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Do You Believe In Ghosts?


We’ve done the intellectual approach to leftism, for many years.
Why it is, what it is, why it is what it is.
Now it’s time for the metaphysical investigation…

We are, as non-leftists, aware of this thing known as Reality. The way things are. The background framework against which everything else is displayed and from which everything else acquires its context.

Some are more cognizant of Reality than others, but all sane humans have some idea of what it is, and that aside from everybody’s perception of it being slightly different, it is, at base, a constant and ever-present condition.

So what happens to a human that steps off of this all-pervasive Reality, and substitutes his own cobbled-together version? Unsurprisingly, he dies. At least, in part.

Reality has infinite inscrutable qualities, and few will ever become aware of more than a few of them. One may, indeed, go against the flow of Reality, but there are consequences for doing so. One becomes — in effect — no longer viable; no longer alive in the sense of living within Reality. One becomes, at best, insane.

This being so, the observable quality of leftists closely resembling zombies, becomes more comprehensible. For that is what they become. No longer living, but not entirely dead. Unable to move beyond the moment they exited Reality, and no longer able to adapt, change, grow, learn, be real, or exhibit any of the qualities of the living.

Looking at leftists in this way, it becomes easy to see why they are what they are, and why they behave as they do. They are dead, but lacking in enough awareness to realize it.

Being dead has its drawbacks. Everything that follows death is beyond the control of the dead, and so the dead, unaware that they are dead, become obsessed with trying vainly to control events. Impossible, of course, as any living human knows. But the dead do not know this. Therefore their attempts to control become ever more frantic, as nothing they try seems, to them, to be effective.

This is why there can never be an end to the leftist crusade for whatever it is that takes their fancy. The point is never — and never can be — reached, where enough is enough, the battle won, and peace resumed. It is an endless fight against Reality, itself. And Reality doesn’t lose.

It’s time to see leftists as what they are: unfortunate victims of their own lack of awareness, self-belief and self-reliance, the sad result of a laziness that causes them to adopt a foreign ideology instead of living their own lives in their own way, leading to their own experience and wisdom.

They are fools of a magnitude incomprehensible to the rest of us, but worse: they are dead fools.

Do you believe in ghosts? Maybe they are real. Certainly, they are as real as anyone gives them credibility for being. Personally, I am unmoved by the possibility of ghosts. If they exist, they exist, and whether they do, or don’t, I am not afraid of them. They pose no threat beyond the power I allow them to do so. And I don’t allow them that.

See the left for what it is: a realm beyond life, forever cut-off from communication with the living. Don’t even bother trying, unless you are keen on Ouija Boards.

See the leftist for what it is: a sad ghost severed from a wasted life, desperately trying to exert influence over the life it wasted, and lost, that the living might be as they are: dead and ineffectual, forever raging against Reality, and its “unfairness.”

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