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News (February 16, 2021)


  • Biden plans to release immigration bill that would grant path to citizenship to 11 million

    The Left plans to rule by the Hart-Celler Act vote, knowing that in a diversity anyone who is not from the heritage group will work against that group. Since heritage Americans want a functional America, they are standing in the way of full socialism and bureaucracy and must be removed. That was the point of election 2020.

  • Consumer spending expected to see boost in January, helped by stimulus checks

    Capitalism became too efficient because Leftism removed culture, heritage, and social hierarchy, things that traditionally hold economic systems in check (and therefore must be removed if you want Full Socialism). This caused governments to transition to the “circular Ponzi scheme,” or permanent Keynesianism, a system in which government creates fiat money by borrowing and counting those debts as assets, then spreads that money out on its poorest citizens, who then buy lots of products and services, causing the GDP to inflate so that government can tax more and dump more money into the economy. COVID-19 has just accelerated the transition to socialism.

  • Monsanto owner and US officials pressured Mexico to drop glyphosate ban

    In democracy, government is for sale because votes are for sale. Lobbyists will either buy politicians directly or simply buy news stories and advertisements, at which point the angry empowered proles will demand that government bow for the sake of jobs, patriotism, social justice, or whatever has been used as the justification for what industry wants.

  • Successful vocational apprenticeship program proves traditional college not the only path to success

    College used to be a proxy that separated the independent thinkers from the herd. Then democracy got ahold of it and turned it into an anti-poverty program like everything else, and now a college degree is worthless. Consequently, our population has had to undertake self-education in the evenings while relying on certifications in the daytime.

  • Millions endure record cold without power; at least 15 dead

    Texas lost power not because its generators failed, but because the people running the grid are now affirmative action appointees who have the same trouble keeping the power on that afflicts Mexico, South Africa, and Brazil. When you tell the White guys that they will never get promoted because your real agenda is diversity, they quit and go elsewhere, leaving power in the hands of well-connected but incompetent soy, boxwine, and diversity Democrats.

  • Finland needs 30k more healthcare workers by 2030

    People hate the Boomers because they were born into massive prosperity, then failed to reproduce much, creating the seeds of a massive crash as social wealth becomes transferred into end-of-life care without a correspondingly large population to pay in and work the jobs. Instead of transferring native Finns from wanky desk jobs, they will import the foreigners who will replace them.

  • China overtakes U.S. as Europe’s main trading partner for the first time

    China got its economy back up and running after inducing worldwide panic over COVID-19 with fake or bad data, and now has ascended a notch. Its goal is to rule the world, as its actions indicate and its leaders have said. Now the West, its hands tied by diversity, has to try to catch up.

  • Judge says Danforth mass shooting victims have right to sue gunmaker Smith & Wesson

    You can rant about the Second Amendment all you want, but it will be irrelevant if no one is manufacturing guns, ammunition, or supplies because they got sued into receivership by the victims of some mass killer. The Left used this strategy to take out hard-Right organizations a generation ago, and they will use it again now, even though makers of hammers and kitchen knives do not get sued when those are used to kill.

  • NAACP and Democratic congressman sue Trump, Giuliani over Capitol assault

    The Left specializes in making headlines and drawing attention to itself with the endless victim narrative. They are testing to see if they can rule entirely through the courts, using the Fourteenth Amendment as their justification in an attempt to replace the Bill of Rights.

  • Coronavirus has fuelled new forms of antisemitism, charity says

    When you give people a victimhood narrative — whether date rape, “hate crimes,” gay-bashing, or class warfare — they will use it as an offensive weapon, claiming to be injured so that they get more money, power, and publicity.

  • Ethiopia confirms widespread rape in conflict-hit north

    Rape is a weapon of war. Devastated people do not fight back, and half-breeds work against the conquered group. We see the same in diverse societies, which are just like international politics except that different ethnic groups fight it out within the same nation state, like the cases in Rotherham and Central Park.

  • Experts left puzzled by sudden drop in coronavirus cases in India

    No one knows why, but some suspect that less urbanized places have fewer infections that cities do. Since 55% of the world lives in urban centers, this group will feel the COVAIDS wrath first.

  • Conspiracies, political violence, and American exceptionalism

    Two-thirds of Republicans believe that this election was illegtimate, and seventy percent of Americans believe that democracy serves only the wealthy and powerful. Fifty-six percent of Republicans believe that the use of force is justified to preserve America. There will be violence, followed by a Great Depression, and a world war.

  • Norway wealth fund tells firms: put more women on your boards

    Liberated from reality by fiat currency and diversity voting, the modern West has become an ideological state like the Soviet Union, where making the right symbolic acts has become far more important than achieving results. Full collapse follows rapidly after this.

  • Spain’s Jewish communities call for probe into neo-fascist demonstration in Madrid

    While we all sympathize with the fears of this group following the Holocaust and Dreyfuss Affair, it has become clear that diversity does not work, so it is time for non-Europeans to leave Europe for their own safety and a better life in their national communities in their traditional homelands. Nationalism works, globalism does not.

  • China Used Russian Strategy To Spread Lies That US Created COVID-19

    Communists do not change their stripes. As a messianic ideology, Communism seeks to take over the world, and since it views promoting equality as the highest and singular moral good, any transgressions in that pursuit are viewed as morally good. In fact, the more transgressive the act, the more it is celebrated as clever.

  • U.S. to resettle more child refugees fleeing violence around the world

    They justify it as humanitarianism, but the real goal consists of erasing the heritage majority in America so that Leftism can rule in perpetuity with the votes of third world genetics people.

  • ‘Hedge trimmer’ fish facing global extinction

    As the human population expands, so does our appetite, and as a result we are fishing and farming more aggressively. The delicate highly specialized species die out first, but then we will see a very rapid crash in core populations, at which point eight billion people will wonder who gets eaten first.

  • Bulgaria: Nationalists honor pro-Nazi general with flowers

    People are not as afraid of Nazis anymore. We see that the slow burn to total control of organized Leftism is far more destructive than the ironically less-manipulative totalitarian racial states. No one wants to go out like the Soviets, even if we will have consumerism and Hollywood up until almost the end.

  • Fury at ‘do not resuscitate’ notices given to Covid patients with learning disabilities

    Medical professionals practice triage, or trying to save those likeliest to have productive lives first. This means that they spend less effort on the sick, old, and deformed, including those with deleterious mutations that make them insane or retarded. As resources fail us, look for more such eugenics on the horizon.

  • Seattle activists livid as police shoot Black murder suspect, call it execution

    In the end, the Left is right about identity politics: genetics is upstream of culture, and all groups represent their interests first and use the laws, economy, ideology, and social pressures toward that end. No one cares about the “truth” anymore. It is a struggle between ethnic groups for domination. Thanks, diversity!

  • Living near street lamps could increase risk of thyroid cancer by 55%

    The human mania for hubris — the need to make ourselves more important than reality — led us to reconstruct all of life around social and technological influences. Finally, decades on, we are slowly realizing that this is killing us and that urbanization was a mistake.

  • ‘Sophisticated insider threat’ at DHS immigration agency forces pause to Iraqi refugee program

    A Jordanian and a Russian conspired to steal information and defraud the program. Things worked better when we were all American, i.e. Anglo-Saxon or at least ethnic Western European descended people with a common goal. Now America is a shopping mall with a Communist-Consumerist ideological state ruling it.

  • On the origin of our species

    The “Out of Africa” theory finally falls as scientists discover a complex history in which modern humans arose in multiple places, then experienced backflow into Africa. If they dig deeply enough, they will find an origin of humans that will surprise them, and discover that our diversity arose after that fact.

  • The influence of evolutionary history on human health and disease

    For medicine to go to the next level, it must become “precision medicine” tailored to genetic differences, including race, ethnicity, region, and social class. This goes against the prevailing orthodoxy but has become accepted because results are better than assuming that all humans are genetically equal.

  • Black CA couple lowballed by $500K in home appraisal, believe race was a factor

    In a diverse society, any misfortune that befalls a member of a minority group can be blamed on “racism” so that more free stuff comes their way. In reality, assessors seem to rate minority-owned homes lower so that minorities pay less of a property tax burden and White people pay more. Just wealth transfer as always.

  • Macron, Le Pen in battle for support of right

    As diversity, equality, democracy, and socialism collapse voters are turning to the Right, which means that mainstream politicians find themselves forced to adapt some Right-wing policies into their otherwise moderate or Left-leaning programs. This has hit Europe first because of the relatively low diversity there and the extremities of its failure, but will come to the USA in time.

  • Microsoft says it found 1,000-plus developers’ fingerprints on the SolarWinds attack

    Slowly, the “Russia narrative” collapses, as people realize that the only outfits capable of fielding this many developers are China and the NSA. In the meantime, the press continues to slowball the largest hack in history and ignore the fact that it has compromised all aspects of American government and industry.

  • Fake Amazon reviews ‘being sold in bulk’ online

    On the internet, everything is fake, mainly because people trust internet information too much. When this happens, manipulation of that information becomes a target, and this has bred a new class of mass control manipulators in Big Tech and government.

  • Read Donald Trump’s Full Statement on Mitch McConnell, His First Since Impeachment

    When Republicans conspired with Democrats to ignore the election theft, Trump realized that his first target must be the GOP Establishment, which is staffed by Leftists with allegiance to China who are LARPing as conservatives. This is the first shot in that war.

  • Associations of the residential built environment with adolescent sleep outcomes

    Loud neighborhoods mean worse sleep, which makes people into walking zombies incapable of correctly assessing decisions. However, in the name of equality, we must allow everyone to drive around and make noise, because otherwise we might offend the Fourteenth Amendment. Individualism destroys civilization.


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