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DiversityWatch (February 7, 2024)

DiversityWatch Image #21: watching diversity destroy yet another civilization

  • Three reasons why so many migrants want to cross from Mexico to US

    Bourgeois cosmopolitan neocommunist Useful Idiot luvvies want to explain to you all the complexity they have deduced and rationalized from egalitarian dogma, but the real answer is that people are coming to the USA for the free stuff from government (FSG) and this is what the neurotic sociopathic narcissist individualists want to conceal.

  • ‘Woke Kindergarten’ leader wants US, Israel destroyed: ‘We’ve been trying to end y’all’

    They say the quiet part out loud. If you think about it logically, they have two paths and must take one: reject their heritage because the WASP Way is better, or try to destroy WASPs and rationalize it through the usual neurotic Abrahamist narrative of innocent underdogs versus evil rich people.

  • The ‘Jewish Schindler’: The astonishing UNTOLD story of the fearless woman who posed as a Christian Countess to fool the Nazis – and save 10,000 lives

    I hate Hitler because he was an art student, which means he was a metrosexual hipster, and I hate National Socialism because it does not work, since it is simply the French Revolution with halfway ethno-nationalism grafted on like later French Revolutionary movements attempted (the rise of nationalism and the nation-state, as your history books would declare, getting it mostly wrong as usual). However, he was 100% correct about diversity being suicide for the host nation. His solutions were retarded however, which is typical of both art students and big government.

  • Anti-Semitic number plate sparks outrage in Sydney’s Jewish community

    There should be no Jews in Australia. In the meantime, lots of stuff happened on October 7th, not just the recent tragedy in Israel when illiterate, inbred, and low-IQ third world terrorists decided to storm the barriers and rape, murder, and burn 1,200 Israelis. Israel should be for only Jews and all Jews. As we are fond of saying here: boats solve most human political problems. We can also boat everyone in California to the Marianas Trench.

  • Belgium returns surviving 2015 Paris attacker to France

    We nurture diversity among us, and most of them either want to kill us or are OK with us being killed because their only other option (see above) is to reject their own heritage. I know good people of every race, culture, ethnicity, religion, and social class, but I also know that diversity does not work. Even Hitler, Pol Pot, Stalin, Mao, Robespierre, and Mussolini combined are not as retarded as diversity. We only tolerate diversity because the “Big Lie” — equality — must be justified by implementation, since it is wholly theoretical, so we seek new ways to implement it that we can claim are doing just as well as the Biden Economy.

  • It’s true, happiness doesn’t cost much

    As democracy winds down into chaos, the educated meritocratic egalitarian Inner Party wants to remind you that poverty is awesome so just go ahead and be poor and happy like the people whose responses were filled in for them by graduate students in this study. “Are you happier being alive and poor, or dead and rich?” (check mark next to “happy to be poor”)

  • Married Virginia teacher admits to sneaking into 14-year-old student’s home to have sex in his bed

    Hispanic-looking neurotic gets caught doing something completely illogical. She could be from any number of formerly White groups that mixed with Africans and Asians like Italians, Jews, Puerto Ricans, Arabs, Greeks, Spaniards, Hungarians, or New Yorkers.

  • Sweden shuts down Nord Stream blasts inquiry

    Somehow the cause is still unknown despite Russia warning Europe that it would cut off its gas, and the plausible deniability that this mystery blast gives them. Technically, Russia committed no crime except littering by blowing up its own pipeline. Moron conservatives still rave on about how the US did it because that fits their myopic narrative that involves approving of whatever the Left pretends to hate, when the Left knows that Russia is allied with China and so they are just play-acting with their opposition.

  • Death of baby decapitated during birth at Georgia hospital is ruled a homicide

    Do not fly the diversity planes. Do not trust the affirmative action doctors.

  • Squatters take over 1,200 homes in Atlanta, open illegal strip clubs and terrorize neighbors: ‘Is this even America?’

    America is WASP. Diversity is not America but an ersatz substitute. You know how a brand of bread gets successful, then a big company buys the little company, and they swap out all the expensive ingredients for crap and raise the price because people are conditioned to purchase that brand? Their shareholders love it because shareholders are not actual stakeholders and are more interested in short-term profits the more taxes go up, since they have to make higher margins in order to stay above money-printing inflation and the parasitic sapping of the economy caused by the taxation itself. Somehow the voters never figure out that free stuff means higher prices. In any case, they swapped diversity America for old America and want to sell it to you at the old price instead of the new BRICS price you should pay.

  • Nikki Haley suffers stinging defeat in Nevada Republican primary

    The Establishment wants diversity to continue so it is running its latest stooge. If diversity goes away, so does Big Government, and then all the bureaucrats and lobbyists have to look for real jobs. The Uniparty only cares about “not Trump” because he talked about the Diversity Question and got slumbering, demoralized, and confused voters to see it as the civilizational suicide that it is.

  • Top US venture capitalists invest billions in Chinese tech — at the expense of American national security

    Silicon Valley depends on China for manufacturing and H-1Bs to keep its scam of billing high prices for lower-quality labor going. They will always choose China, India, and Mexico over the addled, senile, and incontinent USA.

  • Israel-Hamas war: Blinken in Israel in push for peace

    This man is a race traitor. All the talking heads — the educated meritocratic “elites” — want Israel to cuck and duck with a ceasefire instead of allowing more headlines that show what a failure diversity is in the wake of decades of Palestinian terrorism and the October 7 Hamas rape, murder, and arson attack on Israel. #FuckPalestine

  • Meta Has Joined the Dividend Club. Are Its Best Days Behind It?

    Big Tech is propping up the US economy as diversity and socialism eat it alive. If the investors finally figure out that all of the social media figures are fake, most of the users are bots, and the product has minimal utility, then the USA goes down the drain of Great Depression II. Biden will choose a preemptive WW3 over that.

  • Nearly 15% of Americans deny climate change is real, AI study finds

    “Climate change” is a justification for wealth transfer by taxing Western economies with regulations while letting BRICS get by with polluting as much as they want. The real problem is overpopulation, and our refusal to talk about that has launched all of politics into insanity. Overpopulation in France was also a pivotal cause of their Leftist Utopian Revolution.

  • Ipswich stabbing: Racial tensions spike after white grandmother was allegedly stabbed to death by boy from South Sudan

    More diversity race war disguised as everyday crime.

  • NC State investigates racial slur at basketball game

    Diversity makes societies so fragile that they are afraid of words.

  • Which states could have abortion on the ballot in 2024?

    Leftist states are keeping abortion legal. This is great because it means fewer future Leftist voters.

  • Japan bets on tech, immigration as labor crisis worsens

    The more you tax and regulate your markets to provide free stuff from government, the more hateful jobs become as paranoiac competition intensifies, and the less your citizens breed and participate in said employments.

  • Why Americans Are So Down on a Strong Economy

    The economy is “stronk” on paper because stocks and bonds keep going up in number-value, but this does not reflect actual value, which is diluted by the endless money printing and subsidies required to keep the circular Ponzi scheme going. Normal people living on paychecks are suffering because everything costs 40% more after nearly four years of devaluation of our currency (called “inflation” by the zombie media). Inflation topples governments and prices never go back to normal. This presidency has been a massive wealth theft from the middle class to transfer money to the educated non-WASP meritocratic “elites.”

  • Of Course Journalists Should Interview Vladimir Putin

    When the narrative is fragile, viewpoint discrimination — the basis of Political Correctness — becomes the norm, and talking to our competition then becomes taboo. This is obviously insane like the rest of Late Stage Democracy.

  • The Moral Hazard Of An Open Border

    With an open border, laws are arbitrary and suicide is celebrated as a national value. You are not Christ; Christ was not even Christ. Quit trying to die on the moral high ground while failing in reality.



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