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DiversityWatch (October 26, 2022)


Alejandro Fernandez allegedly raped and killed retired psychiatrist Gladys Conrad in her downtown Carlsbad By The Sea retirement village apartment in September 2001.

U.S. Marshals spokesman Omar Castillo told the newspaper that Mexican authorities arrested Fernandez in a “crime-ridden” area of Mexico City on Jan. 23. It was not immediately clear how Fernandez was identified as a suspect in the rape and murder case.

According to the Times, police had no leads until April 2004, when a national DNA database showed a sample of the Carlsbad suspect’s DNA matched DNA from an unsolved attempted rape case in Los Angeles.

“DNA Solves Brutal Cold Case Rape And Murder,” CBS

The six-page letter, sent to the St. Paul Pioneer Press, KSTP-TV and gay advocacy groups, contained details only the killer could know — including the .38-caliber murder weapon used. Calling himself the AIDS Commission, a made-up organization, the writer said “the chairman” shot Larson as he ran toward a basketball court, shouting for help.

The letter writer went on to offer a warped explanation, hollow apology and violent threat, saying that the killings were an attempt to slow the spread of AIDS by shutting down areas popular among gays.

Johnson claimed contracting the AIDS virus spurred him to become a killer who dreamed “of committing homicide on a large scale and entering the ranks of the nation’s most notorious serial killers.” – “Minneapolis murders in 1990s targeted gays,” Star Tribune


  • Identity fusion and extremism in gaming cultures

    In three studies, we show that fusion with gaming culture is uniquely predictive of a host of socially pernicious outcomes, including racism, sexism, and endorsement of extreme behaviors. We also show that specific personality attributes (e.g., insecure attachment, loneliness) may interact with fusion with gaming culture to further amplify support for extreme behavior, and that specific gaming communities (e.g., Call of Duty) may serve as catalysts that encourage strongly fused gamers to embrace antisocial attitudes and behaviors.

    In other words, people who retreat from the diversity dystopia that wants to genocide them in order to play time in video games have bonded on hating the society that hates them and are ready to destroy it. Strong masculine activities like warfare simulation tend to make people into intense realists, since then they see that you either achieve results or not, and the methods used matter less than getting to that endpoint.

  • Violent Crime Is Driving a Red Wave

    Since crime is essentially a local issue, why does it hurt Democrats running for national or statewide office? Because the Democratic Party has associated itself with the notion that “social justice” and “racial equality” require fundamentally changing policing and incarceration. The problem, they say, is police, not criminals. In practice, that means Democrats, especially progressives, favor weaker law enforcement, easier conditions for bail (even for those charged with violent offenses), and less funding for police officers. That message was encapsulated in the slogans “defund the police” and “reimagine policing,” which took hold in 2020 after George Floyd was killed by a Minneapolis cop.

    The party’s “soft on crime” image has become a political albatross, which candidates cannot readily discard. They are weighed down for two reasons. First, they hold power nationally and in almost every major city, so voters hold them responsible for bad outcomes. The party’s unwillingness to enforce basic laws and protect the public is exemplified by the porous Southern border, a deliberate policy choice by the Biden administration. The result has been an unprecedented influx of illegal immigrants (some 2.4 million in the last fiscal year alone), plus a surge of deadly drugs. Mexican cartels have reaped billions in profits, five or six times as much as they made before Biden threw open the border.

    Leftist parties are anti-majority parties. They always depend on the minority vote since minorities either accept majority rule or rebel against it, and the former means existing in a perpetual state of low self-esteem as a fish out of water in a society created by and for others. Diversity is kind to no group. It is simple a political quagmire into which egalitarians have wandered in order to vote out the pro-majority parties.

  • What the Constitution actually says about race, explained

    Roberts and his ideological allies derive the colorblindness principle from the 14th Amendment’s guarantee that all individuals will receive “the equal protection of the laws.” But Jackson explained that the framers of this amendment did not strive for colorblindness. Instead, they were “trying to ensure that people who had been discriminated against” — that is, formerly enslaved Black people — “were actually brought equal to everyone else in the society.”

    And Jackson brought receipts. Among other things, she cited the Civil Rights Act of 1866, a law enacted by the very same Congress that wrote the 14th Amendment, which provides that all Americans shall have the same contracting and property rights as “white citizens,” and that any non-white person convicted of a crime shall be punished the same way as “white persons.”

    The Congress that wrote the 14th Amendment, in other words, rejected the “colorblind” theory, and instead wrote a landmark civil rights statute that explicitly requires the government to consider race when deciding whether a non-white individual’s rights were fully respected. And the Civil Rights Act of 1866 is only one of many such laws enacted by Reconstruction-era lawmakers.

    For years, this blog has pointed out that we must repeal the 14th Amendment in order to escape White Genocide in America. These civil rights laws were designed to make government the creator of rights, such that only those who obey government get rights.

  • The Myth of the Nonviolent Drug Offender

    Of the approximately 145,000 people in federal prisons and 1,040,000 people in state prisons, less than 3.5 percent are incarcerated for a conviction related to drug possession. Even when one expands the scope beyond mere possession to all other types of drug offenses (many of which are associated with violent cartels and gangs), the proportion rises only to 18 percent.

    In other words, defanging law enforcement means more violent criminals and relatively few innocuous potheads turned loose on the streets.

  • Is Gen X a Bunch of Trumpers? Maybe That’s the Wrong Question.

    To explain why it looks like they won’t, we have to deal with the other fiction in all the yammering about Gen X as the “Trumpiest” generation: the idea that white people speak for all of my generation.

    For generational analysis to mean anything, we have to accept the idea that an entire age group of people has experienced broadly similar influences—cultural, political, economic—and that those influences can be used to explain or add context to their voting patterns. But those broad influences simply aren’t the same for people who may be in a similar age group but identify as a different race. People remember the Reagan era differently, for instance, if they grew up in a white family that benefited from the tax breaks and racism Reagan peddled than if they grew up in a Black family whose community was used as a boogeyman to spook the white folks.

    Generation X was far less diverse, therefore could still face vital questions like “is diversity actually good?” without cucking like Millennials or going full gamer word like Gen Z.

  • Potential mass layoffs at Twitter could cripple content moderation, some experts say

    Cuts to the content moderation workforce would align with statements made by Musk in recent months about his commitment to the principle of free speech, suggesting that Twitter should permit all speech that stops short of violating the law, the experts said.

    Equality does not exist in nature; therefore it must be enforced with nanny finger-wagging about how it is actually the moral thing even if, like most unnatural and artificial things, it fails if not immediately fed vast amounts of taxpayer cash. Without constant censorship, people notice that all of the egalitarian programs — sexual liberation, entitlements, public schooling, diversity, unions, high taxes, regulations — have consumed normal and healthy life in order to subsidize the insane, retarded, criminal, promiscuous, and incompetent.

  • NHL’s first diversity and inclusion report finds workforce 84% white

    “We are working to better understand and accelerate our engagement across all layers of diversity — including nationality, race, gender identify, sexual orientation, disability and religion,” NHL commissioner Gary Bettman wrote in the report. “Each day, we are committed to ensuring inclusion becomes more of ‘who we are’ than ‘what we do.'”

    According to the report, 83.6% of employees across the NHL and its teams are white, 4.17% Asian, 3.74% Black, 3.71% Hispanic/Latino and 0.5% Indigenous, while 2.48% of employees opted not to answer. The report also found that 65.44% of interns and fellowships in the NHL are white, while 69.6% of human resources departments are white.

    The report found that 61.86% of workers around the NHL identify as men, with 36.81% identifying as women. Those numbers change dramatically when it comes to employees in marketing, branding and content, as 52.72% identify as male and 46.2% identify as female.

    Government now controls our economy through a mass of regulations, taxes, preferential contracts, and lawsuits. Those who hop on the woke ESG bandwagon get rewarded, and everyone else gets left behind, so that we can force diversity on a population that is happier without it.

  • Their America Is Vanishing. Like Trump, They Insist They Were Cheated.

    A shrinking white share of the population is a hallmark of the congressional districts held by the House Republicans who voted to challenge Mr. Trump’s defeat, a New York Times analysis found — a pattern political scientists say shows how white fear of losing status shaped the movement to keep him in power.

    People do not like being exterminated. Diversity was sold as other groups coming here, “integrating,” and helping support us in exchange for the benefits of first world living. Instead we are seeing White people being replaced and the diversity dystopia that is taking their place resembling the third world instead of a prosperous, functional country.

  • A ‘catastrophe’ is coming for the economy, but it’s not recession or inflation, says Secretary of Labor Marty Walsh

    The demographic data on the U.S. working age population is concerning, with baby boomer retirements expected to accelerate in the years ahead, compounded by a peak being reached in high school graduates by 2025, limiting both the total size of the next generation labor pool and the transfer of knowledge between the generations of workers.

    “We need a bipartisan fix here,” Walsh said. “I’ll tell you right now if we don’t solve immigration … we’re talking about worrying about recessions, we’re talking about inflation. I think we’re going to have a bigger catastrophe if we don’t get more workers into our society and we do that by immigration.”

    More warm bodies to replace the ones you killed off with high taxes, misery, and affirmative action or you cannot have enough “growth” to keep the circular Ponzi scheme running.

  • Chinese officers charged in plot to obstruct U.S. Huawei probe

    Two suspected Chinese intelligence officers have been charged with attempting to obstruct a U.S. criminal investigation of Chinese tech giant Huawei by offering bribes to someone they thought could provide inside information, the Justice Department said.

    The defendants are accused of paying tens of thousands of dollars in digital currency, along with cash and jewelry, to a U.S. official they thought they had recruited as an asset. But the person was a double agent working for the FBI, the department said.

    That prosecution, as well as two other cases involving Chinese operatives, was highlighted Monday at a news conference that featured the heads of both the FBI and the Justice Department, a rare joint presence reflecting a concerted American show of force against Chinese intelligence efforts.

    China owns the Democrats. They do not mind sacrificing a few token officers in order to make people think that Biden is tough on China, so that when he lets them seize Taiwan, it looks like “he tried.” In the meantime, bribes are the norm in most of the world, which is why most of the world is impoverished, corrupt, and criminal.

  • Non-white newborns with cystic fibrosis more likely to be missed in screening

    The genetic panels used in newborn screening programs vary by state, but most tend to test for cystic fibrosis gene mutations that are common in white populations while excluding mutations more common in non-white populations, said Meghan McGarry, MD, associate professor of pediatrics at UC San Francisco (UCSF) Benioff Children’s Hospitals and first author of the study, publishing today in Pediatric Pulmonology.

    White people volunteer more for medical testing, therefore data skews toward the White genome. Check out this doublespeak:

    While race and ethnicity are social constructs, the genes that cause cystic fibrosis do vary by race, ethnicity and region, said Susanna McColley, MD, professor of pediatrics at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine and physician at Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago, as well as senior author on the study.

    So race does not exist, but sometimes it does, when the scientists need money. Here is another: Minorities face longer wait times for vital lung cancer treatment, study finds:

    The UVA researchers say there may be multiple reasons for the racial disparities. They note that non-white patients are more likely to be uninsured, face greater socioeconomic barriers to care and may be perceived by doctors as being at risk for not following through with their treatment plans. In addition, minorities are more likely to report less satisfaction with their encounters with care providers.

    Structural “racism,” or simply different behaviors for different ethnic groups (which ekshyually “technicall” do not exist)?

  • Rishi Sunak to be named UK’s first non-white prime minister

    Sunak won the latest leadership battle after his only remaining rival, Leader of the House of Commons Penny Mordaunt, conceded and withdrew.

    When he came in second to Liz Truss in the battle to take control after Johnson, Sunak had correctly warned that her plans to slash taxes on wealthy Britons would result in the fiscal chaos that led to her humiliating exit last week as the shortest-serving UK leader.

    The Deep State got the candidate it wanted because if taxes get cut, government jobs go away.


  • Levi’s brand president Jennifer Sey – who was fired for speaking out against pandemic school closures – slams corporate America for using ‘woke capitalism’ for profit

    ‘Companies purporting to care about “progressive values” are really doing nothing more than striking a superficial pose meant to signal virtue while distracting from any company’s true motive: financial gain for shareholders,’ Sey wrote.

    ‘This phony message has been amplified and embraced by consumers around the world, despite all the evidence that shows that these so-called do-gooders are really no good at all. It boggles the mind, but it’s a testament to the power of marketing.’

    ‘In the age of armchair, keyboard activism, woke capitalism lets consumers badge themselves as progressive activists without actually having to do anything,’ she wrote. ‘It’s magic!’

    The same applies to all egalitarianism, altruism, empathy, tolerance, peace, love, and diversity movements. They are marketing. The people who take them seriously are Useful Idiots who carry twisted manipulators into positions of power.

  • The Army is scrapping Fort Hood name — here’s who it will be renamed for

    The post, opened in 1942, was named after John Bell Hood. The West Point alumnus resigned from the US Army as the Civil War broke out and, unhappy with his home state of Kentucky’s neutral stance, declared himself a Texan.

    “He is one of the most rapidly promoted leaders in the Confederate Army with a reputation as an aggressive commander who was willing, eager, and often led his troops into battle,” the Naming Commission’s report states.

    Hood eventually became brigadier general and was given command of the Texas Brigade, which the Texas State Historical Association calls “perhaps the finest brigade of Robert E. Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia.”

    All of your history must be erased to appease the nu-Americans.

  • Doctor Who: Jodie Whittaker’s regeneration reveals a new Doctor

    David Tennant has made a surprise appearance in Jodie Whittaker’s final Doctor Who story.

    Whittaker unexpectedly regenerated into Tennant at the end of the 90-minute special The Power of the Doctor.

    The BBC has confirmed that the popular actor, who previously played the role between 2005 and 2010, has officially returned as the 14th Doctor.

    “Go woke, go broke” has settled in and now the return to a White guy makes Doctor Who interesting to its core audience — White nerds — again.

  • Career criminal, 41, who shoved stranger onto NYC subway tracks is arrested – as rap sheet reveals 20-years sentence for attempted murder

    He watches as Martin, in a black jacket and jeans passes by on the crowded track, before dropping the gray backpack he is carrying.

    The maniac looks both ways — as if making sure there are no cops on the scene — before he sprints and tackles Martin, leading with his shoulder and hand to knock the victim off his feet.

    Martin then fell sideways and tumbled onto the subway tracks, leaving his sunglasses behind on the crowded platform.

    Ethnic warfare is all around you, disguised as crime.

  • Italy’s Meloni tries to distance herself from fascism

    On Tuesday, in an apparent bid to reassure Western allies, Meloni sought to distance herself from fascism.

    “I have never felt any sympathy or closeness to anti-democratic regimes… fascism included,” Meloni told lawmakers.

    She vowed to fight “any form of racism, antisemitism, political violence [and] discrimination.”

    In order to be accepted by the voters and the System, you must recite the Narrative that came about after WW2. Who is the shadowy group we cannot criticize? The voters, in the form of the Personified Individual, because if all individuals are not equal, we cannot worship our new god, the individual. Egalitarianism takes many forms:

    • Feminism – sexual equality
    • Socialism – economic equality
    • Democracy – political equality
    • Diversity – genetic equality
    • Meritocracy – talent equality
  • Jews and Cancel Culture

    Cancel culture is a cancer at the heart of liberal society — and Jews, of all people, cannot safely be indifferent to the health of liberalism. Cancel culture also rests on a set of attitudes and practices that, whether from Left or Right, are uniquely anathema to Jewish culture, teachings, and habits of mind. Even statehood: Is it really such an accident that the enemies of free thought are so often the same people who want to cancel the Jewish state?

    I take a lot of flak on the Right for refusing to blame Jews for the typical failures of democracy, including the Deep State (powered by socialist-style entitlements) and diversity. Normal conservatives and moderate liberals, including most Jews, know the skinny about diversity. They do not want it in Israel or in their neighborhoods, but you have to “say the right thing” to get ahead. If Stephens (no relation) had not cucked and ducked and talked about the Conservative Case® for entitlements, diversity, civil rights, and worldwide pedosexuality, he would not have retained his column at The New York Times, nor his book deals, nor his lifestyle of hanging out with the rich and famous. In democracy, you either support the Narrative of equality, or you are a state enemy unperson who ends up in the homeless camps in LA.

  • Professor dismissed by NYU for hard grading speaks out against declining standards

    “About 10 years ago, I noticed that students were increasingly misreading exam questions. Exam scores began to decline, as did attendance in the traditional large lecture section of the course.”

    Students “performed abysmally on exams that would have seemed too easy only a few years ago. A few did attend the zoomed office hours, but they were the best students in the class, not the ones who needed help.”

    Scores declined, even as grades inflated. Single digit scores proliferated and some students scored zeros, “something that had never happened before.” Even so, top students’ grades shot up without added challenge or mastery.

    In order to have diversity, you must lower your standards to whatever group is lowest. At first this was poor Whites, then it was hwites like Southern, Eastern, Irish, and Mediterranean Europeans, and now it is the 90 average IQ range groups from South Asia, Africa, Central America, East Asia, and the middle east.

  • Lola: France’s far right adopts murdered schoolgirl

    Only the snapping of press cameras broke the silence as the body of 12-year-old Lola arrived, 10 days after it was found with marks of rape and torture outside her family’s apartment in Paris.

    A 24-year-old Algerian woman known as Dhabia B has been charged with raping and murdering Lola after overstaying her visa and ignoring an order to leave France last summer.

    Since Lola’s body was discovered, a survey for French television found that almost six out of 10 people thought those living in France without permission should be put in administrative detention.

    Crime is a weapon of war in racial conflict, and bringing the international community into our countries merely brought those conflicts with them, as well as solidified their belief that they could overthrow, burgle, and destroy the majorities in our countries. Rape is a weapon of war. There is no future for the West unless we End Diversity.

  • Adidas ends partnership with Ye over antisemitic remarks

    “Adidas does not tolerate antisemitism and any other sort of hate speech,” the company said in a statement Tuesday. “Ye’s recent comments and actions have been unacceptable, hateful and dangerous, and they violate the company’s values of diversity and inclusion, mutual respect and fairness.”

    Ye proved his point: advocacy of White Genocide is perfectly OK with the post-WW2 power structure, but criticism of minority groups is not. Minority groups are given preferential status by our law, and this means constant abuse.

  • Calif. woman recalls attack, rape by homeless man — released from jail hours earlier

    Marissa Young, 44, of Torrance, was walking her dogs about 1 a.m. July 31 when she was attacked by Darrell Waters, 46, who was arrested days earlier on a misdemeanor charge of unlawful possession of a dagger, CBS News reported, citing police.

    She said the man pushed her to the ground and raped her.

    “This person punched me in the face, closed-fisted, 15 to 20 times at least,” she told the outlet. “My nose is broken in four different places and this bone was shattered here [she points to her upper cheek area]. You can still see a lot of swelling in my face.”

    Rape is a weapon of race war. If we enforce our laws made for White people, hwites (Southern, Eastern, Irish, and Mediterranean Europeans) and non-Whites (Africans, Asians/Amerinds/Hispanics, middle easterners) will show up disproportionately in the arrest records, and that has bad optics for the equality Narrative. Therefore, we choose not to enforce our laws, and ordinary people pay the price. Who is in power? This is a democracy; the voters are in power. The voters must become single-issue voters who reject diversity.

  • The Baby Boomers were nicknamed the “Me Generation” due to their perceived narcissism

    The baby boomers (Americans born during the 1946 to 1964 baby boom) were dubbed the “Me” generation by writer Tom Wolfe during the 1970s; Christopher Lasch was another writer who commented on the rise of a culture of narcissism among the younger generation. The phrase caught on with the general public, at a time when “self-realization” and “self-fulfillment” were becoming cultural aspirations to which young people supposedly ascribed higher importance than social responsibility.

    Equality, like Communism, provides reward before performance. When everyone is guaranteed equality, they work for nothing but themselves. It turns out that social responsibility makes them feel good, so they vote for it to occur in the neighborhoods where others live, but not their own.

  • America’s ‘once unthinkable’ chip export restrictions will hobble China’s semiconductor ambitions

    On Friday, the U.S. Department of Commerce introduced sweeping rules aimed at cutting China off from obtaining or manufacturing key chips and components for supercomputers, in what is seen as a huge escalation in tensions between Beijing and Washington in the technology sphere.

    This gives Xi the mandate he needs to invade Taiwan, and Biden will stand aside while kicking off WW3 in Europe so he can have his FDR moment.

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