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Leap Into Life (#13): The Right-Wing Woo Is Still Not Good Enough

The Left tells us that Nancy Pelosi was attacked because police found a nearly naked hammer-wielding man in her house attacking her husband, Paul Pelosi. One police officer claims that the man asked where Nancy was, leading to speculation that this was a politically-directed attack.

Mainstream media came up with two dubious blogs authored in theory by someone with the same name as the attacker and used them as the basis for a claim that this assault was politically-motivated just like the January 6 “insurrection.” No one is buying it, but the counter-narrative got dumb as well.

Right-wingers immediately leapt to social media to suggest that Paul Pelosi knew the attacker and was engaged in a homosexual act with him. More likely, since the attack occurred in the middle of the night, Paul Pelosi was in his underwear sleeping.

What we know is that a man with a history of mental health problems somehow got into the Pelosi mansion in San Francisco, then when police showed up after Paul Pelosi made a covert phone call, attacked him with a hammer and put him in the hospital.

The Leftist response follows their rather predictable pattern of capitalizing on tragedies. If a disease breaks out in China, claim it is a pandemic and steal an election; if some people riot outside the Capitol, refuse to have enough police and open the doors so you can stage a Reichstag incident.

The Right-wing woo here wows with its stupidity. No one cares if Paul Pelosi is having gay sex in the middle of the night, since that is between him and Nancy. The most obvious Occam’s Razor case here is that mentally disturbed stoned guy attacked just to get his name in the papers, as they usually do.

Right-wingers, like almost everyone in America, confuse strategy with goals. Strategy is how you manipulate people by offering them woo that excites them. Goals are what you work to achieve, and require plain presentation without woo. If you confuse the two, you become a neurotic narcissist like the rest of these people.

A saner Right-wing response would be to simply challenge the narrative. Those blogs have no clear attribution; the claims that this attacker was a Right-winger are spurious and fraudulent. Focus on that. Our goal is to be rebuilders of civilization. You do not get there by repeating woo, even if it is marginally better than the woo of your opposition.

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