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Interview With Stone Toss Comics

As the Right-wing cultural wave expands, more artists and writers are producing material and gaining a new audience. Stone Toss Comics combines those two approaches with witty comics that are harshly critical of our Leftist regime and its ideas, often pointing out paradoxes as ironies and posing the rhetorical question of whether something so self-contradictory as to be absurd can even be taken seriously. Laughter works as both medicine and weapon in this case, and we were fortunate enough to get a few moments with Stone Toss to get the backstory on this interesting cultural development.

Why did you start doing Stone Toss comics, and what was your intent?

I had been doing imageboard memes and doodles of various sorts on and off over the course of a few years. This is one such example. I decided to formalize the process by doing a webcomic brand. I wanted to expand the “genre” of edgy 4chan MSPaint images into something for consumption by the wider internet.

How long does it take you to do each one, and what is your process?

Minus the time it takes to think up a good comic idea, each comic takes about two to three hours from initial idea to final upload. I create each comic entirely digitally, my main tool is a Linux tablet which comes with a very handy pen and open source drawing feature set.

Once I have an idea down, I plan out how many panels the comic is going to need. I then open up Mischief, my main drawing program, and import a blank, pre-made strip containing one to four panels. I do the sketching and final line work in Mischief and then import the image to GIMP. I add the text and speech bubbles using GIMP and then the comic is ready to be uploaded.

Do you have an artistic or political background, or are you entirely “homebrew”?

I don’t really have any formal training or education artistically or politically. Drawing was something I always enjoyed growing up. Moreover, modern clown world provides plenty of material for commentary, political or otherwise.

What was your first Red Pill or Awakening event, and how did that lead you to your current outlook?

Probably when /pol/ was “unbanned” on 4chan back in like, 2011? I caught the tail end of the Ron Paul revolution, and by method of repeated exposure, picked up the rest of beliefs that are common in imageboard culture.

What do you hope to communicate or change with these comics?

I felt that there was an overabundance of comics (and content-creators more generally) that were too conventional, too politically correct, too safe, and too apologetic for the status quo. There’s plenty that is alarmingly wrong about society and it’s more than just liberals creating menstruation art and making video game characters black.

The comics are meant to touch subjects that other people can’t and won’t . I think my intent was said best on my Hatreon: StoneToss is the psychic chemotherapy necessary to cure the world of the mental cancer.

How do people stay on top of what you are doing and news about Stone Toss comics?

All comics are posted first to my website, Moreover, I most frequently interact with people via twitter at the moment with @stone_toss.

I am also on facebook and Gab.

If you’d like to support my comics, check out my Hatreon. Contributors get custom avatars.

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