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How To Make Yourself Into A Right-Wing Moron

After decades of slumber, the Right finally snapped out of its libertarian rearguard advocacy of markets and defense, and went on the offensive to try to prevent demographic replacement from permanently eliminating it in Europe and America.

Instead of enjoying this head of steam, however, many Rightists — who have convinced themselves that the Right stands for “individualism,” or “no one can tell me that I can’t do what I want” — have focused on making names for themselves by bleating out simplistic, crowd-friendly ideas.

Naturally this kills the Right, which is based not on individualism but in paying attention to reality and humbling ourselves by adapting to it, instead of projecting our drama all over it and demanding that it (and other people) conform to our desires.

A typical defeat for the Right involves its “big tent” splintering upon the laser-like onslaught of Leftism, which is focused on a single idea and therefore is more powerful. When it splinters, the Right fragments into as many viewpoints as there are personalities.

These personalities then go around like tent revival preachers, each telling you his or her big theory of how the world can be perfected. These ideas take the form of something like ideology, in that they identify a bad, a single solution to it, and a vision of what will occur.

Most of these people simply want profit, usually in the form of attention. They want to be the big shots. Especially on the internet, they become audience queens, attracting a flock of devoted zombies who then engage in the post-modern equivalent of worship, which is the handing over of their own mental agency to someone else and the ideas that person promotes, even if those ideas in turn are there to sell a product (book, video, audio, or social media celebrity status).

Here are some zombie cults you can join if you want to destroy yourself and the Right at the same time:

  • Breeders. To these people, the problem is low white birthrates and the solution is for everyone to start having as many children as possible, as early as possible. This ignores the need to find a partner of quality, set up a family not a breeding camp, and do many things — of which family is one, but not the whole — to recapture the West, depose the Leftist parasites, and then rebuild from within.
  • HitLARPers. This group have convinced themselves that Adolf Hitler, an ardent ethnic nationalist who worked with nationalist groups of every race, would have become a racial nationalist and supported the merging of all European groups into one big mush of whiteness. In reality, Hitler made it clear that his goal was to protect pure groups from impure white groups, such as Slavs and Southern Europeans. Even more, Hitler did not invent nationalism, nor did he do a particularly good job of implementing it, and the people who invoke his name most frequently are those looking for a reason to appear iconoclastic and brave when in fact they are without ideas.
  • STEMtards. Frequently you will hear this bleat radiate across the wires: “Liberal arts and humanities are useless, get a STEM degree.” You are just hearing the latest conformity trend echoing through the land, and people bleat this out because they wish it were true so they could rely on it, instead of believing that it is. Liberal arts and humanities teach nuance, depth, degree, duration, and layered understanding, where STEM focuses on the linear and categorical thinking that humans like because it is cognitively easy. Ideally, people would go through a liberal arts education in order to become fully self-aware humans, and then hit a coding boot camp if they need to punch bits for a buck.
  • Buckleyites. We give the name of [[[ William F. Buckley ]]] to this group because during the culture wars of the 1960s he steered conservatives away from controversy into the warm bath of gentle bipartisan libertarianism, where you cannot even feel the blood draining from your sliced wrists as the world grows foggy and distant. Instead of recognizing that conservatism is a formula for civilization, Buckley translated it into protection of free markets, strong defense, and certain cultural tokens. Since any group of people is defined by the IQ of its slowest member, this made conservatives into a dumb herd who would trade any victory for hope of a symbolic victory through abortion, protecting the flag, fighting for NATO or Israel, and other tokens. In the meantime, the Left took hold of society and ran it straight into the ground while conservatives blubbered on trying to status signal their loyalty to the Constitution, the free markets, the flag, guns, the military, apple pie, and most of all bipartisanship because they believed America was exceptional in somehow being able to conquer democracy and keep it from eating the nation from within.
  • Freestuffers. Most people are mirrors reflecting back what they see in the world, and this means that most people will be bleating a version of the dominant paradigm, albeit carefully disguised to seem different, unique, ironic, brave, bold, and insightful. They do this because their goal is to make themselves stand out, and they use ideology as a means to this end, as opposed to a real thinker who finds out what is true/real/actual and then champions that and becomes accidentally well-known in the process. However, real thinkers have lower counts of Instagram followers. People love free stuff, so you find a lot of “Right-wingers” defending the welfare state, socialized medicine, public education, and other ways the government buys votes.
  • Religiots. Most Right-wingers want a traditional society, which comes from a bundle of time-honored ways of accepting life for what it is and making it better, including hierarchy, culture/values rule, positive reward systems, and a drive toward excellence. In this view, religion is a part of culture and not the other way around. However, some people want us to chuck out this complexity and instead believe in religion as an ideology, meaning that their “big idea” is to implement strong religion and figure that doing so will fix society in all of the many ways it needs repair. In reality, what they have done is to translate Leftism to a religious context and they will self-defeat as soon as they spot victory. Having everyone go back to Jesus (or Zeus or Thor) is not a substitute for implementing the tradition bundle, which is more complex and more difficult, so will not get as many Instagram followers.

You ask why you read this here. After all, most of the writings on this site appear calculated to be marginal, since they insult the illusions upon which people rely and instead point us toward more nuanced, complex, and depth-oriented solutions. That is the big point. We got into our current mess of a position by relying on whatever made a crowd clap and cheer, forgetting that no matter how smart the members are, once you have a crowd engaged in utilitarian thinking — voting, buying, or measuring social popularity — everyone becomes a moron. Simplistic and symbolic solutions make a crowd happy, but they all lead back to the philosophy of the enemy, and therefore are suicide for Right-wingers, which has not stopped most Right-wingers from adopting them.

Nature/gods/God likes complex order; humans like a simplistic linear/categorical order. Ideology is simply this simplistic viewpoint taken to its furthest extreme and made into a moral good through the assumption that whatever motivates the group toward trying to be good is better than confronting hard logical facts about reality. Ideology reduces complexity to the linear, meaning one attribute at a time (“he is a Republican”) just as the categorical gives things identity by one factor at a time (“he opposes abortion, therefore, he is a Republican”). This type of brain-crushing simplisticism is endemic to our lower castes and dumber people, as well as Asiatic regimes, but goes against what made the West great and can restore it again.

Our enemy is not “abstraction,” as the current crop of sophomoric book-sellers will pitch, but modes of thinking which are convenient for humans, because these fall short of the depth and nuance needed to understand how the world works. The world works through an order which is more mathematical or informational than it is physical, a kind of pattern-logic, which we can see by the fact that repeated patterns like the bell curve (standard distribution) or power laws show up in many different independent facets of reality. This means that we have to learn to think like the world to understand the world, and only then can we know that we are truly aware of the world, can adapt to it, and can apply our bundle of traditional values in order to make an ascendant Western Civilization.

Ideology shows us the nadir of human thinking. Instead of accepting the world for its complexity, we produce a mental image which is simple and easy to grasp, and rely on this being popular (utilitarianism, again) as proof of it being right, which leads us into a state where we confuse desires, wants, emotions, lusts, and attention-getting with actual needs. This is how humans self-destruct and how our societies die too.

I dunno about you guys, but I’d like to live in a rising place, not a failing one. The fact that the first world is ahead of the third world does not impress me because that’s a really low bar. The West is no longer producing great (as opposed to trendy, “new,” avantgarde, etc) art, architecture, thinking, leadership, or even technology. We are living off the greatness of the past. This means that soon we will join the third world in failure, and we can see that happening already. This depresses everyone because it is so obvious, and turns them into hateful little drama queens because we are fighting over crumbs since we believe that there will never be another truly glorious loaf of bread coming our way. We can change this behavior, and then eventually get to the stage of baking another loaf, but that strikes most people as too difficult, and they would rather get back in that warm bath.

That warm bath makes Right-wingers into morons, or rather, we should say that many Right-wingers choose to become morons because they are afraid of what the Right-wing view implies, which is a strong ethic of self-sacrifice and working toward complex goals that not everyone can understand. We cannot rely on popularity (utilitarianism!) to guide us; we cannot rely on something being “different” or strongly-worded and bold (like Hitler worship, God-fetishism, or Buckleyite money-worship) to make it correct as in real, actual, and representative of how the world works. We must instead go back to our core principle: what is real plus what is excellent. The first lets us know how we can know what we know, and the second tells us what direction we must take, which in reality is as much gut instinct as anything else. We want to succeed and to be great, not just good or better than average.

You are going to find, especially on social media, that the Right-wing morons seem to dominate conversation because they have attracted large groups of followers. They get the upvotes and the likes, and dominate most of the discussion, but these groups are relatively small compared to the Right as a whole. That group wants answers, not distractions, and so they remain unconvinced by these kings for a day and their “different, unique” agendas. Luckily, as the Right recovers from its centuries-long stupor, we are seeing more rising voices which make sense instead of catering to popular illusion. We will focus more on these voices here in the coming days.

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