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News (February 6, 2021)


  • Nevada bill would allow tech companies to create governments

    “The zones would permit companies with large areas of land to form governments carrying the same authority as counties, including the ability to impose taxes, form school districts and courts and provide government services.” This is what happens when democracy fails: markets and culture route around it. We are going to live in corporate city-states soon, just like in the days of the Medicis.

  • President Trump Shattered the Record for the Greatest Market Increase in US History

    At this point, the game of obstruction just derails any conservative president, but they focus on the bottom line, which is the economy. That in turn simply hands over a fixed defective country to the Left so that they can resume wrecking it. We need to crash this system and end it forevermore.

  • The Story of My Racial Awakening

    Once you see that genetics is upstream of culture and abilities, and that not just race but ethnicity and most importantly, social class, consist of vital genetic differences, you can no longer buy into the equality propaganda. We need good people, and we need our people, not any stand-ins from elsewhere.

  • The Secret Bipartisan Campaign That Saved the 2020 Election

    This is not an oligarchy, but a takeover by those who identify with anti-majority politics because they are not of the majority. They conspired across industry, government, media, and foreign influences to steal this election so that everyone could go back to sleep and let the decay continue.

  • Supreme Court to consider election lawsuits in February

    The Supreme Court keeps punting on the election, probably experiencing PTSD from the 2000 election, but these lawsuits from Lin Wood and Sidney Powell keep coming. Leftists wanted to crash the economy to get Trump out, and they scared enough people that no one would break the picket line, but now as discontent roils, they may see things differently, especially after the coming Great Recession II.

  • Canadian museum’s ancient carving is one I made earlier, says local artist

    In Clown World, everything is fake, because everything is a public relations exercise. People are so desperate for examples of Noble Savages that they invent artifacts and stories, falsifying history and making it comedic in the process.

  • What is Biden Hiding?

    It turns out that Biden/Harris chief of staff Ron Klain was involved with Solyndra, which had the classic pork-and-kickback feel of a Democrat program. As we get further into the Biden presidency, we see more of why this man should never be allowed near government, much less the White House.

  • Influenza A (H3N2) variant virus – United States of America

    In case Trump starts winning again, the powers that be — elected by diversity, socialism, equality, and large corporations — have a new pandemic waiting in the wings. One wonders how many masks they will demand this time.

  • Biden ends deadlock over first African and first woman to lead WTO

    Biden bullies Korean woman out of the way so he can have an African woman ascend to leadership at the WTO. Following the Clinton model, he is ruling by the hand of the African-American, but everyone else thinks of Kwame Kilpatrick, Valerie Jarrett, Sylvester Turner, Barack Obama, and other Democrat affirmative action “successes” and expects little but corruption and incompetence from this lady.

  • Plants control the genetics of microbes

    Nature seems to be a constant balance between symbiosis and parasitism, much like human society. Symbiosis provides mutually beneficial relationships and so is more successful in the long term, while parasitism damages a host in order to sustain the parasite and is more successful in the short term.

  • Swede dreams: can Malmö’s green points system help rewild London?

    Revolutionary plan requires that all city areas have some green space. Most people are wondering why we did not do this in the first place, but the truth is that we need to maximize revenue in order to outpace the ever-increasing taxes generated by democracy.

  • Noise pollution is harming sea life, needs to be prioritized, scientists say

    Human activities disrupt nature. In order to have nature in the future, we will need to set aside spaces for nature where humans do not go, and allow plants and animals to replenish themselves in their natural environment.

  • Hong Kong schools given sweeping guidelines on bringing national security law into the classroom

    Just as during the Cold War, the Communist East and Capitalist West were brought closer together by their adoption of similar methods and strategies, the supposedly “free” world seems to be emulating Chinese methods but in a softer, less centralized way, as if a “silk glove” invasion had occurred through our industry and diversity.

  • Food ‘key driver’ of accelerating death of wildlife

    It turns out that the human need for food is consuming nature. We can muck around with armchair solutions like eating bugs, veganism, and organic farming, or admit that we have too many people and start cutting foreign aid, immigration, and domestic entitlements in order to keep the population stable.

  • Pandemic’s cleaner air added heat to warming planet

    They argue that particulate pollution reflects sunlight, therefore cooling the planet, while carbon gasses insulate it, warming the planet. In a more realistic assessment, everywhere humans go, they cover the Earth in concrete and kill off the trees and species. Maybe we need more places without humans?

  • South Korea Leads World in Innovation as U.S. Exits Top Ten

    It turns out that diversity kills your innovation once it reaches a certain point, which it inevitably does once you adopt this nonsensical and genocidal policy. Then your country becomes a third world wasteland. Diversity is suicide.

  • Wyoming Seminary continues to investigate photo involving alleged racist symbol

    Man makes “OK” gestures in photo, which triggers a sea of wailing and self-flagellation. No mention of the fact that meming this symbol into a media terror was a 4chan prank from a few years ago. America ends in comedy, apparently.

  • WhiteDeal: Employ White Freelancers and Companies, Get European Results

    They told us to “build our own.” When we do, what will their economy run on? Probably nothing, leading to war. It was inevitable once we went down the path of DEDS (diversity, equality, democracy, and socialism).

  • Myanmar coup: China blocks UN condemnation as protest grows

    Free societies have a giant backdoor, namely self-interest. When you remove the bonds of culture, people no longer think twice about taking money from China to sell out their nations, then moving to Switzerland so that they can avoid the ensuing civil war, violence, chaos, and economic crashes.

  • Merck anti-baldness drug Propecia has long trail of suicide reports, records show

    Another Big Pharma invention turns out to have devastating side effects which were artfully concealed while bringing it past obese regulators to get to market. I think I read a plot like this in a John Grisham novel once.

  • Suspected Chinese hackers used SolarWinds bug to spy on U.S. payroll agency

    The “Russian” SolarWinds hack of last month was designed to hide the much bigger Chinese hack, assuming that the original hackers were even Russian (a determination made based on the software that they used). In other news, the entire American government and industry appears to be not just corrupt but incompetent.

  • The pandemic is making a mess of shipping from China

    Much of our economy is dependent on China, having gone offshore in order to escape our esurient unions. Now we see that in the long term not only is this a bad model because a crisis can disrupt the supply chain, but that having your business in China means that the Communists now own your future.

  • ‘Their goal is to destroy everyone’: Uighur camp detainees allege systematic rape

    Throughout history, rape has been used as a weapon of war. Not only does it demoralize the population you are attacking, but half-breeds are born, at which point a good portion of the next generation has no loyalty to its group but, made to feel outsiders by their half-breed status, turn their loyalty toward you instead. Diversity in America does the same thing.

  • There’s a Curious Effect Urban Trees Might Have on Depression, Study Finds

    Modern society offers nothing of beauty, only function and advertising designed to support the herd, which wants free stuff from government despite this requiring everyone not in the 47% to waste additional time doing make-work at jobs. Adding trees helps a little bit, but in many cities, only concrete awaits us.

  • Future of Holocaust research in Poland hinges on libel case

    The weak want the strong to continue to self-flagellate with guilt because it turns their focus inward to the neurotic, and allows the weak to take over while the strong count how many angels will fit on the head of a pin.

  • US murder rates soared 30% in 2020 and have ‘no modern precedent’ amid pandemic and civil unrest, new study finds

    It turns out that destabilizing a nation with race riots for a year in order to steal an election, while chanting about defunding the police, causes an outbreak in violent crime. Yet another way that diversity is killing all of us.

  • Europe’s Economy Falls Further Behind U.S. and China. ‘It’s Getting Desperate.’

    China induced the West to commit suicide with COVID-19 lockdowns, false statistics, media-fueled panic, and diversity instability. Now China has zoomed ahead, since it stopped its panic early, and Europeans and Americans find themselves how they went from buying Chinese to being owned by Chinese so quickly.

  • MSU had nearly 1,200 racial incident reports in 5 years. Here’s how many were valid.

    Less than one percent were valid. When you give people a magic excuse for non-performance that also gets them public attention and free stuff, expect it to be misused. The real racial incident is White Genocide and the subsequent breakup of America after adopting the suicidal policy of diversity in 1965 with the Hart-Celler Act.

  • 5th-generation farm owner in Ontario fights city plan to take her property for industrial park

    Western governments find themselves facing a hard problem: the only thing that they have left to sell, having ruined the rest with taxes and red tape, is citizenship, and they benefit from the taxes and economic surge via cheap labor that immigration brings. This creates an unstoppable population surge and also, erases anything of historical interest to replace it with more housing.

  • Fears over ‘harmful’ chemicals found in cosmetics after study suggests up to two-thirds of products could disrupt hormones or cause allergic reactions

    Despite all of those expensive regulations, our products remain toxic because industry simply stopped using stuff that was a problem in the past and kept adopting new formulas based on untested chemicals. It turns out that feeding mice shampoo does not determine how badly the sum total of shampoos, makeup, soaps, and creams will affect us.

  • Internet Speech Will Never Go Back to Normal

    It turns out that open exchange of information and ideas disrupts the control strategies that societies use, so in the usual human logical inversion, censorship and repression are being argued as positive things. This always happens with democracy because at some point, democracy has been tested and people reject it. Then they must be censored in order to keep the “good” of democracy in power.

  • ‘A failure of society’: Britain’s slum housing crisis – in pictures

    WW2 did less damage to British society than British socialism, which in the interest of raising taxes to provide benefits, crushed the economy and forced everyone into government-issued slum housing. Compromise and inclusion always lead to a flat, impoverished civilization.

  • Wikipedia launches new global rules to combat site abuses

    In order to bolster a failing system like Western democracy, you have to insist that everyone conform to the denialist illusion that we are experiencing “progress” and not decay, so you crack down on the very bad in order to use the same rules to eliminate dissent and criticism.

  • Cutting benefits harms mental health and hits most vulnerable hardest, says study

    At this point, policy in our democracies consists of arguing over how we should divide the loot. No one has given any thought to how to make more. That means that we are forever slicing up a smaller pie, giving out more slices, and wondering why no one has enough except the self-serving sociopaths.

  • Gaslighting warps our view of reality

    Gaslighting means repeating commonly-accepted lies so that everyone, having heard them enough, accepts them as fact, to their detriment. Our only salvation from this vortex of lies is to insist on realism, not opinion, feelings, or symbols. That however rejects the basis of democracy, equality, diversity, and socialism.

  • Media frenzy, skepticism engulf virus origin probe—and WHO is over it

    If you reject any contrary data as a “conspiracy theory,” you can keep repeating “but show me the evidence” while you continue ahead as if none exists. This form of gatekeeping relies on suppressing anything but the narrative in order to allow you to conclude that your assumptions were correct all along.

  • Taiwan’s economy outgrows China’s for the first time in 30 years, as chips demand soars

    China still hates Taiwan for breaking away in 1949, missing the horrors of Communist reforms, and outperforming China for decades. This reveals how inwardly weak Chinese Communism actually is, and causes instability in China, so there will be war here and the world will find it has a new chip shortage of epic proportions.

  • Kroger to close a Ralphs and Food 4 Less in Long Beach after city’s ‘hero pay’ mandate

    You can make a food desert by raising costs to inner city groceries, since they already pay a massive premium in insurance, security, and lossage. At some point, they pack up and leave, and then your population subsists on 7-11 food. But at least they got hero pay!

  • Atlantic Council publishes landmark strategy paper on China’s global rise under Xi Jinping

    More people are noticing that China is an authoritarian Ponzi scheme that wants to take over the world, much like Genghis Khan before it.

  • Dozens of former Bush officials leave Republican Party, calling it ‘Trump cult’

    You wanted a third party? Now you have one. Mainstream Republicans fare poorly against Trump, since he saw the hidden elephants in the room — immigration, regulations, taxes, and globalism — that were crushing ordinary life in America, and worked against them. It took a fake pandemic, constant race riots, government collusion, and the largest media blitz in history to get him out of office.

  • Our democracy requires a new Voting Rights Act

    Once upon a time, we had standards for vote security here in America, but then the court scotched it. Now fake votes in one state displace legitimate votes in another. The conservative future likely involves a Convention of States to replace the federal government that has failed us all.


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