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DiversityWatch (November 7, 2023)


  • Anne Frank kindergarten will be renamed ‘to be more diverse’

    Egalitarianism takes from the strong to give to the weak so that the weak are “equal” or at a universal minimum of wealth, power, and status designed to eliminate causes for conflict so peace can reign through “agree to disagree.” This retarded insane childish fantasy creates a Victimhood Scale on which people are ranked by how poor, non-White, and low-IQ they are. Jews used to be the winners, but now we have the third world, which ranks in the 70-90s on the IQ scale so is the ultimate winner of the egalitarian pity Olympics.

  • Poppy-selling war veteran, 78, ‘punched as he fled Edinburgh train station during pro-Palestine protest’ on concourse

    The diversity does not want to hear about your suffering; they want to tell you about their suffering, which is how they get free stuff from you, and to a sociopath a victimhood story is like winning the lottery because stupid sops like democracy just hand out the dosh.

  • Elderly Jewish man dies after incident at pro-Palestinian rally

    We were told that the problems encountered by diversity were caused by the Ku Klux Klan and National Socialists beating up on minorities. It turns out that minorities beat each other, and the problem is diversity itself. There are no good groups or bad groups; every group acts in self-interest according to the conditions under which it has evolved, including IQ and time preference. This means that only one ethnic group can inhabit any society.

  • IQ scores in the US have fallen for the first time in decades, study suggests

    Remember this? Average IQ scores drop when you bring in lower-IQ groups to vote Democrat. Hispanics have an average IQ somewhere in the low 90s. Now we are seeing the competence crisis across the board. Diversity is literally suicide for a civilization.

  • Nashville Shooter’s Manifesto Released by Steven Crowder: What We Know

    Mainstream media continues deflecting from the released manifesto which shows that the shooter intended to kill White people, especially those of higher-than-average IQ and wealth. Leftist resentment periodically reveals itself in its raw form and it appalls most people, but they keep voting for Leftists because they are the “safer” choice than actually tackling real-world problems. Democracy is doomed because most people are cowards who prefer the simple lie to the complex reality.

  • Nashville mayor orders leak probe after purported Covenant shooting document release

    The authorities do not want this manifesto released for some reason, so they are trying to terrify the leaker. Guess what? After the unpunished Supreme Court leaker, no one cares anymore. We know you are suppressing information that goes against the Leftist Diversity Narrative (LDN).

  • America’s Immigration Daydream Is Coming To An End

    The Herd resists change through denial, which requires scapegoating those who notice something is wrong. Finally, the problem reaches observable levels. Now the herd is slowly releasing its illusions because Herds are comprised of individualists who fear, hate, and deny the need to change their thinking.

  • Houston early voting turnout suggests disengagement from 2023 mayoral race

    The Republicans ran a Mexican and all of the Democrat candidates are crazy except the Jewish guy, replacing a crazy Democrat African-American who stole everything and left the city in debt just like Kwame Kilpatrick did to Detroit. Republican voters are going to stay home because the GOP chose to pander to diversity instead of getting a WASP candidate out there.

  • Indiana woman allegedly crashes ‘on purpose’ into what she thought was Jewish school

    I hope she remembered what bin Laden said and screamed out “ALLAHU ACKBAR!!1!” as she pushed the transmission into reverse and tapped the pedal. Watch this case disappear with the charges plea bargained down to littering.

  • Disney theme parks have been hit by so many people [defecating] that they have a special code word for it

    …so what has changed since 1965, and especially since the Clinton years when “diversity is our strength” became the official government mantra?

  • The Great Social Media–News Collapse

    This article makes an important point: mainstream media is not dying of social media, but of lack of faith by the consuming public. This process began in the 1960s when media obediently recited government lies about the promises of diversity. Accountability means that when your conjectures are applied in reality, if they fail, people stop believing you.

  • Houston Metro’s Purple Line: A Case Study of the Insanity of Building Light Rail

    Bill King is a RINO who has a talent for financial forensics. In this case, the problem was not light rail per se but demands from the minority community that the light rail serve impoverished minorities first, resulting in the city building an absolutely useless transportation system.





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