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  • China to step up tree planting campaign to help reach net zero

    Democracy makes bad decisions because it is a committee and as a result never has clear intent; it tries to balance the demands of its members, not make a single-minded decision. China has not hobbled itself with democracy and equality, so can make the obvious choice to implement the best anti-carbon technology we have.

  • Facebook Caves, Bans Accounts Identified by White House

    Leftists feared fascism, or a state controlled by large corporations; instead, they got market socialism, where companies need the good graces of government, so do whatever it asks which allows it to move invisibly and with impunity against its citizens.

  • FBI finds scant evidence U.S. Capitol attack was coordinated

    Translation: the Right was correct, and this was an unruly mob that Nancy Pelosi’s security forces allowed into the Capitol so that she could manufacture a Reichstag event and finish stealing the presidency. If she gets caught, that will be treason and we will have a different “day of the rope.”

  • Florida Follows Through On Threat To Withhold Pay In School Mask Battle

    As democracy implodes, the little warring bureaucrats on the committee have started to use their power in an absolute sense because the whole system is too bound up with checks and balances to get anything done. We are moving psychically away from democracy.

  • Crime stats: Cash-in-transit heists, residential robberies increase

    Many of us watch South Africa because it, and not the USA any longer, predicts the future that we are seeing for our diverse, civil rights driven, market socialist, and democratic states. Not surprisingly, calls for White-heavy regions of South Africa to secede have intensified.

  • OnlyFans shows Visa and Mastercard are ‘choke-points’ of online speech

    For something to be a corporation, it must be a democracy of shareholders; as a business, it desires bourgeois values, or that which is both inoffensive and liberalized (low standards) in order to attract the widest customer base. Perhaps we are being taken over by democracy through this method now.

  • Nevada judge says immigration law making reentry a felony is unconstitutional, has racist origins

    Affirmative action judge uses the new get-out-of-anything card to remove commonsense law because non-Whites want to take over the country. Democracy punted and waffled on this issue for long enough that now, no clear direction exists except allowing the inevitable decay to take over.

  • AP urges DeSantis to end bullying aimed at reporter

    In another tweet, she wrote that if Farrington didn’t change the story, she would “put you on blast.” She also retweeted a message that said “Light. Them. Up.” in reference to the AP.

    A nation of pearl-clutchers, afraid to offend anyone, chasing after illusions while ignoring real problems: typical Late Stage Democracy.

  • New visas urged to tackle EU lorry driver shortage

    Proles wanted easy office jobs, so lobbied their politicians to outsource manual labor and send all of the people who should be doing it into skyscrapers. Now everyone in offices is incompetent, and there is never enough cheap foreign manual labor.

  • Lab-made mini brains grow their own sets of ‘eyes’

    Our sophomoric “science” has reached the state where it knows enough to be dangerous, but not enough to do much of anything besides crudely imitate nature and make horrors in the process. Politicians just want to make sure the mini-brains can vote, since partial nervous systems prefer Leftism.

  • Embrace Communist rule, China tells Tibet on 70th anniversary of invasion

    Hint: this is how they will treat all nations if not stopped. They are not Communists purely, but the continuation of Genghis Khan and his attempt to conquer the world for his tyrannical bureaucracy, only to fail when reality proved more complex than his theoretical model.

  • Danny DeVito Abruptly Loses Twitter Verification After Tweeting Support For Nabisco Strike

    Generally, Leftists like unions; DeVito missed the memo that says that since the Nabisco strikers are protesting outsourcing and therefore the increase in Chinese power, they most be opposed. Twitter got the memo however.


  • South Koreans Now Dislike China More Than They Dislike Japan

    The Axis lost WW2, but they won the argument behind the war: nationalism and hierarchy work, and the liberal desire to make us all into “one” is suicidal. The Confederates won their argument as well, but wars are won by numbers and industry.

  • Oregon Governor Tells Doctors, Nurses and Teachers: Get Vaccinated or Be Fired

    COVID-19 reveals that democracy, by making individual power its central focus, has created a population of petit tyrants who want nothing more than to enforce their domination on others through subjugation. These Mini-Khan expeditions end predictably because they are exercises in reality denial.

  • Feds seize over 3,000 fake vaccination cards in Anchorage

    Which are the real fakes? The “official” science, journalism, and government are fake; the population retaliates with its own fakes. The vaccine seems fake, too, since it has spawned deadlier variants, something other scientists warned of years ago, much as they warned us that plastic shields fail to stop the spread.

  • A year and a half after Sweden decided not to lock down, its COVID-19 death rate is up to 10 times higher than its neighbors

    Since the start of the pandemic, roughly 11 out of every 100 people in Sweden have been diagnosed with COVID-19, compared with 9.4 out of every 100 in the UK and 7.4 per 100 in Italy. Sweden has also recorded around 145 COVID-19 deaths for every 100,000 people — around three times more than Denmark, eight times more than Finland, and nearly 10 times more than Norway.

    That means that over the past year and a half, almost fifteen thousand people have died in Sweden from COVID-19, if we believe the official recording which lists anyone who died while having COVID-19 as having died from COVID-19 (that ol’ correlation-not-causation error). But then we see that flu deaths are higher:

    Among patients who received a laboratory-confirmed influenza diagnosis, 3 percent died within 30 days, which is similar to previous mild seasons; the percentage who died has ranged from 3 to 5.5 percent during the previous four seasons. In total, 89 percent of deaths were among people aged 65 years and older.

    COVID-19 has a 0.00145% death rate, versus the flu in mild seasons having a three percent death rate. This “epidemic” is built on panic and ignorance.

  • Covid: Australian police clash with anti-lockdown protesters

    In fear of losing the vote, politicians endorsed draconian measures against COVID-19; in fear of missing out on the trend, every public figure fanned the flames. Now the battle over lockdowns, masks, and vaccines has become a conflict over a loss of confidence in our democratic system, and it will force regime change when the deception is revealed.

  • Appeals court orders Arizona Senate audit records released

    As posited in the election 2020 threads, Trump is lying in wait, anticipating the moment that his adversary does something truly treasonous, both revealing the full Clinton-Obama-China Establishment and an act which no one will forgive. The first step involves proving that our election was fake and therefore, so is our democracy, until we correct the fraud.

  • Brazil city district slipping into sea after river diverted

    The propaganda:

    Due to climate change, there is little hope for a solution. Instead, Atafona will slip into the sea.

    The skinny:

    The Paraiba do Sul River…was mostly diverted in the 1950s to provide water to the growing capital, which weakened Atafona’s natural barrier to the ocean…“Less land sediment and sand that stabilized the coast made it so the sea is eating away at the city,” said de Araújo.

    The summary:

    Can you hear the serpents call,
    Look deep in those deceiving eyes.
    Ignore the writing on the wall,
    You should read between the lies.

  • Despite Coronavirus Surge, Josephine County Leaders Won’t Promote Masking, Vaccines

    Daily the resistance to the China-sponsored COVID-panic grows as people realize that this is a political operation, not a scientific or medical one. Obvious propaganda surrounds us, and yet people are asking: why did the Chinese pose bodies on the street, since people do not die that way of COVID-19? Where did the flu go? What happened to the PCR tests? And why is Sweden not a ghost-town wasteland if COVID-19 is as dangerous as we are told, not a place that saved lives by having people get COVID-19 instead of a mild flu season?

  • 52 feared dead, 1 survivor, on migrant boat going to Spain

    The one thing I pulled out of Buddhism was the middle path. In any quandary, half of the people are going to pull toward one extreme, and the rest will go the opposite direction. Instead, orient toward need and goal: what do we need? Zero immigration, since that way, there will be zero migrant boat deaths.

  • Bretton Woods and the Spoliation of Europe

    The currencies of the participating countries were to be convertible into dollars at a fixed rate, and foreign central banks could redeem dollar claims into gold at the fixed rate of $35 per ounce. Thus, a gigantic inflation machine was created: the Americans could increase the supply of dollars with little restraint, since foreign central banks would then use dollar reserves as the basis for their own expansion of the domestic money supply. The watchword for all these deliberations and negotiations was “liquidity,” as the emerging Keynesian orthodoxy lived in mortal fear of a lack of liquidity. Of course, what this meant in reality was that the more inflationary countries wanted someone else to finance the inevitable balance of payments deficits.

    cf. CIA<->EU:

    The Schuman Declaration that set the tone of Franco-German reconciliation – and would lead by stages to the European Community – was cooked up by the US Secretary of State Dean Acheson at a meeting in Foggy Bottom. “It all began in Washington,” said Robert Schuman’s chief of staff.

    It was the Truman administration that browbeat the French to reach a modus vivendi with Germany in the early post-War years, even threatening to cut off US Marshall aid at a furious meeting with recalcitrant French leaders they resisted in September 1950.

    Truman’s motive was obvious. The Yalta settlement with the Soviet Union was breaking down. He wanted a united front to deter the Kremlin from further aggrandizement after Stalin gobbled up Czechoslovakia, doubly so after Communist North Korea crossed the 38th Parallel and invaded the South.

  • 61% of Americans paid no federal income taxes in 2020, Tax Policy Center says

    The two-fifths of the population above 110 IQ points is working half of the year to pay for those below 100 IQ points, which over time will lead to a lower-IQ society. Socialism is not just dysfunctional, but immoral, since it reverses natural selection just so that everyone on the committee (read: the voters) feels warm happy utilitarian sensations.

  • US to erase student debt for those with severe disabilities

    More pity policy here. If these people are unlikely to have significant incomes, there is no point educating them, but because Democrats think socially and not realistically (this requires thinking outside human terms), they want everyone to be educated so that they can all pose at being genius kings instead of below-average lumpenproletariat undermen.


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