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Hillary May Rise Behind Emailgate


So the NYPD Special Victims Unit searched a computer of a former Congressman accused of hitting up teenagers for sexual intercourse. The come across this folder labeled “Insurance Policy.” It’s at that point that the decomposing fecal material collides with the oscillating rotary device.

“Insurance Policy” was this folder filled with 650,000 documents that appeared far more likely to be sensitive government documents belonging to Democratic Party nominee Hillary Rodham Clinton than policy riders from Nationwide. This finally forced the FBI’s hand. If the Election of 2016 was going to decided by a law enforcement agency, the FBI would be damned if it would be decided by a Vice Squad with a fancy name.

You see the disgraced former congressman, Anthony “Leaky” Weiner, is married to a very important and powerful woman named Huma Abedin. Abedin has the thankless task of being Hillary Clinton’s personal fixer. While no actuary tables quantify the mortality rates amongst Clinton’s close political allies, the Weiners were realistic enough to take out the controversial and extensive insurance policy that fell into the hot little hands of New York Vice.

If you follow politics the way carny, inveterate gamblers fill out the racing forms at a dog track, these October Surprises are the stuff of yore. A part of me that asks just what Joe Namath knew when he guaranteed a Super Bowl victory loves this stuff. It’s just the sort of thing you could add to a Jack Reacher novel to spice up the boring fornication bits.

Then there’s the other pole of my bipolarity. Elections, you see, are meant to serve a vital purpose. In a Democratic Republic we call upon the wisdom of the crowd to select a leadership cadre that will ostensibly move society forward. We get a leadership cadre that trusts one another so little that they store incriminating data on one another under the file name “Insurance Policy.” Otherwise, their retirement plans resemble that of Luca Brasi: they sleep with the fishes.

This reveals the type of government this orc tribe provide to its people: a kakistocracy that veers into antipathocracy.

“Kakistocracy” roughly translates to a government of the harsh or ugly. The people exercising the wisdom of crowds are selecting the worst members of society to be our leaders. It would be an easy and comforting Alt Right meme to just blame the ignorant masses. But it’s not that easy. A lot of people who should know better play the political ponies rather than looking out for the good of society. These are people who knew about Clinton’s repulsive predilections long before the NYPD Porno Busters discovered the “Insurance Policy.”

As the inevitable destination of a kakistocracy, antipathocracy is government by those who secretly hate their constituents. The sort of people who refer to us as a Basket of Deplorables. People who hate more than just the phrase “Everyday American.” And how do we know these people hate us? Look at how they’ve handled this.

A candidate for president is voluntarily associating with the wife of a man who chose to solicit sex from teenaged girls under the screen name Carlos Danger.1 The journalists rush into print with a barrage of stories about how poor Huma Abedin is living a nightmare. Jamie Gorlick worries that the FBI is corrupt and politicized.

How should an intelligent adult feel about Amerikan Society? Anger is a reasonable emotion. Terror isn’t bad either. People this solipsistic could wind up sitting on the nuke button with no mental wiring that connects their actions with the results achieved by those actions. Maybe “horrified fascination” is fitting. We behold a candidate that attracts flies when she speaks in public.

The older I get, the baser my emotions become. It’s gone past fear, anger and disgust. Hatred goes against my ethos and gives them more power and credit than I believe they merit. I settle on pity. Pity with all of the contempt that the emotion implies. What else can you say for a society that voluntarily signs up to be ruled by people like Carlos Danger and “death grandma” Hillary Clinton?

1 — Presumably “Earnest Johnson” had already been snagged.

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