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Friedrich Engels: America’s New Godfather

The famous film The Godfather depicted a man that acted as a Mafia boss. Instead of running a transparent organization and calling himself a Manager or CEO, he set out to manage his criminal employees by means of family ties and thus, a fatherly authority that cannot be disputed.

The impact was felt around the world eventually, where an aspiring Ugandan political leader now also calls himself “the Godfather” to tap into the tribal protest culture of that country’s youth as well as woke investors from Canada.

But such dark organizations are impossible to get rid of despite Rudi Giuliani’s successful efforts to take the mob down, because the toxic idea, like with the rich kid in Uganda, will just transplant itself to something like the rich kids in Antifa.  After all, America’s rich kids are just tapping into a woke culture too, and Rudy has no successor.

We tend to forget how history repeats itself but here is a reminder of Friedrich Engels, a rich kid from 1820, also tapping into the woke culture of his time. He not only had money, but he was also a polyglot and it was his father’s natural desire for him to take over the cotton weaving business being his eldest son and all. However:

Despite coming from the moneyed class that was benefitting from industrialisation, Engels had a revolutionary spirit. Dismayed by the conditions that workers in his family’s business were living in, he set about trying to campaign for a better system. Along with his close friend Karl Marx, Engels became one of the most important early figures of the communist movement. Communists believed that there should be no class system and no private property.

And true to his woke spirit, he set about destroying his father’s business and destroying any possibility of having a family of his own by stringing street-women along for alcohol infused parties. In between these parties he started developing ideas to prevent the working class from ever having property. After all, only capitalists can have property in a woke class culture.

When his favourite prostitute died, he wrote to Karl Marx that “the poor girl loved me very much” upon which Karl Marx tried to use the sick opportunity to ask for a raise. It reminds me of Biden inviting migrants to stream across the Mexican border and then telling them to “stay in their towns” when those low-class cages got a bit overcrowded (they must love me very much).

But then Biden’s son is also a rich kid that enticed Chinese girls using his father’s passport and let us not forget the $50m strong Prince Harry running naked in a Las Vegas hotel, spreading his wild oats before settling down with a common girl from celebrity street.

All these kids are the same, they act like some Godfather for wokeism while they hate their parents by setting about to destroy the very society that made the lives of their parents possible. The point Mr Engels made, however, is not only did he hate his parents, but he also hated the working class (because, after all, they worked too). The working class was there for his pathological pleasure and observations only.

The idea communism perpetuates is not a classless and property less society, it is a destroy my parent’s society. As Friedrich Engels lamented, “I only need a small ‘salary’ so I can indulge in prostitutes and wine every month.” That was literally his life’s pursuit and he succeeded because his two favorite prostitutes were Irish sisters.

This is how the Godfather of ideas sees America, and it cannot be disputed.

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