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IKEA Goes Full Soviet With Diversity Propaganda

As usual, sea change causes a re-organization among humans. The cutting edge people have already moved on to something new for unrelated reasons; the intelligent have always opposed whatever stupid trend most people are following, which is how they define eras, by emulating what others have succeeded by doing; the middle-level labrador retriever type people then surge in to slavishly imitate the dying trend.

IKEA sent out the following pledge which seems more symbolic than a response to an actual need:

Dear Co-workers,
As I am sure most of you have heard, President Trump recently signed an executive order that suspends the entry of citizens from seven countries—Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen—into the United States for at least the next 90 days. A review is underway to determine which countries should be added to the list.

This action applies to new immigrants to the US, as well as individuals traveling to the US from these countries who are legal residents, who live and work in the US, but are not naturalized citizens. Some of these people may be IKEA co-workers or their families.

We are working to identify any co-workers who are directly impacted by this action, and I ask any co-worker who believes that this order impacts them or their family to contact the Benefits hotline immediately by calling xxxxxxxx. *

We are also committed to supporting impacted co-workers and their immediate families by providing FREE legal advice from experienced licensed attorneys through our IKEA iCare benefits. Certified and trained iCare counselors are also available 24/7 to help co-workers with the emotional and mental toll this situation may take on them and their families. Co-workers can reach iCare by calling xxxxxxxx or going online to xxxxx.

Over the past 35 years, I have lived in many countries where I have been an immigrant. As the Country Manager of IKEA in Italy, Japan, and now the US, I have witnessed firsthand the power of people working together: people from different backgrounds, nationalities, and religions uniting to achieve our vision of creating a better everyday life. This is why any proposal that would discriminate against a certain group of our customers or co-workers, or limit our ability to attract and retain diverse talent is so troubling.

Our IKEA values clearly tell us that leadership is taking action and standing up for what we believe in. That is why we are committed to continuing to stand for the dignity and rights of everyone.

I wanted to make sure you have all the necessary information you might need if you are directly affected by this action and our standpoint on it.

If you have concerns, please also feel free to contact either me or xxxxxxx, our US HR Manager.

Lars Petersson
Country Manager, IKEA USA

*Note the original letter did not have XXs, it supplied the correct phone numbers and email addresses. However, in the interest of privacy of our third party vendors – and our co-workers, this information is eliminated in this document. However, the original copy in Lars Petersson’s letter is not altered.

Note: We will be using the echoes — ((( $name ))) — in this post to indicate people of Swedish descent because, despite making some of the best death metal on earth, they are hopelessly delusional at this point in time and must be considered with the care one affords to escaped mental patients and serial killers.

((( Petersson ))) makes the usual begging-the-question fallacy by assuming that all immigrants are the same. He says he was an immigrant; not really, because he in fact was someone simply living abroad. He equates his experience with that of others, and then makes the usual diversity-is-our-strength-we-are-the-robots pleasant noises.

What is missing is any assessment of how many IKEA workers are actually influenced by this order. He says he is working to come up with a list, but if the answer is forty people out of a global workforce of a hundred thousand, why exactly would he make this announcement? And then why send it to all customers who have signed up for an IKEA email update?

The answer is simple: he is virtue signaling. He is saying to the sheep that IKEA is safe and on their side, so they should consider forming a temporary alliance. This is the usual bargaining that kidnapping victims, conquered armies and incompetent employees go through: they form an attachment to their enemies, hoping the enemies will do the same.

In actuality, IKEA employees are not fooled by this. They do not have allegiance to IKEA, but a paycheck. Neither are non-white customers of IKEA. They realize that IKEA is a for-profit that is making these pleasant noises to fool single white women, not minorities. That means that this virtue signaling is exactly what it appears to be: advertising.

For centuries in the West, the intelligent have been made slaves of the unintelligent. This happens whenever a society succeeds, and so simultaneously liberates a growing middle class and builds up a huge lower class. The former manages the latter, and while this makes for good money, it also makes life into a living hell of tedium, ugliness and babysitting those who grow increasingly bold about their irresponsibility.

As a result, the smart people burn out while the stupid become more jubilant and cruel — we see this in the insanity of the Berkeley protests — resulting in a society in constant BDSM-style opposition between its parts. The middle classes and upward grow wealthy at the price of their souls, which they trade for boring, futile and enraging jobs that waste the best hours of the best years of their lives.

In turn, the proles get very little, and come to realize that it is not a huge secret that they are disposable. They begin their gambit for control, called “Leftism,” at the same time many intellectuals and dissidents form among the middle classes because to be forced into a life of tedium will drive them to suicide. They hate how their parents lived and become class traitors, simply to avoid the insanity.

This is why virtue signaling is out of control. The middle classes have formed a Stockholm Syndrome style bond with their captors, the far more numerous lower classes. The lower classes depend on the middle classes for guidance, but resent them and want revenge. As a result, these codependent groups wage passive-aggressive warfare against each other until they destroy their shared civilization.

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