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  • China signs defence agreement with South Korea as US angers Seoul with demand for $5bn troop payment

    The good news is that Korean reunification is happening. The bad news is that it will happen as a conquered territory owned by China, something China has desired for many centuries. Trump made good on his campaign promise to stop providing free military defense to the world, which allowed them to spend the money on entitlements instead and therefore, cultivate more Leftist sympathy in their nations. Korea has chosen to be an example instead, namely another reminder of why not to trust China. One wonders what the people in Hong Kong, Vietnam, and Taiwan think of this misstep.

  • Police surround last holdouts at Hong Kong campus protest

    We knew “Tianamen Square II” would get ugly. China is rounding up the dissidents and shipping them into mainland China, where they could face beatings, sodomy, execution, and organ harvesting. Their lives are over no matter what happens because any company that hires them, even in Hong Kong, will get a visit from men in black who will carefully explain the consequences for harboring known dissidents. Across the world, we are getting the round mouths, flat hands, and round heads of a confused voting population. How could this happen? Did we have any indication that this would happen? As it turns out, the handover was formalized in the UK in 1989, the same year Tiananmen Square I happened. It is as if we are so gaslighted and Stockhold Syndrome’d that we cannot accept that yes, Communists and other Leftists are exactly as they appear: malevolent parasites in human form.

  • US settlement move endorses ‘law of the jungle’ – Palestinians

    The US just dropped its Carter-era position that Jewish settlements in Palestinian land are a violation of international law. The Palestinians, who produce nothing and add no value to anything, realize that this means that by market forces alone, they are going to be replaced in these areas, since Israel is expanding and prospering as high-IQ nations tend to do, and it offers good cash money for Palestinian properties. It’s like Detroit in reverse, at least until the Palestinians have enough voters in Israel to start implementing the usual wealth transfer programs. Then, the slaves become the masters, and the masters get dispossessed, just as is happening in Detroit, Germany, Baltimore, Sweden, Houston, France, and California.

  • White supremacist manifesto allegedly AirDropped to students, DPS says

    AirDropping allows you to send files to nearby mobile devices. Someone has been sending The Great Replacement to college students, and authorities fear that this will disrupt the Regime and its Narrative. In the meantime, some minority students may be shocked when confronted with a brutal aspect of reality, which is that their presence here threatens the former majority and it no longer finds itself enchanted with “but diversity is our strength.”

  • ‘Largest maternity scandal in NHS history’: Dozens of mothers and babies died on wards of hospital trust, leaked report reveals

    Socialized medicine is incompetent because it is not accountable. Instead of people fleeing a bad doctor, reports must go through the bureaucracy. If not filled out correctly, they get sent back to people mourning their dead mother or baby. Those rarely then fill them out correctly, so the bureaucracy staggers onward doing what it does, which is taking wealth from a country and translating it to the most obedient people who do not mind living lives of utter tedium processing triplicate forms. Natural selection is successfully inverted, so everyone feels better at having beaten back the symbol of nature’s dominion over man.

  • The Pride and Prejudice of Online Fan Culture

    How to set up a successful fan movement, which is equal parts entertainment, excuse to socialize, and mild cult. They should mention the Old Internet source of all things Jane Austen, The Republic of Pemberley. In the meantime, the Dissident Right (Alt Right, New Right, Old Right, Ult Right) can learn from this by cultivating an activity, rather than an agenda or ideology. Our goal is to make overthrowing the disgusting bureaucracy which has ruined Western Civilization into a pleasant and iconoclastic activity. It helps to have lots of details and artifacts for people to pore over.

  • Whites can be black if they wish, says lecturers’ union

    Other than the obvious fact of this being insane, it makes for a good escape for white people who are tired of other white people pushing Leftism, garbage consumer products, neurotic entitlement, and other facets of the clever but not intelligent mind upon them. In reality, this declaration amounts to an assault on Black people everywhere by telling them that their inner reality is not real and can in fact be replaced by ideology. The insanity expands.

  • Norwegians to Giant Wealth Fund: Can I Have My Cash Now?

    Modern society is a loop. It provides for a miserable existence without context, since we are all just bodies somewhere trying to get jobs and buy houses so we can conduct the actual business of life like having families as a hobby. Since this is a miserable life, the voters demand relief, at which point the bureaucracy chuckles and passes more laws requiring more taxes, which seems intelligent at face value until you realize that it will raise the cost of everything and layer jobs, renting, buying, selling, and owning in more paperwork to keep track of those taxes (money, while seemingly odious, is analogous to “nutrition” in biology). Thus the more we try to run away from the bulging diaper of a mess that we have made, the more we bind ourselves to it, and the worse the situation gets. Not surprisingly, when Norway announced that it had a huge amount of money made from oil royalties, the citizens now want to cash out so they can escape the disaster of society and go live childless, existentially hollow, and quasi-therapeutic existences in the countryside before the mess made by democracy comes crashing down. Everyone just wants a peaceful death and to exit the nightmare that we made after the kings.

  • Insect ‘apocalypse’ underway that could ‘impact all life on Earth’ with around half of species already wiped out

    For centuries, individual humans have thought of one thing: how do I earn enough money to escape the nightmare that is this dying society? Whatever sells is good, in this mindset, so people rushed stuff out there without thinking of the long-term consequences. Now we are seeing that our consumer and food production “miracles” are in fact traps that will kill us off and every other species unfortunate enough to share a planet with us. The misery of humanity brought about collective suicide. At least we are finally equal.

  • Thousands of Canadian National Railway workers go on strike

    Just like durr-versity, unions are a shakedown. Nothing good comes of them; as with taxes, some fortunate people get more, but everyone sees higher prices, less function, and most of all, more ugliness to daily life. Instead of a shakedown, we need to shake off the parasites. I never saw a poor union organizer.

  • US failing to stop China from stealing research, report says

    We need an apology regarding those Japanese, Italian, and German internment camps during the war. No, not to the Japanese; we need to apologize to the people who set up those camps. Remember the Iron Rule: every thing — people, groups, ideas, systems — acts only in its own self-interest alone. If you have Chinese in this country, they may not spy on you, but they will harbor that spy or impede his discovery. We will not have safety from 9/11 style terrorism or Chinese industrial espionage until we have no Muslims or ethnic Arabs and no ethnic Chinese in our country.

  • US holds over 100,000 migrant children in detention

    One way to dissuade illegal immigrants from coming to your country involves making it known that if they get caught, they do not get released, but have to spend a year or two of tedium in an internment camp. More of them stay home when more of them are caught and the penalty for doing so is high; even more will stay home when we remove the attractions — entitlements, public school, free healthcare, affirmative action, civil rights — that bring them here in the first place. We are going to have to remove a century of bad Leftist law, if not a few legal mistakes from the 1860s.

  • 800,000 more children from working households living in poverty since 2010, report finds

    Entitlements programs do not even work. The more you tax, the higher the cost, and so the poor have less and fewer opportunities. A better solution might be to remove the entitlements, lower the taxes, encourage local businesses, and give people the chance to be part of a community. That way, the virtuous poor will rise, and the truly useless will meet Dr. Darwin at the Pearly Gates.

  • ‘We don’t want this govt anymore. It has to go,’ says Baghdad tuk-tuk driver amid Iraq protests

    Cruel, awful places deserve cruel, awful governments. This does not mean in the sense of deserving it morally, but simply that these are the only things that work there. If you drop in a Western style government, the locals will interpret it according to their own practices and it will become rife with corruption. They were ruled by warlords because only warlords can keep such places cohesive. When we introduce democracy and corporate jobs, this breaks the cohesion. Horrors result.

  • Trump administration ousts top homelessness official as White House prepares broad crackdown

    Trump loves to fix problems and do good things for people because he has correctly intuited that this is the form of productivity granted to leadership, and he likes doing it well. However, this could be a misstep. Fixing California will just empower the Leftist Regime there, and will then give them something to rebel against. Let California drown in syringes and feces. Natural selection is real, and — this may appeal to Trump — after they destroy it, we can buy it back for pennies on the dollar and enslave the former residents.

  • Prince Andrew caught in ‘N-word’ row: Former Downing Street aide Rohan Silva accuses Duke of York of using ‘offensive’ phrase

    If accusing someone of being a pedophile does not destroy him, then say he used “the n-word” (I always think of preschoolers talking about obscenities when someone uses that phrase, sort of like how they teach kids to say “go number two” instead of the disturbingly hilarious “took a dump”). It is heretical, perhaps, but to my mind, Jeffrey Epstein provided a brothel where underage girls (15-17) sold their virginity to wealthy men. That was in the news at about the time he kicked off his empire, at least, with girls auctioning off their “first time” on Craigslist and other internet garbage pail bazaar sites. Although it may cross the lines of the official date of maturity, if a girl is aware of what she is doing and is selling, she is committing prostitution and should not receive the protection that, say, a seven-year-old does when lured into a FREE CANDY van. If anything, these girls are now no longer cute teens and now have few career prospects, so they decided to extort money from famous men (who should have known that this would happen). Instead, the whole thing blew up. The real pedophiles are out there, but the fetish attraction that they feel consists of defiling someone actually young, so they tend to shy away from the teens unless they look underage. The whole thing is creepy and icky but overblown, possibly in order to deflect focus from the actual pedophiles out there, who seem to network well like the Left and have lots of money somehow. If I were paranoid, I would imagine that China or someone else might fund all the special interests that it could — special interests tear apart a nation — including the sexual special interests like transsexuals and pedophiles. That would be a long-term gameplay but might pay off handsomely as the nation implodes in fighting over tolerance versus common sense.

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