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Leftists Demonstrate Sick Revenge Fantasies In Smollett Case

Fake and gay Jussie Smollet’s outrageous lynch stunt will have massive collateral damage, the likes of which may not be fully understood for another few months. Much more so than other recent media hoaxes, the knowledge of this falsehood has become rampantly widespread and has has garnered condemnation by many celebrities, TV journalists, and other mainstream Leftist figures.

Many on the Left are fearful of the implications this may have on further ridiculous “hate crime” reports and are outraged that their hysterical tweets on the subject have become weapons of their enemies. ABC News in particular is vitriolically humiliated and shown to be at the same level of farcical parody as CNN and NBC.

But the incident is more than just one man’s outrageous gamble to escalate himself to relevancy and blemish his political opponents. Jussie’s absurd folk tale is not only a hoax, but a fantasy. A sick, perverse fantasy for a sexually depraved individual that is shared by all who passionately follow the cult of Leftism.

Jussie submerged himself in the fantasy that he would be nationally mourned and sympathized, a victim of the evil white man who made him a millionaire in return for simply sodomizing on camera. Moderately wealthy yet emotionally and sexually tormented, Jussie was not content with being a high-income quasi-famous media personality on a mainstream network show.

He wanted to become a martyr of race and sexual dysfunction, a hero to the masses of hysterical progressives who are oppressed only in their minds and emotions. This perverse, grotesque emotional (and possibly sexual) desire became too much for Jussie to resist. He mailed his TV show a suspicious powder, which rightfully did not do enough to generate much interest. Infuriated and consumed, he fell prey to a desperation which exploded in the form of the sloppy and poorly executed hoax we all have witnessed.

The people who worship Hollywood personalities as the American version of royalty will always follow their lead, and thus the vastly broadcasted state of emotional and psychological victimhood has been widely emulated. In their minds and hearts, they long to be victims of oppression and enslavement, bullied by an imaginary oppressor of absolute evil so they can believe that their sorry state is pure and righteous.

In elevating racism and anti-sodomy to a moral sin far graver than burglary, dishonesty, adultery, murder, and even infanticide they create themselves an enemy that is formless and limitlessly tyrannical. Therefore, they are the heroes for merely being of the race, gender, and/or sexual/psychological dysfunction of this great evil, and they may become canonized by their peers in the event they are consumed by the monster they created.

It is their attempt to justify their identity and very existence, as they have removed God, country, and family and have literally nothing else to turn to when their lives are falling apart. This corruption of the human psyche is what possessed both Jussie to stage such an outrageous spectacle and for so many desperate NPCs to consume it.

Possibly Jussie was a pawn of Kamala the prostitute, the baboonish Corey Booker, and master propagandist Barack Obama. His ties to the trio are well known, and the timing of his ploy was curiously aligned with their intentions to pass a bizarre anti-lynching bill. The magnitude to which this incident was botched will indicate whether the deleted phone numbers point back to these individuals (assuming that the trio does not somehow politically intimidate the officers handling the information).

The bigger picture, however, is the recklessness of Jussie’s self-indulgence. From now on, any report of a celebrity involved in a hate crime will be initially dismissed as a “Jussie.” Should a horrendous incident of a white-on-minority hate crime be pushed by the mainstream media, whites can universally acclaim the incident to be another “Jussie” until actual evidence is released. All the politicians who lashed out in batshit hysteria have handed unlimited ammunition to their opponents, and all of the NPC journos who shot out emotional writeups now lament the possibility that they may have actually discredited future white-on-minority crimes.

Jussie is a microcosm of the progressive liberal. It wants so badly to be victim of an imaginary evil, that it will do anything so it can feel good about itself in the abundance of failure and horrible life choices. It cares about nothing outside of itself and will destroy all of the people around it in order to become an ideological martyr, even just for a fleeting moment in time. And such is the state of the progressive liberal: sick, dysfunctional, depraved. And sad… so sad.

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