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Sitrep (#1)

We enter into dangerous times as regime change looms on the horizon. It has been there for the better part of a century — no civilization can survive a tragedy like WW1 or the French Revolution for long — but now we will find change forced upon us.

As with most parts of history, this one will likely be resistant to deductive logic. That is, events will not take a linear path, with one leading to another in the way our minds work, but will relate to a root cause, blooming like a flower in complex geometries that are visually unpredictable from that root, stem, leaf, and branch.


They call Afghanistan the graveyard of empires, but mostly this has to do with what happens by the time a thriving civilization gets to the empire stage. It becomes neurotic, bureaucratic, and worse, democratic.

At the heart of everything humans do wrong we find social pressures of two types: (a) a drive toward conformity from fear of missing the latest trend and therefore becoming irrelevant, and (b) a fear of the risk of being offensive and therefore alienating potential customers.

The solution to both is the same, namely having an actual social structure, but that requires both hierarchy and specialization, so the human ego fights it, because that way it cannot indulge in the lottery fallacy (“I might win, and be richer than my wildest dreams”).

Your average democratic citizen remains convinced that at any moment, the UFO will descend and Bootsy Collins will emerge in order to crown him First Secretary of all humanity.

The simpler something is, generally, the more egotistical it is. This is how some people of moderate intelligence can be almost as much Dunning-Kruger pretentious and egomaniacal as the poorest of the poor, who is sure that he’s going to conquer the world when his mix tape drops (Black) or unpublished work of genius gets published (White).

2021 showed us how much less distant our ancient rodent ancestors are than we like to think. Without social structure, humans revert to rat-status, which means that we go into denial and consume recklessly out of fear for the future.

Ironically, the decisions we make to try to save that future — the Enlightenment,™ egalitarianism, civil rights, socialism — make it worse by further removing our ability to act toward an objective.

With each of these things, the daily list of stuff that we must do simply to maintain the System grows, and therefore, the amount of flexibility we have to act decisively decreases. People like democracy because it neuters us, then rage because since we are neutered, we cannot make any decisions except stupid ones.

Afghanistan was an easy war to win. If we had simply relocated any civilian that we suspected of helping the mujahideen, then the guerrilla movement would have collapsed rather quickly.

We could not because we are addicted to the pretense that our current way of civilization is good, and in fact are especially addicted to it because it is not indeed good.

Since we are pretending that democracy is all love and light, we fear doing undemocratic (some call it “un-American”) things, and therefore have to gesture excessively by doing obviously “democratic” things like trying to make an open society with Western institutions in a middle eastern civil war zone.

Remember from above the two traits of democratic rodents:

  1. Denialism: a refusal to see what is wrong, which quickly becomes an insistence that what is wrong is right and what is right is wrong;
  2. Consumption: in the absence of direction, we simply comfort eat and make ourselves complacent with material benefits, including an obsession with healthcare and “rights.”

Like the rest of 2021, Afghanistan revealed that democracy has made us incompetent. We cannot act outside of what democracy prescribes, but all of that is failing, so we double down and go into denial, then the tragedy unfolds.

You can see Joe Biden doing the same thing. His response to any crisis to deny it. “There are no Americans on the ground in Afghanistan,” he says, and the media bleat-repeats it, the same way they are burying stories on inflation, corruption, election theft, and doubts about the Chinese-made COVID-19 narrative.

We like to think of ourselves as enlightened and free from tyranny, but COVID-19 showed that there was a tyrant or at least a mask Karen inside just about everyone.

Then along came Afghanistan and showed that we have made ourselves stupid by insisting on pretenses and illusions that we need in order to avoid seeing that democracy, equality, socialism, and diversity have failed hard.

Vaccination Depression

Julian Assange and Candace Owens both went on record talking about something new this week: the Pharmaceutical-Industrial Complex and the Kickback Empire at the heart of the Deep State.

The more things change, the more they stay the same; this is a fancy way of saying that patterns repeat, but you can fool most people into thinking that something else has happened by making a lot of noise before you repeat the old pattern.

Here is Assange:

The goal is to use Afghanistan to wash money out of the tax bases of the US and Europe through Afghanistan and back into the hands of a transnational security elite. The goal is an endless war, not a successful war.

And Owens:

We are shifting from the military industrial complex to the pharmaceutical industrial complex.

Get ready for a never-ending, existential health crisis that will continually shift and cost taxpayers trillions.

Let us try the Occam’s Razor version: every democracy dies the same way.

You are electing people on the basis of words, and then they get to control the money, power, and conversation.

Since there is no social structure, random people fight their way to the top, take all they can, and then disappear to live out lives of quiet wealth.

A friend of mine found a town in Switzerland. It had been failing, then developers bought the whole thing, and now it was a post office, a grocery store, and everything else was luxury condominiums. Its only industry was offering escape pods to the wealthy, and periodically another resident would show up from Africa, Asia, South America, Eastern Europe, the middle east, or the United States. They all had tons of money, but no one had ever heard of any of them, although all were either bureaucrats or politicians.

The most successful politicians and bureaucrats do not get snagged in the addictive goal of endless power that seems to have enmired Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and Joe Biden. Instead, they seek to get enough power to amass their $50 million in “clean” money, and then they quietly leave the office one day, get on their yachts, and make a clean getaway.

Our democracy is dying the same way they all die. The people in charge are using their power to get kickbacks and to run an organized crime enterprise called the Deep State that is basically the modern version of Tammany Hall.

It does nothing except support its members and invent new wars, policies, programs, and debacles that siphon government money into the private sector where these people can take it through kickbacks, honoraria, salaries for four hours a year of work sitting on multiple boards, and stock tips.

The Pharmaceutical-Industrial Complex and Military-Industrial Complex are just pidgin terms for the kickback empire. It operates in many other ways as well, which is why the Leftist media always points you toward the Military-Industrial Complex alone. They do not want you to look further behind the curtain.

The vaccine, however, is about domination. They want to show you that they have total control and to force you to acknowledge this by undertaking a relatively small act of your own volition.

These manipulators are not bright, but they know a few methods that always work. One is to make the mark — that is the person being conned, a/k/a you in this case — invest just a little money.

Humans rationalize by nature. Once you have spent some money on something, you will rationalize that expenditure as good in order to avoid feeling pain for having wasted the money. Habits are formed this way.

If they can get you to take the vaccine, you have then signaled submission and that you are under their total control. This also enables them to set up a permanent system of pandemics for their own profit and increased power.

A sane person would look at this vaccine and think, “Hmm, an untested and hastily-created vaccine made by the same people who profit hugely off selling us drugs that often kill us, in order to defeat a virus that kills less than a percent of a percent of us, mostly over eighty with multiple comorbidities?”

Most likely, the COVID-19 crisis we are seeing is a general health crisis, by which those who are obese, diabetic, out of shape, and have something else wrong with them die by pneumonia, and the inevitably outcome of a baby boom back in the 1940s: these people are now hitting their 80s and, as tends to happen, dying.

This thing has reeked from the start. China sent us videos of people dying in the street. Dying in the street, from a flu? Unlikely. They played on our fears of Ebola-Marburg by giving us a flu that they claimed had similar code to that found in HIV, therefore was going to wipe us all out.

They knew that our democratic system is so corrupt that everyone would cash in like the Tik Tok nurses. All the mask Karens rode a high of their new power, including local politicians. Everyone else just milked it for money.

In Texas, our hospitals are overwhelmed with COVID-19. Why is that? They route every case through the COVID-19 ward, which means that all of the illegal aliens normally going through the emergency rooms for free EMTALA healthcare are now COVID-19 patients. The only thing that is really overwhelming us here is panic.

They just approved the new vaccine. I do not think it is population control, tracking, or a brain programming activity; our medicine is not that advanced. However, I think it is a proxy.

Everyone who runs out and gets the vaccine is a goodthinker or a cuckservative; anyone who does not is one of those unruly people who insists on noticing that our system — democracy, civil rights, market socialism, diversity — is failing and that therefore, we must change paths.

The System wants good compliant idiots. When you go get the vaccine, you have signaled that social acceptance is more important for you than commonsense reality, and so the System is free to use you like a thrift store Fleshlight.

And they will.

1994 Forever

During the 1980s, our media, entertainers, academics, and social groups agreed to a person that Ronald Reagan was the worst ever. Once he won the Cold War, our democracy no longer needed him or his policies.

This began the “bipartisan” era, where people figured that since we won, we could stop thinking about anything and just enjoy the fruits of our victory. They wanted Republicans and Democrats who agreed on the same things.

Since the Democrat plan (equality) was simpler and therefore clearer and more infectious, it took over, and you got George H.W. Bush and his NWO. However, Bill Clinton one-upped him.

Clinton took office on the strength of his “race relations,” as it was called back then. He promised no more L.A. Riots of the early 1990s by making America pro-Black (and by extension, in favor of every other group except Whites).

In exchange, Whites got a freebie: minorities would do all the dirty work here in America, and we would outsource all of the hard labor to China, so that all of us could hang out in easy do-nothing make-work office jobs.

He showed us true democracy in the sense that whatever the largest group of people feel strongly about right now wins out, which means a cross-section of least offensive plus most sociable and therefore, trendy.

People like liberalization. They enjoy having the pretense that they are big White Chief gift-givers, lifting up the poor minorities. They get good feelings and doses of dopamine from this, so they vote for it.

The founding fathers realized that this was a terrible idea. But just as JFK won using the television, Clinton won using the Excel spreadsheet. He followed the polls, and gave America what it wanted, not what it should have.

It took only a couple of years for the voters to realize how badly they had screwed up. By 1994, we had a strong Republican comeback taking over Congress simply because Clinton was wrecking so much in his quest for equality-utopia.

This shows us where democracy ends up in its late stages: always shuttling between “ideals” based in unrealistic thinking and realistic conclusions that humans fight against recognizing until it is too late.

In other words, democracy means denial. We gravitate toward the nice-sounding words, but then figure out we have been deceived, but instead of learning, we repeat the process until it finally wears us down and we give up.

This happens because democracy, like a committee, encourages people to think in terms of what the group will support instead of finding a sensible choice. This means that the lowest common denominator always wins, and there are always too many cooks in the kitchen, so every response is like a corporate decision from middle management, both directionless and absolute.

We are caught in this loop until we decide to break out of it.

Most people, “normies” or “NPCs,” care more about social opinions than the choices they make in their souls. They are not interested in reality, goodness, common sense, sanity, or even relevance. They just follow trends in the hope of getting “their” share of the wealth, power, and popularity.

If you leave anything up to a vote, on a committee of old men in suits or an audience of mixed ages, races, sexes, and social classes, you will end up at the same place: wishful thinking followed by an angry reaction. The “uniparty” comes from this; our politicians have discovered that naturally, the vote shuttles between the parties, so nothing will get done, which means that the kleptocracy might as well kick into full gear.

This means that after a few decades of semi-functional status, democracies always devolve into a cycle between two opposites that lead to the same place over time. The voters, by insisting on their ability to capriciously and arbitrarily make choices without any accountability, create this situation.

Every time.

Fractured Age

Frequently, you get to read articles which batter on about old failed ideas like converting everyone to Jesus so that we can have a more effective pseudo-culture. This one exemplifies the Jesus Reich approach:

Satan is pleased. He tells the pessimist that Hell is in the “underground” and is a “conspiracy.” As with any conspiracy, the Devil explains, “its first requirement is that nobody shall believe in it.” He boasts that “there is scarcely a rational man in the world today who, despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary, believes that the Devil exists.” Baudelaire was right: “The Devil’s cleverest wile is to make men believe that he does not exist.” In a brilliant passage, Chambers has the Devil explain previous unsuccessful efforts on his part to wipe God (and Satan’s existence) from men’s minds:

I had a look at the record—thousands and thousands of years of tempting stubborn saints and seducing all too willing mortals, pandering to the grossest vices of a breed already depraved by original sin; years of frightening dimwitted peasants with horns and hoofs and tricks that a sideshow conjuror would be ashamed of; years of making theatrical blood pacts and mixing obscene love potions for senescent scholars whose libidos had outlasted their wits; years of dancing on drafty mountaintops with bevies of bearded hags who wanted to be Rockettes for a night; years of tormenting damned souls until the mouth of Hell smelled like the open door of a cafeteria kitchen.

None of those efforts bore fruit, so the Devil implemented a “revolutionary strategy” based on the central idea of the Enlightenment: “Faith in the human mind had supplanted faith in God.” Progress and Science led the way.

Instead of destroying man by seducing him to do evil, the Devil’s strategy was to destroy man by seducing him through good. The best way to accomplish that was to send Hell underground, persuade man that Satan does not exist, and in the name of Science and Progress remove God from the center of creation and the universe. Without God, there was no absolute standard of conduct. What followed was the terror of the French Revolution; industrial oppression of men, women, and children; the horrors of communism; world wars and the use of science for greater destructiveness, culminating in atomic weapons. “I have brought man to the point of intellectual pride,” boasted the Devil, “where self-extermination lies within his power.”

We like the idea that humanity is being “seduced through good” because our every attempt to do what is considered good ends in horror.

However, the article goes off the bend with the idea of an “absolute standard of conduct”; they mean to say culture, but will not because that requires admitting that culture pairs with genetics (otherwise, it’s merely trained behavior implemented through law, not culture). That means that diversity is the root of the problem and getting rid of diversity defeats Satan.

If the Christians in this story looked deeply into pride, they would find that they mean hubris, that combination of Dunning-Kruger arrogance, narcissism, egotism, solipsism, and selfishness that seems to afflict humans who have not had the moral and intellectual bravery to struggle with it enough to grow out of it.

This means that Chambers, while insightful, is in fact pulling the same trick that the Devil did, and confusing us to lead us away from the actual conflict.

Our time is divided between pluralism, or the idea that multiple belief systems and hence “standards of conduct” can coexist in the same society, and what we might call specialism or the idea that each group needs its own standards of conduct which are semi-arbitrary and specific to that group. The latter requires us to admit that we will never understand other groups, and there is no universal absolute standard of conduct, since humanity is not one mind, although our solipsistic minds would like to think that we are all one as a way of converting humanity into an object that our minds can easily manipulate.

In fact, most human error starts with hubris, or the notion that “it should be so because I think it” instead of “I should think it because it is so.”

You may read about reversed cognition on this site from time to time, roughly summarized as “a thesis in search of data instead of data in search of a thesis.” This refers to what happens when, instead of perceiving reality and then coming up with our assessment of it, we decide — wishful thinking, emotions, peer pressure, trends — what “should” be and then pay attention only to the data that supports that notion.

Our adversarial legal system supports this; a defense attorney comes up with a theory by which he can argue for his client’s innocence, and uses that as a justification that he will present to judge and jury, then chooses only the data that supports this, even if — especially if! — it denies reality, such as the potential guilt of the client. Democracy does the same. We decide what we want to have happen, invent reasons for it based in justifications oriented toward our founding myth of equality, and then argue for it while ignoring all contrary facts, notions, and historical indications. Now think about business: we want to sell a product, so we mention only what sells the product, and ignore everything else. Our lawyers will fix that later on.

NPCs take naturally to this type of thinking because they have no aspiration toward production or creativity; they only want their share of the wealth, power, and popularity. They are afraid to be authentic, first because they might lose some social status, but secondarily, because they worry that this will force them to change their mental state and therefore change their behavior. NPCs act as they do without changing, and justify all of their other choices in terms of this inflexible behavior.

They like democracy because it consists of external solutions. Instead of us individually becoming good, or society organizing itself into a hierarchy in order to motivate us to become good, we just take this big ol’ can opener called equality and use it to make us all into fungible cogs in the machine, ready to be stamped into perfect citizens of our adorable international NWO:

The War Nerd, Gary Brecher, referred to this time as a “Peace Corps daydream.” The leaders in our State Department earnestly, truly believed we could transform the Pashtuns into Scandinavians. Many of them still believe this. If only they had access to libraries. If only they could be shown the principles of Classical Liberalism. If only their women could be taught to read. If only they could all hold hands and sing Kumbaya until it echoed off the high limestone walls of the Korangal Valley. Then, peace in Afghanistan. Simple as. The entirety of the Afghan War rested on this premise. The lives of our soldiers were put at risk and too often lost on its behalf.

Do you think people have learned? Not one bit: because they believe in equality, and justify everything through that, their solution is to insist that we are all fungible cogs because we must be in order for us to keep believing that democracy can work. Therefore, we must keep pretending that Pashtuns are Scandinavians and anyone can be a heritage American:

Expanding immigration is the key to economic revitalization and the most effective means to counter the continuing authoritarian threats we face in the post-Trump era.

A central fallacy of the “immigrant threat” narrative—according to which immigration has negative economic, political, and cultural consequences—is that immigrants take jobs from native-born workers. But the U.S. regions with large numbers of immigrants are both more prosperous and more politically progressive than those with few immigrants.

In our ludicrously short-term experiment, bringing in lots more cheap labor stimulated the economy, therefore — that is the “magic therefore” — we can assume that it is all good and that these immigrants will be just as capable as the people that they are replacing. We can educate these Pashtuns, Maya, Montagnards, Somalis, and Amerinds into being little George Washingtons (he of mostly Scandinavian descent) just like we did in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Vietnam. South Korea worked, but that is mostly because Koreans, Japanese, and North Chinese are like the Scandinavians of Asia.

Speaking of the uniparty, here is the RINO version:

Sanford could never be described as a liberal hero. He was a hardline conservative and fiscal hawk. The Confederate flag flew in the South Carolina statehouse grounds when he was governor and he still opposes the removal of Confederate statues (“the notion of cleansing history seems to me a huge mistake”).

Even so, he watched in horror as Trump seized the Republican party in 2016 and politician after politician sacrificed their principles and bowed before this bully who gave the perception of strength. “It’s at the end of the day about what politics is always about, which is power.”

Can he remember what he found so objectionable? “Everything,” he says simply. “It was the lack of humility, the lack of embrace of of conservative ideals that I thought mattered, the lack of a Socratic approach, at least a belief in ideas themselves whether from the left or right, the lack of belief in the institutions that our founding fathers put in place. The idea that the media could be an enemy of the state.

Principles. Instead of paying attention to reality, we should come up with some abstractions and use them to justify our behavior, despite this leading us away from concern for actual consequences, which in theory are what politicians are elected to manage.

In the view implied by this statement, the quality of people in power does not matter, only whether they obey a certain behavioral code that perpetuates the shuttling between Left and Right down the path of compromise toward democracy as usual.

You will find that just about every action in democracy follows this pattern.

Zombie Ritual

Some months ago, I posited that Trump has a plan for the stolen election and aftermath, and that it involved lying in wait until he had not just evidence of the stolen election, but treason by the China-purchased nü-American government so that he could invoke more extreme methods of dealing with these people.

Later on I added the supposition that sometime in his first term, Trump recognized that he was being held back not by the Left but by the fake Right, which in addition to the fake news and the fake activity of democracy served as a proxy and substitute for actual constructive and productive activity.

We live in a democracy — votes decide leadership — so this led to the root of the problem, which was the apathetic voters. They did not believe anything was going to change, so they adapted their expectations to what they thought the committee would choose, and kept voting in RINOs after the Left assumed power and wrecked everything, requiring the conservatives to come in with “principles” and clean up the grossly unrealistic.

Trump needed to weaponize the electorate not just to support him, but to want something better than business as usual. He needed them more than Fox News levels of mad, where they rage for thirty minutes so they can exhaust themselves and then pass out, only to get up and go to work the next day (in parallel to gamers and pornography aficionados). He wanted a population of constituents who see the system as rotten to the core and in need of regime change.

Only then do we get out of the shuttling between Left and Right, and the resulting continual compromise grinding inexorably toward the same democracy-style bad decisions. Even more, only then do we start to see our way out of where humanity (the species) is stuck right now. We are mindless zombies:

Humanity is dead
hordes of zombies
sleep walking
victims of tunnel
minimal thinking
narrow minded
plagued with deafness
can’t hear the
screams of pain

in early infancy
witnessing violence
at an early age

unless humanity learns
from the mistakes
of the past we’re doomed
there can be no end
only death and misery

We are afraid to be authentic because we know that the committee (electorate, social group, shareholders) is not authentic. It does not want authenticity; it wants to justify its decisions according to the dominant paradigm of equality, so that these decisions will be popular and win out, meaning that those who adopted them will feel good about their choices.

In other words, as usual, we suffer from Crowdism, or the intersection between individual hubris, peer pressure, and symbolic ideologies which cannot be rejected without the audience assuming bad motivations on our part (if you oppose the anti-poverty bill, you must desire poverty, in the simple thinking of most voters).

Humanity is headed toward regime change. Democracy has passed its expiration date. Trump wants to save the show by throwing out the bad and bringing in the good, but that is only the first of many steps toward a traditional society, or one with actual structure, including goals and hierarchy.

Once we hit that point, we are going to realize yet again that equality is one of the Devil’s bargains. If humanity can make it past this point, we have a future; if not, the game is lost and so is the species, which will go back to being little furry hominids bashing each other with rocks. We cannot force a rule upon ourselves and make our fungible cogs into good; instead, we have to want to be good not in a reversed sense but an aspirational one. Hang tight, we’re in for a heck of a ride.

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