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Years ago it became clear to me that most of human life consists of saying NO to stupid ideas, and most ideas are stupid because most ideas are based on lottery-playing or wishful thinking instead of studying and exploring reality, but people are afraid to do this because it invites conflict.

Early humans understood conflict because it was all around them. Leave the cave, and a sabre-toothed tiger might attack; you might encounter another tribe; a storm might come down and freeze you to death in the primeval forest. There was no certainty, only constant struggle to stay ahead of the environment.

Even in low-tech societies however the conflict becomes different. All of the “firsts” have been done; your job is to imitate those actions by using the same method, and that way you get rewarded by others for having done your part. If you do your part, you get your share of the next dead wooly mammoth the hunters drag home.

At that point, people start trying to distinguish themselves by doing the contrarian or unexpected. They come up with “new” ideas to promote themselves by standing above the herd. In doing so they vault their society into a dark age of attention-seeking gibberish.

We are in the final stages of that in Western Civilization now. Someone came up with some gibberish about equality, and it pleased the Crowd, so they adopted it, mainly because our civilization lost its sense of direction somewhere in the invasions, plagues, colonialism, and technological progress of that time.

In every society, the rule is to reward the productive, remove the destructive, and leave everyone else alone. All of the organized religion stuff about forcing people to not be gay, to stop using drugs, and to be nice to each other are gibberish and nonsense from people who fear conflict. Let nature sort this out.

This means that in any successful society, most of what must be done is to say NO to the various gibberish ideas concocted by neurotics and attention-seekers. Since most activities are not designed with positive results in mind, they have to be denied or the rot sets in.

People face a choice: the path of least resistance, which is what most choose, or the path of the most opportunity. Actual leaders — as rare as talented brain surgeons — choose the latter, but it is invisible to all but a percent of a percent of the people in any population.

The path of least resistance means compromise and appeasement. You give in to the neurotics, accept their demands, and incorporate at least some of them in your activities. Over time these breed because they are easy for mentally lazy people to imitate and gain popularity through something that appeals to the Crowd.

The Crowd is defined by the path of least resistance. It is composed of individualists, or people who believe that they come first before all else and the world is there to serve them. They are not full-blown sociopaths, but have simply prioritized their mental state above everything else that exists.

A group will always want to believe then that everyone is good, conflict can be avoided, risk can be dodged, and that humankind can stamp its imprint on nature and somehow come out ahead, despite nature being purely logical while humanity fetishizes its own importance.

Politicians choose the path of least resistance, and so over the generations, the law suffers an accretion of bad ideas which everyone must pretend are sane despite knowing they are insane. Business does the same, and soon jobs are miserable exercises in red tape make-work and group-pacifying pro forma activities.

When the path of least resistance takes over, the ideas that deserve a NO pile up and become the majority of the activity. Actual productivity falls, but productivity measured in terms of doing nonsense goes shooting up because it is mentally easier for individualists to do worthless, pointless, and irrelevant stuff than it is to tackle the real.

They fear reality because it is outside of their minds. They cannot control it. For that reason, they hate it, and this resentment spreads to become a pathological hatred of the real. They infect all things, including religion, with this mental state — called Crowdism — that fetishistically denies reality.

On the other hand, the path of most opportunity consists of accepting reality, finding ways to maximize quality, and using logic to eliminate the unnecessary and unproductive activities so that we can focus on the productive ones, even though these are less exciting because they have been known since the literal dawn of fucking history.

Right now, our society staggers under the burden of the accretion of pathologies. Diversity is insane; jobs are life-wasting soul-destroying exercises in conformity to insanity. Stupidity reigns in the symbolic and emotional issues discussed in politics instead of real things.

Literally everything you see in public — everything groups of people like — is a lie based in avoiding conflict so that the ego can feel itself supreme and believe the world to be under its power. This is the primary cause and symptom of decay, and until we address it we will not get clear enough of the insanity to make realistic decisions.

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