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Nationalism rising across Europe

Extreme Politics covers the rise of new “free nationalism” in Europe and what it means:

Nationalists don’t want to just change laws — they want an entirely different type of civilization. We haven’t heard much from them since 1945, since nationalist groups have been the province of mostly violent losers with a few disaffected intellectuals, but now nationalism seems to be coming back.

Because it was marginalized, and because people who take on the world with losing “but correct” causes are idolized by those who did not adapt to the current social order, nationalist movements have been cross-associated with hate groups, with few nationalist movements escaping the epithets, violence, anti-Semitism and similar brouhaha within their ranks.

However, that is changing, as nationalist movements make alliances with Zionists and vice-versa and nationalist movements grow across Europe as they drop violent orthodoxy for a coherent vision of an organic society that is both cultured, green — and monocultural.

Nationalism: ethnic identity is important

Commentary from Penetrate blog pretty much says what you need to know about this movement in opposition to Globalism and Ecocide, even if it’s not politically acceptable quite yet:

Nationalism is no longer a political calling, but a flavor. Other parties are going to start incorporating it soon.

It’s also losing its marginalized status as people realize it’s necessary for Israel and probably Europe to survive as distinct ethnic-cultural groups.

I think it’s interesting, this globalism trap we’re in. Globalism exists to bring liberty and equality and fraternity to us all. In order to do that, it must smash borders, culture, local laws, etc. so that we have a utilitarian world society. This empowers both freedom and consumerism, but it also requires that the individual have more power than the state but be able to use the surrounding society to escape direct confrontation with means of production. It’s an unstable balance.

Nationalism is one solution. The Deep Ecologists hint at a localized kind of nationalism, as in “I am from the Black Forest area” not “I am from Germany,” where per blood and soil people would identify with their local community and see themselves as stewards of the land. I like this idea, as I like the deep ecology idea of restructuring society so we have higher values than commerce, individualism, self-pleasure and entertainment.

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