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Austin: liberal paradise

This place tries so hard to be tolerant, it becomes the parasite:

Just nine people accounted for nearly 2,700 of the emergency room visits in the Austin area during the past six years at a cost of $3 million to taxpayers and others, according to a report.

Eight of the nine patients have drug abuse problems, seven were diagnosed with mental health issues and three were homeless. Five are women whose average age is 40, and four are men whose average age is 50, the report said, the Austin American-Statesman reported Wednesday.

The average emergency room visit costs $1,000. Hospitals and taxpayers paid the bill through government programs such as Medicare and Medicaid, Kitchen said.


Liberals are terrified of inequality because it means triage. Someone might be more important than you. And they don’t like that, because when you’ve got no anchor in reality, you is all you’ve got. Liberals are a product of the modern condition and not its antidote.

In Austin, famous for roving bands of crusties who want to borrow a cigarette, have a sip of your beer, need spare change for bus fare, and take full advantage of any federal aid programs, this isn’t unusual.

A place that’s pompous with its pretense of tolerance and warm attracts parasites, including the insane. They will very comfortably use up every resource you have because hey, they’re insane. They cannot think through the consequences of their actions. And as every Austin liberal will remind you with finger-wagging superiority complexes intact, they have rights, too!

Austin after all is the place where outside a concert a small cloud of hippies, crusties and hipsters were hanging out. Each time a new wave of people came down the street, they started begging. “Anything you got man, just to get into this concert and go home.” When the waves passed, they whipped out their shiny new cellphones and were busy texting each other.

Like all things liberal, this is a fad. If like me you were drawn to liberalism by the idea of justice and doing what’s inconvenient but right, beware: it’s a trap. You’re not going to do what’s right. You’re going to do what guarantees the individual the ability to secede from reality and use the weight of social censure to defend that right.

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