Mexico and Central America would prefer to immigrate to America.  Border control police have documented that illegal migrants come as well from a multitude of foreign countries, more than 60 in toto.  For this year alone (2021) projections are that more than one million illegal aliens will enter this country. Other projections are as high as two million illegal entries.

Given the flood of illegal migrants that are crossing our borders, the number of white or Caucasian citizens (those of Western European heritage) is being reduced proportionate to the total population.  In this manner, their influence, both politically and economically, is also being diluted.  This is a major issue of the Democratic Party’s political agenda: in time, an increasing number of migrants and their offspring will make the Democrats the dominant political force in our country.  The Republicans, as they now exist, will most likely never regain long-term power because of this demographic revolution and their reluctance to embrace the populous “new-comers” of the Trump revolution.  According to current expectations, immigrant Latinos, just as African-Americans have done for decades, will vote for the party that shares their “values” and shows its generosity through governmental subsidies (so-called “free stuff.”)

As Fox Network’s Tucker Carlson recently opined, if two hundred thousand Polish migrants were amassing at the southern border, the Democrats would quickly move into action and prevent their “illegal” entry.  They might even complete Trump’s unfinished wall.  Poles are conservative and would most likely vote in favor of Republican candidates.  Similarly, if a large Hungarian immigration were imminent, this would also be looked upon with disfavor by the current Biden-Harris administration because of their conservative leanings.  By law European immigration is kept at a minimum in an effort to “diversify” our population; this change was made in 1965 with the Hart-Celler Act, over-riding the previous 1924 immigration act, itself designed to control the excesses created when we changed our 1790 naturalization act standard of “free White people” — which, to the framers, meant those from Western Europe — and admitted too many race-mixed and non-White people during the 1800s and early 1900s.

Other than border crossings, many illegal aliens stay in our country after the expiration of their resident visas, especially foreign students who simply disappear into the ethnic communities of large metropolitan areas. In addition to these sources of illegal immigration, there are the famous “DACA” children of illegal aliens who have grown up in the shadows and do not have a strong relationship with their countries of origin.  One cannot displace or deport the 6-8 million DACA immigrants who have, in many cases, made a life in America. Some have even served with distinction in the military. Many have become thoroughly “Americanized.” Republicans have been reluctant to call for their deportation for fear of being branded as “racists.”

The current flood of illegals with their pregnant spouses and potential “anchor babies” have only exacerbated an untenable situation. The Biden-Harris administration has promised them a pathway to citizenship in the near future; however, a recent Supreme Court decision has blocked them from ever receiving citizenship.  This matter is certain to be litigated by the Democrats in the near future.

Whereas Trump promoted immigration based on merit and national need, the Democrats have solicited new voters by promising open borders and integration into American life, free of charge. The abolition of ICE or border police and reduced immigrant vetting is now being discussed by the authorities; President Biden has given his imprimatur to these measures which would dramatically increase the number of illegal entries.

Ronald Reagan abetted this movement by granting amnesty to three million illegal aliens in the 1980s and made it evident that once embedded in the social fabric of America, all illegals could stay with no penalties or restrictions.

In 1965 Teddy Kennedy and other well-intentioned politicians changed the quota system for immigration that had severely limited the number of Third World nationals who could immigrate to America.  While promising the American people that such a measure would not bring about a demographic imbalance in the general population, politicians unwittingly created a permanent flood of Third World migration that shifted the balance of power in our society.

As Americans become more variegated (cf. the Rainbow coalition), political loyalties are also shifting geographically.  “Red” states are now becoming more and more “purple” or capable of being changed from Republican to Democratic by a small number of votes, as was the case in the presidential election of 2020 (Arizona and Georgia).  Millions of people have moved from one state to another and have brought with them their political beliefs which do not necessarily correspond to those of the areas where they settle.

Illegal aliens depress the wages of laborers in all areas; they need to work and will accept jobs that many Americans find repugnant or unacceptable.  The concept of assimilation into American culture — the melting pot — is being replaced by the “salad bowl” or inherent tribalism of new citizens. Current migrants maintain their home country loyalties and merge into compatible populations in large cities where there is little incentive to adopt new habits and learn the English language. The southern half of California has now become predominantly Hispanic; this trend will continue in the coming years, especially in the American-Mexican border states.

Americans tend to be optimistic about their political future; it is inconceivable that an authoritative government could upend the democratic underpinnings of their government. That is the standard message that is being promulgated by the press and progressive elites.  As Biden bragged during the presidential campaign, we can easily absorb another two million immigrants (illegal) and not experience any negative consequences in our style of life and essential values.  In many cases, the opposite is true.  More impoverished immigrants from Central and Latin America mean a never-ending influx of potential Democratic voters for generations to come.  They represent a clear and present danger to the existing Hispanic communities; wages will be depressed, schools will be overwhelmed by children with no knowledge of English and hospitals will be financially challenged when indigents flow into emergency rooms for free health care. These individuals, according to “woke” logic, are the future of America and should be welcomed into our society because, one day, they will pay taxes, graduate from college, and not be a burden on society.  Until then, we must grant them every favor and privilege we grant to American citizens even though they are and will continue to be tax burdens on our society.  Hospitals have been closed in California because of increased immigrant demands. The current administration seeks to grant them the right to vote, driver’s licenses, access to health care, and other benefits that are exclusively reserved for citizens.

“Diversity is our strength…” — so the adage goes.  In truth, the glue that holds this diverse nation together is the belief in individual rights guaranteed by the Constitution.  This was and remains a product of European Enlightenment thinking.  Whenever the laws and founding principles of our country are challenged over time by impatient activists, our center will not hold (as the great poet William Butler Yeats once said).  Tribalism or identity politics will be seen as preferable to established checks and balances that hinder the completion of progressive goals. Corruption will infiltrate our court system   (e. g. packing the Supreme Court) and distort election results as routinely happens in Third World countries.

Without the support and contributions of the White majority,  widespread dissension will replace collegiality and bipartisanship in Congress.  Hispanic and Black caucuses will gain power in this new coalition of ethnic groups.  Autocracy will seem more attractive than the clumsy give and take of current political discourse.  In effect, if the majority of White Americans decided to immigrate to other lands (Australia for example), in what direction would political activists take our nation in their absence?  Would it remain the “shining city on a hill” of legend?  How would America survive without the essential talents of these so-called “systemically racist” citizens? The illusory assumption is that the current white majority will accept all changes to their way of life without protest even if circumstances become very hostile to their very existence (cf. “systemic racism”).

Who created the nation as it now exists?  The Puritans and British settlers established the first colonies.  The indigenous peoples (American Indians, themselves immigrants from Mongolia) had a tribal and quasi nomadic existence in the seventeenth century (1620).  They were warriors for the most part; there was no written language, no buildings of merit, little to show for a civilization that went back thousands of years.  Proprietary ownership of land was unheard of although tribal nations laid claim to large territories. Tribal warfare was the predominant means of settling disputes.

The elements of Western civilization were brought to the New World by Anglo-Saxons and eventually by a vast array of European immigrants.  The venerated concept of individual rights was foreign to Indian populations.  Science and technology were equally unknown.  As the country expanded westward, native  Americans were displaced by force and relegated to reservations by treaty.  In this manner, territorial autonomy replaced federal control.  A way of life was dramatically altered and ancient traditions were jeopardized.  Integration into American society was and continues to be a slow and somewhat ineffective process for Indian nations. However, many Indian reservations have now prospered through mineral rights and gambling casinos which cannot be controlled by state or federal intervention.

As pioneers pushed westward, land was acquired through military conquest, purchase, and by negotiating treaties with Mexico.  The history of Western expansion is founded on the desire to reach the “natural boundary” of the Pacific Ocean.

The massive economic development of this territory beyond the Mississippi is uniquely American; if Mexico had maintained control of their southwestern areas, it is unlikely that modern-day prosperity would have grown to such proportions.  The brave-hearted and ambitious pioneers came to build and create wealth, not to extract gold from the conquered lands for the benefit of distant Spanish rulers. In addition, the concept of constitutional  governance was installed progressively throughout the West.  American ingenuity gave birth to economic growth that propelled the rapid development of these territories.  Spanish missionaries were displaced by entrepreneurs of all stripes who had no interest in converting the natives to Christianity. The West was founded by dissident Easterners who sought to conquer the vast reaches of unknown land that promised freedom and opportunity.

Historical revisionism now teaches our children that our forefathers were morally compromised and “evil” people; the country they founded was imposed upon the natural residents of the land by “illegal” means.  The United States, in this perspective, is a country that cannot claim a moral high ground.  The Constitution and Bill of Rights were authored by “racist” White men who were in large part slave owners.  Thus, the foundations of this country are devoid of true “equity” and must be changed by governmental fiat and not by the electoral process. Power and privileges must be equally shared by all citizens and even immigrants who have entered the country illegally.  The moral wrongs of our forebears must be redeemed by monetary reparations to victims of bigotry and “systemic racism.” The condition of being “white” is in itself a symbol of inherent prejudice.  In today’s irrational jargon it has become a pathological “disease.”  As a result, it must be “cured” or destroyed for the good of our national well-being.

Activists maintain that a “revised” or modernized socialism must replace the capitalistic inequalities of the present day; even though many will suffer, it will be for the greater good.  Atonement for past sins will be our primary focus.  Foreign policy issues will be resolved uniquely by traditional diplomacy and a lessened military presence; we will become, as we must, citizens of the world and a caring nation that does not dominate other powers, but seeks compromise at every turn.  Our enormous wealth must be shared with the less fortunate; climate change activism will be our moral duty both domestically and abroad. Those who impede these imperatives will be “canceled” and branded “enemies of the state.”  The New America, so they claim, will rise from the ashes of a flawed and unjust country.  A more perfect union will be realized as government exerts full control over the actions of its citizens. Trump’s mass rallies and jingoistic “America First” policies will be a thing of the past.  “White supremacists” who fostered this movement and social revolution will be hunted down and severely punished.  The Armed Forces have now launched a “purification” investigation of its members to weed out those with conservative tendencies or past associations deemed inappropriate by new military standards.  In all facets of society,  unity of thought and action, based on progressive ideals, will prevail in the new “browner” (or yellower, redder, and tanner) society.

Yet, in this idealistic world of the future, what will our fate be when China becomes the predominant economic and political superpower of the Eastern hemisphere and seeks to spread its influence to all corners of the world? How will these concepts of our government prosper and survive?  Compassionate socialism cannot triumph over economic autocracies of such massive proportions.  The enemy will not necessarily be without but within our borders in the form of embedded immigrant populations who will do the bidding of foreign regimes. The Chinese are notorious for infiltrating our universities and technical institutions to gain access to classified information.

If these trends continue, our future will be that of a racially blended Brazil with clusters of hostile actors plotting from within. In achieving full diversity and ethnic equality, we will be weakened beyond repair. Whites will be degraded and, if necessary, “canceled” as previously stated.  Their political influence will be minimized. The right to privacy will be pushed aside in favor of mass surveillance by intelligence agencies. Progressive government officials will promulgate their edicts which override existing laws. Legitimate opposition to these measures will be censored, labeled “racist,” “seditious,” and carry serious penalties that can destroy careers and personal reputations.

Our so-called democracy or representative government is entering a period of structural decadence that cannot be reversed.  Left-wing activists look askance at Constitutional barriers to their political imperatives deemed necessary for rapid social and economic change. As many analysts have predicted, the twenty-first century will be Chinese.  Catering to Chinese demands is now an integral part of our foreign policy towards the Far East.  China controls the manufacturing of essential products (i.e., rare minerals and antibiotics), cars, electronic equipment, and our monetary future through acquiring American debt.

If war with a nuclear power is not a viable option, what then?  How do we govern or negotiate through perceived weakness (cf. both China and Russia have openly mocked Biden’s lack of assertiveness)? Wokeism and the Democratic progressive agenda undermine pride in our national values.  Indeed, why risk your life for a country you have been taught to abhor? What will be the effect on military effectiveness? Will our social networks continue to be cohesive and balanced? How will capitalism or free enterprise survive as the economic foundation of our country? We must eventually choose:  resistance or complicity?  Strength or compromise?

Addendum: It is interesting to note, in keeping with the immigration policies mentioned above, that 100,000 “refugee” Haitians have now been accorded TPS (Temporary Protected Status) which permits them to receive citizenship benefits for an extended period of time.  None of these individuals are naturalized or legal citizens of our country.  Biden has arbitrarily decided to let them stay in the United States, swelling the ranks of potential Democratic voters and thumbing his nose at established immigration procedures.

Where are the Republican protesters in Congress?  The RINOs and the spineless many who seek tranquility, reelection, and not confrontation.   Their lack of protest is an indication of cowardice and even complicity.  With few exceptions, Congressional Democrats make up a firm and concerted front in defense of their agenda. Their resistance is overt, consistent, and unrelenting in the belief that the future, as they envision it, will be theirs. Their solidarity is unquestioned and a solid deterrent to policies that challenge the “narrative.”

As people of color (Democratic in political affiliation) begin to seize power, the conservative white voters will find their influence diminished to the point of being ineffectual. The  social fabric and core beliefs that united us for centuries will be shredded bit by bit and the tribal divisions from unfettered immigration will produce dissident voices that reject compromise.  The “American Way” — E pluribus unum — will become in due time an historical relic like other cultures and civilizations of years past.

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