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Typical Leftist Behavior (#TLB)


It is time to recognize that Leftists have surrendered their higher mental functions to ideology, and that they all behave the same way because they cannot deny their own narrative, which leads them into a terminal loop of hypocrisy.

Leftists behave in the same way worldwide. Everywhere they go, their mission is to destroy things — people, institutions, morals, values, beliefs, ethnic groups — that do not fit the Leftist narrative. But worse, Leftists exhibit a pathology that appears in all of their actions, even personal ones.

This creates a condition which we might call Typical Leftist Behavior (TLB) which consists of passive-aggressive behavior followed by accusing others of what they themselves are guilty of.

The reason for this behavior is that Leftism itself is a begging-the-question fallacy:

1. Premises in which the truth of the conclusion is claimed or the truth of the conclusion is assumed (either directly or indirectly).
2. Claim C (the conclusion) is true.

In Leftist behavior this translates into:

  1. Assume that equality is a universal moral good that everyone should obey. This equates good behavior with bad behavior so that all can be included, no matter how bad their behavior is. This comforts individuals by making them feel safe from being ranked by their abilities, and they form collectives designed to enforce this on others.

  2. Act outrageously in order to provoke others and then accuse them of aggression; this is the classic passive-aggressive gambit:

    If we grew up, however, in a family that couldn’t, or wouldn’t, attach much value to our basic needs and wants, our natural impulse to assert ourselves became suppressed. If when we talked directly to our parents about our desires, we were derided as selfish, of thinking only of ourselves, we learned that it simply wasn’t acceptable to want what we wanted, need what we needed. Similarly, when we repeatedly received the message that we were a burden (or “just another mouth to feed”), we learned that if we voiced our wishes we were endangering a parental bond already experienced as tenuous.

    …This is where the loss of personal integrity — in a word, lying — enters the picture. And we lie to ourselves, as well as to our parents. In essence, this is what passive-aggression is all about: “acting out” our grievances, behaviorally protesting what is experienced as unfair, while yet contriving to protect the relationship we really can’t afford to jeopardize. Surreptitiously, we find ways to sabotage, undermine, deceive, betray. In a way, we retaliate against our caretakers by doing to them much of what we feel they’ve done to us. We disappoint, withhold, disengage, make up excuses, and blame others for our own mistakes and misbehaviors. In multiple ways we resist cooperating with our parents’ directives.

    By convincing themselves that equality is right, Leftists understand that by converse implication, the world is wrong. This makes them feel like victims. In this victimhood, they construct a mental cognitive dissonance state that identifies the cause of their misery as those who are realistic and thriving in the world. This creates a pathology of revenge where they seek to destroy, but have convinced themselves that they are actually warring for a Utopia.

    In order to enforce this, they use peer pressure against others. People fear being seen as aggressors or oppressors; this is classic Western European “eusociality.” As a result, Leftists behave in a method familiar to anyone who has observed our Simian forbears. They provoke, and when retaliated against, cry out in pain and summon the whole troupe of monkeys to attack the “aggressor.”

    With contemporary Leftism, the counter-attack inevitably involves demands for more power and money. This creates a parasitic relationship where Leftists are supported by others, and if something goes wrong for the Leftist, it is the fault of those others. It is like a bad familial relationship writ large, owing perhaps to the loss of a familial sense in the West with the introduction of diversity.

  3. Since the most recent funds or power infusion have not helped the situation, Leftists react by doubling down or demanding more equality in order to “fix” the problem. As this instead merely makes the situation worse, it serves Leftist needs by further enraging them, giving them cause to repeat the cycle and the energy derived from feeling power through destruction.

This creates a psychology based in under-confidence and scapegoating some other actor as responsible for the Leftist’s own misery; as with all scapegoating, this one is designed to distract and deflect from the fact that each person is responsible for his own happiness. For the Leftist, “the personal is the political” is a way of saying that the question of personal happiness is externalized to the question of achieving political Utopia.

This method of scapegoating extends to all Leftist behavior. As we see with Hillary Clinton, any of her misdeeds are blamed on others — currently Donald Trump and The Russians™ — but this behavior can be seen in every Leftist because it is a part of their ideology. A Leftist cannot reject his ideology, so he must agree with its essence, which includes the politicized personal behavior that ends in passive aggression and scapegoating.

Witness this behavior in the wild with the case of Matt Hickey, an established journalist and SJW who finds himself facing five rape charges:

“The defendant has committed multiple rapes, going back as far as 2001, in which he has had sexual intercourse with women who were either too incapacitated by alcohol to know what is going on, to stop what is going on, to provide consent, or to express a lack of consent. The defendant has raped both acquaintances and women he has just met. His pattern is always the same. He provides alcohol to them, waits until they are drunk to the point they are having difficult knowing what is going on or remembering what is going on, and then has sex with them.”

“If the victim later confronts the defendant and accuses him of rape, he denies raping them and tells them they initiated it or were ‘into it’ and that he would never rape a woman.”

By the scapegoating defense, Leftists specialize in accusing others of what the Leftist is actually guilty of. This misdirects the anger of the social group (troupe of monkeys) toward the victim and lets the victimizer go free. In turn, the Leftist can use his intent as a defense, based on his past history of, you know, working toward Utopia.

We need a term for this so that when it appears, it can be identified quickly and written off. TLB explains much of the dysfunction in our world and how Leftist are able to bully themselves into wealth, power and popular influence. When they get called on it, that influence begins to lessen, for the good of all.

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