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News (February 5, 2021)


  • Why are Democrats so scared of Trump when they just beat him?

    Obviously: Trump has the goods on them and a huge audience which supports him. They managed to avoid catastrophe by staging a false coup, so that he could not take any radical action without alarming the sheep, but they know that he stills know what they have done and will eventually do them in.

  • Why Is Identity Politics Destroying America?

    Diversity is destroying America; with diversity, you have identity politics, because in a diverse society, each group competes for dominance in order to keep others from dominating them. Someone gets to define the social standards, behaviors, aesthetic norms, morals, and goals of society, and if that someone is not from your group, they are working against your group. Diversity simply takes international politics, the war of all against all, and brings it into the nation.

  • Stutthof camp: Woman, 95, accused of aiding Nazi mass murder

    Leftists behave like a gang of bullies because they know that their ideas do not work. Whenever their plans start to fail, they find someone that they can scapegoat and use them as a token sacrifice, in this case an elderly woman who once worked as a secretary in a concentration camp office.

  • BLM Main Cause of 2020 Murder Rise

    When you allow unchecked riots to burn down large portions of your country, and stage a faked pandemic, simply to get rid of the one candidate who has challenged the Establishment since Reagan, you get a corresponding increase in lawlessness. Normies have figured out that there are no consequences for your actions if you are a Leftist, but if you are a Rightist, you are open to persecution. Expect more theft, murder, corruption, and dominance by China.

  • UK quietly expelled Chinese spies who posed as journalists

    Despite having gotten Trump out of office, Democrats cannot stop the chain reaction that he has started. His actions against China have likely placed their economy into the beginning stages of collapse, his refusal to fund NATO defense has caused Europe to remilitarize, and his middle east peace agreements have destabilized the “forever war” narrative. As the world awakens to China, and the fact that every company with an office there must be considered compromised, the ripple effects are slowly dooming Chinese power across the globe.

  • Donald Trump is ‘plotting a campaign revenge tour targeting disloyal Republicans

    Trump let the election 2020 debacle show the Stockholm Syndrome mentality of Establishment Republicans. Now he intends to prove to them that they will never win an election again unless they start following his platform: lower taxes, frozen immigration, backing out of globalism, and slashing bureaucracy.

  • Investors can now trade water futures

    Liberal democracy is good at producing large populations of aimless people without particular abilities. As the crisis of this manifests — worldwide urbanization, industry, and transport eliminating natural spaces and thus causing ecocide — humanity will in the name of humanism begin regulating resources. We know that solving this problem, or free water for everyone, will cause our overpopulation problem to zoom near twenty billion, at which point humanity will consume what is left of its environment and replace it with a gift shop.

  • FBI raids homes of 2 men who held rally on eve of Capitol attack

    This latest round of purges has nothing to do with the Capitol riot; it is an attempt, like the IRS investigations under Obama, to remove non-cucked Republicans.

  • The Secret Bipartisan Campaign That Saved the 2020 Election

    The Deep State Establishment feels secure enough to brag about how it united powerful money, foreign interests, and political machines to change voting laws, browbeat conservatives, and open the way for election fraud so that this election could be stolen. At this point, the world is just laughing at America, which has become the worst kind of superpower: one that rules by military forces without legitimacy, i.e. its decisions resulting in a better world order and better results for those involved. Consequently, the US will be replaced.

  • House removes controversial QAnon-supporting congresswoman from committees

    Leftists make it clear that you either support the narrative, or they will purge you. While Leftists themselves are insensitive to hypocrisy, the wider American audience and the world seem to be, so this further removes any pretense of legitimacy to American government, despite being billed — projection, as always — as the opposite.

  • U.S. Satisfaction Sinks With Many Aspects of Public Life

    Slowly, the voters are figuring out that allowing symbolism/emotion to rule us instead of realism/history means that results are bad, and we are headed into permanent Obama-style malaise: constant political guilt, constant propaganda, few jobs, and everyone has free stuff but no one has any chance of escaping the System. This is how Late Stage Democracy always fades out, and it causes anyone remotely intelligent to stop breeding, except the sociopaths of course.

  • JPMorgan’s Nationwide Consumer Data Slips As COVID ‘Dark Winter’ Drowns Recovery

    Trump warned them: he created an economy in transition to self-reliance. If they interrupt that with more of the same sad socialist nonsense, they will create a massive chain-reaction that is going to end in a permanent recession. At that point, they will try to seize power, and in that moment, we have a chance to seize it from them and avoid the perpetual dark winter that Leftists intend for us.

  • The Sacred Church and the Secular Church

    Churches are concentrations of power in institutions, which means they become targets for takeover, and the method almost universally used is to preach to people the opposite of religion: the “what you want to be true is true,” anarchy with subsidies, we-are-all-one, and individualistic human pathology that reflects the inner human desire to dominate reality instead of adapting to it. Social forces are fundamentally a vehicle for egotism, and they are “altruistic” only in the sense of bribing others into silence about it. These secular churches then become as corrupt and Leftist as your average democratic government.

  • Red Republicans and Lincoln’s Marxists

    These German immigrants were different, socially, religiously, and politically from those who had come before. Colonial German immigrants and those prior to 1848 were mainly farmers, a mixture of Lutherans and various small sects, all of whom were pious Christians. Most became Democrats. In America, they settled in Pennsylvania, then began to filter down the Great Wagon Road to places in the South such as Salem (now Winston-Salem), North Carolina. These Germans were hard-working and of sturdy stock, though considered somewhat dull and plodding.

    Forty-eighters, on the other hand, came to America for its socialist promise, such as that of free land as was represented by the Homestead movement. Most settled in cities, however. They were rootless, with no particular attraction for a homeland. As Marx said, “the proletarian knows no fatherland.”These Germans coming after 1848 were more urban, more educated, less willing to work and more apt to look to the welfare state. They tended to be irreligious, even atheistic.

    Since the French Revolution, Western Civilization has been pushing for the individual to be the measure of all things, which is the opposite of tradition, which holds that there is a natural order and we adapt to it to find our place in the hierarchy of humanity, nature, and the gods. When the French Revolution caused murder and misery in Europe, its most dogmatic adherents came to the US to gain power, and turned the US into a Soviet-style ideological state with the Civil Rights Act of 1866 (and following it, a similar law with the 14A in 1870).

  • Brexit is ‘more likely positive than negative’, says Barclays chief

    Getting out of the massive bureaucracy of the EU means that the UK can run its economy for the benefit of its people, instead of merely as a supply source for the tax-fed bureaucracy based on Leftist principles.

  • How China Exploits Commerce To Curb-Stomp The United States

    Any company that wants to do business in China needs to set up an office there, and that office — and through it, the whole company — is then subject to Chinese law, which includes handing over any information the government wants and following its national security directives, most of which are espionage and subversion aimed at the West. They get away with it because most people are inert sponges for beer and television whose apathy is created by a lack of belief in their own efficacy, mostly arising from the futility of getting anything done in a democracy where most people are committed to remaining in denial.

  • Snopes and the Fact-Checked Claims That Weren’t Really Made

    Snopes, run by former pornographers, makes its money by confirming Leftist projections as reality, and relies on heavily edited and miscontruing statements in order to make straw men that it can “fact check.”

  • Morgan Wallen Canceled? Records Selling Faster Than Ever Despite “N” Word Scandal and Record Company “Suspension”

    The Left insists that we obey ideology, but most people care only about what works. For them, this guy’s country music works.

  • Fake accounts gain traction as they praise China, mock US

    Big Tech only freaks out when jihadis, Russians, or conservatives are using their platforms effectively. They have already sold out to China, which wants to use them as a propaganda organ.


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