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Eat The Bugs, Bigot

The ongoing debate about utilizing insect protein for human consumption in the West is a revealing process that displays all sorts of neurotic pathologies on the Left as well as on the Right.

The left advocates for bug burgers to save the climate and feed more of the underclass and third world, while the right reacts neurotically in contrarianism and feels humiliated.

In the spirit of Jonathan Swift and in satire of the National Review, here is the conservative case for the consumption of insect based protein, aka eating bugs.

  • It is tradition.

    Many people practice these stupid “paleo” diets where they pretend to eat like a caveman without carbs but much red game meat, yet this is absurd. If you do this and you would take it seriously, you already would eat insect based protein, because this was most likely the main source for protein for cavemen, not hunting a deer every few days.

    A few insect based dishes were still consumed in Europe until the late 1800s like June beetle soup and candy based on said bug, covered with sugar and honey.

  • It is serious survivalism.

    Survivalism and SHTF preparations where for a long time a domain of the right until more serious people figured it out that it was mostly a hobbyhorse for boomers with spare money who simply bought gadgets and horded stuff in their basement and who would probably drop of a heart attack anyway while their stockpiled food grew stale. Yet if you can’t even eat a bug, how serious would you be about this civil war end of the world stuff anyway? Your survivalism is just a therapeutic outlet and a materialistic playground. Shooting rabbits with a .22 while camping is not survivalism, so you better learn how to catch a pigeon, trap a rat and eat a maggot.

  • Alien food restrictions do not apply to us.

    Many would argue that feeding the people bugs is a ritual of humiliation, but this argument is absurd. If there is a Semitic elite that wants to humiliate the goyim by feeding them stuff that the Semites consider unclean, they don’t have to advocate for bugs when the goyim already eat pork chops and cheeseburgers and shellfish. And since when do we listen to them or their customs anyway. These neurotic food restrictions of alien cultures do not apply to us and to have neurotic spergouts about insect consumption simply demonstrates an already alienated relationship to one’s own traditions in this regard. Nobody eats “worms” you tools; it’s the larva you want. Lets be honest here fam; is it that there could be something wrong with the bugs, or is it rather typical American neurotic puritanism that drives this urge to be more Jewish than the Jews?

  • Space age utilization of resources.

    We need to utilize every resource we can get our hands on. Not to feed useless dying societies or save the rainforest or any of this, but for our own advantage. A maggot farm can keep future Mars colonies fed while your space marine armor converts your own excretions into nutrient paste while your opponents starve. Use all the resources you can get so that the others don’t have them.

There you have it. Just like conservatives “should” support immigration, diversity, LGBT+ rights, the welfare state, a UBI, and neurodiversity, the National Review can argue that we should eat the bugs and not be bigots, because if we all eat bugs and live in boxes, maybe we can cram another seven billion useless humans on this blighted planet.

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