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Kanye West Just Salvaged His Own Career

It is sort of fun watching Elon Musk ravage the Leftist Establishment by merely restoring function to the internet. The biggest loser here is Donald Trump, who if he goes back to Twitter will kill off his Truth Social service, which lags behind in the free speech department.

The other big losers will be the other social media services which at this point have competition. Even though the Left is staging its usual neurotic tantrum to try to bully Musk into going back to banning Right-wingers, normal people like the new Wild West environment at Twitter. It is actually fun again.

Trending on the site now is the hashtag “The Noticing” which refers to people figuring out that Jews are a powerful lobby in America. Well, no kidding; there are lots of powerful single-issue lobbies including one for every diversity group. However the Jewish lobby has grown fat and stupid.

In particular, they just let Ye write a self-fulfilling prophecy. He claimed that Jews control the banks and media, and to prove him wrong, the banks and media promptly deplatformed Kanye, making him look like a prophet. The Jewish lobby just increased anti-Semitism by 500%, a profoundly stupid move.

On the larger scale however, in my view Kanye West just pulled off a brilliant strategic move. He knows that we are about to approach The Great Flip when people turn their allegiance from the accepted mainstream and start looking only outside of it, since now our media is Pravda and our business is government.

When The Great Flip happens, you do not want to be on the side of the goodthinkers and other neo-Communists. We are in a new landrush: if you stake your territory outside of the mainstream, you are going to look like a prophet and have an automatic attraction for being one of the people who spoke truth to power and reality to popular delusion.

West suffered from too much popularity. He got accepted by the Establishment. They played his music in Starbucks, car dealerships, and donut shops. All the big magazines interviewed him. He became one of the “safe” Black rappers who the suburban people could like and rave on about his deep lyrics and odd song structures.

He knows that when The Great Flip comes, his brand will become worthless if he is viewed as just another State collaborator. Consequently, he decided to fall from the Heaven of public acceptance and become a pariah so that he can be underground again. This is a stroke of inspired social engineering.

At this point, West has built an audience for himself from people who do not want the safe consumerist, bourgeois, corporate, and government-approved reality. He is now an underground act again, and no longer has to be subject to the cynicism that Hollywood and Madison Avenue get.

In a business sense, he has also reclaimed his brand. Everyone else dropped it; he will now own it, independent of Adidas and other large corporations that are still lamely reciting The Narrative. He can build an empire in nascent form and have total control and ownership, then grow it after The Great Flip.

West shows us the inversion of Boomerism. During the Boomer days, most of what they were doing was rebelling against the Dale Carnegie type culture of salesmanship that took over America during the world wars. They figured that being the counter-culture made them safe from becoming the same drudgery that they saw in the suited offices.

As it turns out, going 180° does nothing because you are still operating within the framework of what you are rebelling against. Boomerism simply made a new form of corporate socialist consumerism which emphasized a few token hippie issues but was as bourgeois as the cities and workers have always been.

West inverted Boomerism by dropping out of the counter-culture and going his own way. He sees that it is the same rotted empire as the Dale Carnegie “How To Win Friends and Influence People” mindlock before it, and now he has a brand independent of it that will just gain value as parts of the mainstream collapse just as Twitter did.

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