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Molestation Wave Sweeps American Media

The news this last week can be summarized as follows: everyone was raped, sexually assaulted, molested or at least approached with an indecent offer, and that is how you become important in mass media these days.

A parade of victimhood popped up on our screens. Harvey Weinstein, Bill Cosby, Kevin Spacey, and dozens of others were swept up in accusations about how they committed acts of indecency — which is difficult in a thoroughly indecent society — against the vulnerable and innocent.

Somewhere it was forgotten that accusations should be proven, and accusations which smolder for years are likely not true, as well as the fact that Hollywood, the news media, and entertainment have always been ruled by the quid pro quo of the casting couch. I make your career, and well, you do me a favor, if you catch my meaning…

Middle America rightfully thinks this stuff is creepy. Then again, middle America slept through it happening for the last century, so who really cares what they think?

The bigger story is that we have let cretins rule us through the power of media, academia and government. Cretins, especially sociopaths, instinctively both lie and restyle their parasitism as opportunity and moral good that you can participate in. The middle classes, basically sheep for the slaughter of mercantile corporations repackaging junk as lifestyle enhances, stumbled forward in a zombie gait and voted, bought and trended whatever the shopkeepers were offering.

If we look deeply into this abyss, we will see that the actual story is that molestation is business as usual in Hollywood and related spheres, giving legitimacy to PizzaGate and other conspiratorial suspicions that in fact our new elites are a group of crazed sexual predators, which seems to be the case if we believe the accounts of “normalcy” in the media dens:

But in the new biography Sticky Fingers: The Life and Times of Jann Wenner and Rolling Stone Magazine, author Joe Hagan writes that he “was known for his jovial sexual harassment.” The magazine’s staff “was not immune from Wenner’s own adventuring.”

He fancied himself as a sort of polymorphous-perverse William Randolph Hearst,” said Glenn O’Brien, who joined Rolling Stone in 1973 and quit after what he said were Wenner’s unwanted advances. “He told me he had slept with everyone who had worked for him.”

In another passage Hagan writes:

He didn’t discriminate between men and women; he liked them both. “He was hitting on every girl and every guy,” said Lynn Hirschberg. “He once grabbed me around the hips and said, ‘Ten more pounds and you’ll be perfect.’ This was in front of everybody at a meeting and I wanted to die. It was like this schoolboy crap.

…In 2014, an article about an alleged gang rape at the University of Virginia provoked a widespread controversy when it turned out the accuser’s account was false and the magazine had done little to try to verify it. Wenner sold 49% of the magazine in 2016. Then he sold off Men’s Journal, and later, Us Weekly, to American Media. Two months ago, Wenner put the remaining 51% of the magazine that made him famous up for sale.

The 1960s had us rejoicing in the idea that we were replacing that old, stodgy, calcified, strident, and fascist WASP order with something new and enlightened.

It turns out that, as usual, “new” is a scam, and time-proven means you avoid elevating molestation experts to positions of power all around you. The Anglo-Saxons did better; the new order is a disaster.

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