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Is The Diversity Industry Promoting Minorities Without Merit?

From the fallout after the previous Olympics to the present disaster in multicultural paradise Brazil, a flap erupted after an athlete indirectly questioned the political motivation behind the scoring:

A. (Nodding) What they deducted because I really … This time they were better in the execution because I started with two-tenths of a point lower in respect to the score. But, really the starting score, I understand since I didn’t connect, but the execution, I don’t know, I will ask, we’ll see.

Q. What about the success of (Simone) Biles, was it all planned?
A. I told Vanny (Ferrari) that next time we should also paint our skin black, so then we could win too. (laughing)

In this exchange, both journalist and gymnast are dancing around the question: was the American team actually better, or is this a case of the judges showing their piety to the ideological narrative by ensuring a victory for multiculturalism?

Across the USA and Europe, minorities are being promoted, chosen, awarded medals and praised, but is this merely so the judging body can show its virtue? When the literature prizes go out year after year to mediocre books, but diversity is always more represented there than in the population, and when every city seems to have a black mayor, are we choosing people for who they are or what they are?

One reason that diversity is totally destructive in any amount is that it creates an inherent tension between reality and ideology. Ideology commands a strong showing of diversity success; reality is more complex, at least, and often clashes with the narrative. This forces the ideologues to compensate by altering reality in order to show the narrative succeeding.

As always, equality is the opposite of quality, and stating that all opinions are equal translates into saying that lies are equal to truths. This creates a truth-optional society where appearance is more important than reality, and from this comes the basis of modern misery: jobs based on appearance, social status, self-promotion and egomania. The fraudulent diversity narrative is just one part of this multi-headed beast.

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