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Survivalists – From Marginalized Laughing-Stocks to Future Leaders?

Americans who pay attention to the news are starting to fear an imminent collapse of our civilization. Many of them are throwing in the towel before the slow decline, and heading to the countryside for a life of frugal self sufficiency. It’s a lot like how ex-smokers can’t stop talking about how terrible cigarettes are. That consumer lifestyle I used to lead? I had to give it up.


Interesting read. I’m not sure if Victoria likes the idea but not those who implement it? Seems there’s some criticism of those who practice survivalism but still some support for the belief that we should strive for a more organic culture.

Most survivalists are probably like those depicted in the article’s photo – there’s a gas-guzzling Range Rover, but two people in army fatigues w/ machine guns. If that’s a “survivalist”, count me out. Those are called militias. I like the ideas propagated by Michael Arth and John Feeney, as well as the writers – society isn’t a bad idea, modern society is; we just need better people to lead and less of a focus on the individual, as well as economic growth rates, and more of a focus on smaller, more organic communities. Imagine a society like that and tell me we’d still have any self-labeled “survivalists”.

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