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Large nuclear waste dumps – the government's solution to the oil problem

The US government is already preparing for peak oil crises globally. What great long-term thinking; let’s build more nuclear power plants to feed the ever-hungry central air compressors and, who knows, maybe all those electric cars one day? Instead of waiting 50 years for oil to deplete, we can now stave off crises for thousands of years by burying nuclear waste deep underground and inside of mountains – no one lives there, so it doesn’t hurt anyone, apparently.

Didn’t we have this debate back in the 1980s? All we need is Mr. Burns to make guest appearances in Nevada and we’re off oil from those damn Arabs forever!

Energy Secretary Samuel Bodman said yesterday that he’s confident the government’s license application to build a nuclear waste dump in Nevada will “stand up to any challenge anywhere.”

Of course it will, Secretary – who is going to stop you?

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