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Is All Of Our Media Outright Fake?

Slowly, the facade of the media as unbiased has fallen, and now the crumbling of the facade of the media as competent has begun:

Following Trump’s comment at a rally on Tuesday in which he suggested that gun rights activists could stop Clinton from appointing liberal anti-gun justices to the U.S. Supreme Court, a federal official familiar with the matter told Reuters that there had been no formal conversations between the Secret Service and the Trump campaign.

Earlier CNN had reported that there had been multiple conversations between the campaign and the agency.

How does a major news service manage to report non-facts as facts, except through extreme bias and sloppiness? This leads to the inevitable question of whether media is even trying anymore. Show up, gather a few facts, and make wide conjectures that reward the dominant ideological narrative and then call it a responsible job.

The grim fact is that American media is as controlled as the Soviet media was. The same mechanism is in place: an ideology that one must parrot in order to be rewarded by the herd and its central command, which we call “the Cathedral.” Those who conform win, and those who do not are no longer employed by media, in most cases.

For many years, the media has been cruising on the good name made by those before it, but has opted to take a lazier and more ideologically strident route, with the latter in theory compensating for the former. Facts do not matter. What matters is preaching to the sheep that nothing needs to change and everything is going well.

In the meantime, traditional media continues to struggle, and while the blame is generally cast on the internet, another supposition is that media has failed to deliver value. If the facts are cursorily gathered and then swept up into propaganda pieces, why bother reading it?

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