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How Ethnic Separation Happened


It all started with an earthquake. Or rather, the crushing wave which came after it.

A wall of water swept into Fukushima, Japan and smashed the ruined nuclear power plants there, rushing far inland and sucking out to sea everything in its path. This deposited hundreds of millions of tons of radioactive waste into the nearby ocean where it sank.

The general feeling was a sigh of relief. But as the months went by, problems emerged. It was not just the one-eyed three-limbed babies, but the sudden rise in cancers among the young, and the disappearance of much of the wildlife. Something was afoot.

Scientists monitoring the waters around Japan had at first insisted the problem was contained, but now found themselves re-calculating. Eventually it came out that scientific grants were handed out to those willing to design studies that showed the problem was minuscule, when in fact it was huge.

A re-calculation of risk based on models including all factors, and not just those the government and industry wanted to see, showed the worst case scenario: Japanese fishing waters were entirely radioactive, and because of evaporation and landfill, the island itself was rapidly becoming so.

Japan would have to be abandoned, a monument to the foolishness of humankind in exploring nuclear energy so recklessly.

Owing to the recent rise of right-wing leaders in Europe, the UN was powerless, but in order to prevent genocide by inaction, Europe acted. Boats arrived and transported the Japanese to New Zealand.

The same boats relocated the white population of New Zealand to northern California where the high real estate costs made them feel at home. President Trump welcomed them as he prepared to relocate all Leftists to the new state, “Cow,” formed of California-Oregon-Washington.

Relocation created a cascade of effects. As the only power in the region, China surged into Southeast Asia, dominating these nations as vassal states. Taiwan was quickly overrun.

That in turn thrust India and Pakistan into conflict as they attempted to stabilize their own position. That war ended with India arming several hundred million citizens with rapidly manufactured AK-47s and overwhelming Pakistan with sheer numbers, driving those citizens and all of its own restive Muslims into Afghanistan.

Like a bowling ball in a watch shop, the political initiative careened across the globe. The destabilization of the middle east brought about by the war in Afghanistan inspired Russia to invade to calm the region.

The Russians learned from their own Afghan adventures and, this time, simply drove the people of the middle east into North Africa. Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Yemen, Syria, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and other nations simply ceased to exist as their people were relocated. Only Israel and Russia remained.

Europe experienced existential panic. While Russia crushed the middle east, a newly-joined Germany-Austria-Hungary axis powered into Turkey and drove those people into the Russian sector, where they disappeared. German reclaimed its lost lands, including half of Poland.

During these wars, a call was sent out for all able-bodied men to join the war effort. When it was found that fewer than one percent of all non-European-descended residents responded, popular outrage hit a fever pitch, and these were forced into boats and pushed across the Mediterranean.

Driven by necessity, nationalism in Europe hit overdrive. All who were not native to the founding people of a land were exiled. Russian-descended people found themselves driven out of France, and in Germany, all who were not solidly ethnic German found their passports confiscated as they were escorted to waiting boats, trains and planes under the steely eyes of heavily armed guards.

Emboldened by the new environment of political conquest, Brazil armed its excess population and pushed into nearby countries, essentially conquering all of South America except Chile. Its armies got as far as Mexico city.

The Americans reacted by driving south into Mexico, meeting Brazilian forces head on and driving them out of Central America. As part of the new political Machiavellianism sweeping the goal, the Americans relocated all of Central America to the Brazilian Empire and send those who were not of the American founding group after it.

American Indians, Mexicans and other groups joined the great exodus to the South. This freed these groups from the tedious and often controlling arm of the American Western European population, which had a fetish for social order, efficiency and casseroles.

Not to be outdone, Canada invaded Greenland. Americans chuckled until they realized the strategic position that Greenland served, and allied with the Danes and Germans, pushed the Canadians back from the island then conquered Canada.

Again an exodus of those who were not Western European flowed to the South.

Skirmishes broke out in Africa and, in recognition that Africans need a continent of their own, a combined Indian-American forced swept the continent of Chinese and Arab investors, and repatriated all of the white people to Texas, where they could enjoy carrying around weapons for fun instead of purely self-defense.

Mixed-race people everywhere emigrated to Libya, where the remnants of the middle east except Israel had gathered. The North African area became the official genetic punch bowl of the world, and the rest of Africa was ruled by its indigenous people.

The sheer horror of this all induced many Leftists to shoot themselves in the face, and others emigrated to Libya or Brazil, where the values of diversity and tolerance were still in full force.

A new dark age dawned in the West as people realized that equality, brotherhood and liberty were lies, and that social order (and casseroles) alone was real. Parasites, miscreants, perverts and Democrats found themselves on boats to Libya.

All people of Irish descent were repatriated to Ireland, all Italians sent to Italy, Greeks restored to their nation, and mixed-race people given a choice of one of those lands or Libya. Lena Dunham was repatriated to the Bikini Atoll.

Trees grew back on empty land, and reduced pollution and overfishing allowed the oceans and land species to regrow. Wilderness closed many areas of North America and Europe once again.

While most remained in shock from the sheer horror of events, a good number began to realize that this was not an end, but a new beginning. Order was restored, and humanity, freed from the virus of egalitarianism, could resume improving itself.

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