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Hooke’s Law and The Quietly Pissed-Off American

So Berkeley burns because some gay dude went there to speak in protest against the UC sanctuary campus policy.

When a Shariabucks Coffee House gets smashed or burned, a part of me stops and asks “So JPW, what’s the downside?” That same old, cynical bastard that has followed Amerikan politics for far too long to hold it in profound respect or relevance thinks of this as a teachable moment. It teaches us about our precious Bill of Rights.

Muh rights remain muh rights only to the extent to which the duly elected, appointed and deputized authorites are willing to go out and kill or die for those rights. If the government feels uninspired to perform those duly constitued duties you no longer have rights. There is an exception clause. The Second Amendment, at least for the nonce, permits you to keep and bear arms. Thus, if you are well-armed, well-trained and cold like steel in February, you retain rights to the extent that enjoy killing those who seek to deprive you thereof.

You see, a lot of Amerikans are getting colder. They aren’t the corporate rioters with pre-fabricated #Soros signs. They are not the Muslim props painted by Shepard Fairey and slapped in front of the #Lugenpresse cameras by Senator/Dirt-bag Charles Schumer for maximized propaganda effect. They just sit in front of the Moron Boxes and see garbage like what happened last night at Berkeley.

The extent to which that University’s administration and Berkeley California’s government are both Antipathocracies is rubbed in their faces like wormy dog feces. Those smart enough to understand begin to grow angry in a dangerous fashion. It is a silent fashion. It can be explained metaphorically using Hook’s Law.

If you take an elastic material and stretch it, it tends to gain potential kinetic energy. It “wants” to restore itself back to its prior state of equilibrium. The longer you stretch and harder you tension the elastic material; the more violently and more rapidly it will tend to snap back. Neo-Reaction is the political science analog to the restoring force giving potential kinetic energy to an overly tense spring.

The Crowdists, my five or so Constant Readers, are digging their own shallow, unadorned graves. They are too arrogant to understand this. The Neo-Reaction will grow more massive, more angry, and sadly less prone to thoughtful, non-violent solutions each and every time targeted, Leftist political violence gets cheerled for like (Here, Here1, and Here) the anger and helpless frustration starts to grow.

Like the Ents in Fangorn Forest from Tolkien’s glorious mythology, the silent angry Americans brood long in their increasingly heartsick desperation. Then a trigger occurs. The tension fails to equal or exceed the potential kinetic energy. The spring retracts. The greater the potential kinetic energy stored, the harder it snaps back. So just keep preaching the h8 Judd Apatow. #Shitlib necks were equally vulnerable to Mme. Guillotine during The Thermidorean Reaction as were Bourgeois necks during the proceeding French Revolution.

It was the generally left-inclined John Fogarty of Creedance Clearwater Revival that offered us up a musical lesson that the Berkeley Visigoths and the Judd Apatows and the Jonah #Cuckbergs of the world should all be heeding well as the ashes smolder and the trash adorns the street in Berkeley.

1 — You’d think a guy named (((Goldberg))) would think twice before excusing mob violence aimed at unpopular minorities. “When they came for the Gypsies we were not Gypsies so we didn’t speak up on their behalf….”

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